In Bluwolf 

Good Morning; Briefly I will give all the current situation.

As I stated before for many years, everything and everybody must go silent for the RV to be released.

Well finally this silence was highly let’s say suggest and I thank the proper authorities for their imposition on this important Worldwide 209 Countries Event.

Finally the world’s people will be receiving there reliefs that since November of 1963 was signed off to be released for all humanity in whole. Yes it is time my dear friends, please Let It Flow for JEHOVÁ is before us and nothing evil will stop this event from happening anytime soon

Many have called for dates and rates and those that know me know that I do not share any secure information.

Just know that all has been achieved and is now ready to fulfill the dreams of so many people who have waited for so long, for the ability to rollover to phase two of this blessing for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.

The Celestial Agreements have been fulfilled and all religious sec. are now on board for this worldwide distribution of wealth. Note that it will not take any longer for justice and relief to hit every home in our planet and for that please repeat after me by just saying ” THANK YOU LORD, AMEN.  ” Na’maste Bluwolf