In Bluwolf 

Well this is my final say. ” Yes it is in God’s timing, we are about to give you the good news, just be prudent and patient for a little bit more.

We will give instructions to the banks on the 800 release shortly. They have been placed on high alert and have been instructed to perform on a minute’s notice.

The time to see this is in the NOW and all securities worldwide have been put on this alert status. We are now looking into what might be left from the crooked and banksters. All banks are Basel 3-4 compliant.

The new TRN’s are now installed everywhere ready for immediate release. Iraq borders are now locked in and all that needed to be announced is now a reality.

All bonds will be paid as is to the bearer. Just stick to the plan and you will be alright. If you deviate from the plan you will be swindled trust me.”

GET IN AND GET OUT FAST period. If you follow this guideline you will be a very happy camper but if you don’t you have but only yourself to blame.

And last but not least. This is and always will be God’s monies and that will not change period. That said all who follow the plan will be protected and won’t be swindled for a cent.

No entity, or organization, or bankster, or agency, or government will ever have the power or the means to swindle and rob God. For God always will win, and He has never lost a battle.

So before you some get some weird ideas, I personally request that you stand down, for you have already lost the battle before you have started it.  Na’maste Bluwolf