In Bluwolf 

I am being disturbed by people asking me all sorts of questions to the why a certain bank has not collapsed, to the why we still have not received the 800 #s, to the why if the dinar rate is cycling and calibrating itself at a fast rate then why hasn’t it locked in to its trigger rate of 7.71.

They have even ask to the why if Iraq has informed and conformed to all things pending to this revaluation, why aren’t we at the bank yet.

My question to all is “why don’t you ask your potus and his white house to the why they keep kicking this can even further down the road, hey they have that answer folks not I or anybody else that feeds you intel.

​Today China became the new gold back currency and the NEW reigning PETROYUAN. Wall street should of crashed but see your greedy have a ways to always deceive you in all aspects of your financials and it’s up to you guys to deal with that and not I. ​

Sure this whole rv deal should of been over and we should off exchanged by now – well hell yea, but Washington controls what your media feeds you, it controls what the banks and the military is to do, and to the when that they may do so.

It’s been 16 years in this ride for most of us, 13 years writing.

And yes I have developed the tolerance (patience which only belongs to almighty God) to wait in SILENCE and in TOTAL  FAITH IN THE TIMING OF THE  ALMIGHTY GOD who will give this BLESSING to all in a picture perfect moment.

This is not a thought, this is our reality for He alone is in total control and there ain’t a thing that no white house nor president can do to stop this from ever happening, God will force this issue forward at His precise TIME and not before.

I hope that with these last words that I make myself clear!

Now please stop the winding and let us be still and let our Lord do His thing. Telling me stories of how bad things are for some, threats of jumping of bridges, of some crazy folks selling off their currencies when we are about to be blessed, is not only stupid but darn crazy to that fact. Christians do not think this way period, so wake up and smell the coffee and get real reverend’s.

​Happy Journeys, Na’mastes Bluwolf



One last comment: “We are on the highest of all alerts. I am only waiting for the envelope to be opened in all participating banks and for them to inform me of the 800 number for this most anticipated revaluation of 209 countries.”

Are we clear and on the same page! For if you are not, then Houston you got a big problem.

Na’mastes Bluwolf