In BobTheTaxMan 

An article that came out from the CBI… quote: “a banking plan has been developed that will develop the Central Bank’s work, strengthen the national currency and address negatives in cooperation with the court…”  We also know from a contact…over there that starting in January there’s going to be a lot of forward movement by the banks in compliance with the Swift system making information more readily available to international  investors…there are a lot of things indicating that there’s a great forward movement going on.  I think that meeting he [Kazemi] had with Trump was kind of like the kickoff for a whole new game that’s getting started there.  I’m quite excited.  I really am quite excited to see to see all of these things moving forward after being in this game as long as I have…It looks to me like we have such forward movement that the time for our investment coming to fruition is near at hand.