In Bluwolf 

Mr. President,

It has come a time that one should speak. It has come a time for all to hear.

First off we are at a great moment to receive this BLESSING on schedule I might say. All is moving along according to the actual and only plan.

Securities are in place and on the highest of alerts so are all banks and their personnel. All countries acknowledge there golden standards. All leaders around the world are pushing both this Global Currency Reset and this Revaluation scenario forward and so you know there is no delays no upsets and definitely, no way back and this has been guaranteed.

May I say that even though I may no see eye to eye with the President of these Republics of these United States. I must say the following, Mr. Donald Trump it is known that you are doing so much to get these United States and its people back on track both spiritually and economically.

We see how you are placing God back into the country. We see how you are leveling off the equilibrium and the equality for all peoples both legal as illegal. You are justifying changes in favor of America’s greatness and you are firmly taking actions to see that we recuperate that Greatness in a very fast track manner.

I acknowledge and think that you are neither the obstacle nor the delaying force behind all delays or upsets to this point of both this GCR and this World RV. My opinion Mr. President you Sr. are the firm hand-selected by God to enforce this mandate so highly expected by all of us.

It shall be an honor when all this is over for me as for many others in this Revaluation venture to just shake your hands look you in the eyes and just ” Mr.President how can we help our people our country and its territories.”

Na’mastes Bluwolf