In Bluwolf 

FEELING anxiety, depression, or plain old lack of faith, I encourage you to walk away from all this for awhile.

But if you do, please let me inform you, that since you have been at it for so long , you will actually find yourselves more anxious then ever and this is somewhat worrisome to me.

These two positions tend to place the one affected to grab a grouchy, non respectful  and non believable attitude towards life and towards others. And this isn’t what most of us signed in for.

My mission  is to get you to the finish line intact and educated,  as I promise God that I would do.

I can say that we are actually there and that this number is about to be had.

That we intel providers are now still and rather quiet as it has been requested of all, but see this of course being what actually is rightful and true, for those suffering from the above syndromes, they would turn this positive to a negative in a heartbeat.

Creating doubt and discouragement to all who have been faithfully waiting from this blessing from  Jehová. And with that being said, please remember that no matter what you may or may not think, this is a blessing and it shall be delivered to us all on God’s time and not yours, whether you may like it or not.

Now you can break whatever you may want, protest and curse all you want, doubt to whatever your hearts content.  But that will not have any a negative outcome to God’s end results, and that is the 209 COUNTRIES REVALUATION AND THE GLOBAL CURRENCIES RESET, plus NESARA AND GESARA;  AND THE FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF the new Republic of the united states ( as it is to be exactly written in this matter ).

So stop kidding yourselves with so much negativity and lack of faith, for all these things are actually here and they will be dispursed within a moments notices.

Happy Journeys Na’maste Bluwolf  7.22.17