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You know it saddens me to be in a situation like the present, knowing that our rewards are finally transpiring and actually moving forward, but not being able to accurately give you an exact date because of the greedy, most powerful and their commitment to keep on trying to stay on top for whatever there malevolent cause may be.

This sickens me and makes me feel like some damn fool (which I am not ).

Please be aware that I am not giving up no matter what …for I will keep at it until my Lords people get there helping rewards, this is His agenda and I will hang on to it to its end day, which is just seconds away no matter what this bastards do and their lies say.

Just be informed that I am sorry if you may feel low, deceived, lost, fooled, desperate, needy, overwhelmed, sick, mad, revenge minded, pissed, government disgusted, socially displaced and morally thinking that you are some kind of a stupid idiot for relying on this for so long.

But see this is the point, these bastards want you to really feel this way ( all this is called discouragement ).

You were not to know of this existence remember, but thanks to the Kuwaiti results (same war) we are here, in this spot, waiting,

Just ask yourself this question. If it already happened for the people of Kuwait on Clintons presidential watch, giving him the edge and legacy only dreamed about, what makes you think that this revaluation won’t come thru for the current president and his legacy?

It will happen the same way and that thought and action is now undergoing. It will be a sudden act, swift and at a very high rate.

Wells Fargo will be very professional at what they do and you will be under excellent banking management care if you stick to the original plan.

It has been a very rough ride for me (14 years ) but you know what?…. my end results will be swift, smooth and very overwhelming with a lot of God given prosperity to all mankind, AND THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

Happy Journeys, Na’maste  Bluwolf