In Bluwolf 

Mind Games

See let me explain something. When people have been chosen as we all to lead and make changes for the common good the devil tries to meddle in our minds and bodies he tries to hurt us bad.

He creates a lot of negative scenarios so that you might grow mentally weak and doubtful. In my case he has made me go rock bottom in my finances, he has tried to attack my health, my relationship with my love ones. But you know what I laugh because I serve an awesome God and He takes good care of me, in fact, He lets me know the devil’s next trick.

When he hits you with finance all that means is that you are in the verge to abundant property, when he tries to attack your health that means that you are more than healthy. When he tries to take away your home, that means that God is giving you a better one.

When he tries to destroy your car or boat,  that means that the Archangels of God will be all around you protecting you from any harm whatsoever.

You need not be afraid but you do need to request confirming prayer because the Lord likes that and He loves to answer upon our requests.

So my thoughts since I have been attacked by these e thoughts early this morning all that tells me that my abundance and my blessings will be given to me shortly sometime during today, it finally confirms me in the Spirit that my worries and my future are as of now have been taken care of and trust me there isn’t a better heavenly feeling than that.

Na’mastes Bluwolf 10.18.19

Not Even a Quarter But Never Alone

I haven’t a quarter to my name saids me the piper. Laugh at me you all if that is your wish. For tonight I will lay both lonely and humanly alone, cold without a blanket, hungry and thirsty to. But as I lay under the light of the moon I do not worry nor do I cry for the Spirit of God cometh to me every night and comfort me with food and water, with His wings He eliminates the cold and with His voice He accompanies me and I do not never feel lonely nor never alone. For the Father from Heaven never leaves me nor abandons me. aut. Bluwolf