In Bluwolf 

On the concept of where we are in this current time frame, I can say that we are about to receive a GO message in a short while ( minutes, hours, days ) for there is nothing out there obstructing or delaying this or anything. The rates will be satisfying to all involved and things pertaining to the exchange will be as it was accorded with both banks elected or chosen for this important RV event. All things expected of Iraq has been 100% covered, written off in there Gazette and accepted by all governments involved.

The voice in charge of awarding the banks the GO permission to open up their envelopes which contains the 800# they are all in agreement that we are finally heading to the desired end to this wonderful and blessed ride, so please be tolerant and let this flow for it all shall be over very soon. The PLAN has had a lot of obstacles by the money rich and the corrupted government individuals but according to those in charge that has been dealt with. The system for this exchange has been tested and APPROVED 100% secure and safe with no flaws whatsoever.