In Bluwolf 

For those that have eyes to see

There are most of us who share information whom never have taken a dime for feeding you the rv information. We do it because it is the correct thing to do, we do it because we care, we do it because after 20 years we have become now family or just like me I am doing it obeying a mandate from our God Jehovah.

I am anxious to see this RV come in and me going into action with the rest of God’s army to make the changes that this world needs, to feed our fellow man, to rebuild our country and in my case my people and my island nation.

To be able to have the opportunity to sit down with our President and schedule the efforts in rebuilding North America and all the Americas which does include the Caribbean.

Can’t wait to see a smile on the face of all the people that we will help.  Giving someone a home seeing their hopes and dreams come to be. Securing economic stability for the generations to come. Making both education and free healthcare possible in the United States, hey if in other places this is already a given, why can’t it be possible here.

If we eliminate and take away the powers from the bigots we can restore back America to what it was intended to be, to what it should be

God is telling me that now is that time and for all to stop beating around the bush.

Na’mastes Bluwolf