In BobTheTaxMan 

It’s been a real interesting progress in this game that we’re playing…the thing that I like too is that ‘no news’ in this world is kind of good news. That’s how I see it…they [Iraq] are making huge strides forward. They are doing everything they can to get this thing [RV/Rate change] done. They have to have it. They don’t have a choice.  On our end to be prepared for it is what makes it obviously more real. But, hey, it IS real. It absolutely is real.  The times coming. It’s very very shortly…everything that needs to be done is freaking being done.  It is actually being done…a lot of people have prepared themselves, are still preparing themselves to take full advantage of this opportunity…as old as I am…this is a once in a lifetime  opportunity…you’re just not gonna see this [type of thing] come around very very often. You’re just not gonna see it…I’m happy.