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We’ve had a change in our presidential administration. And yes we’ve seen already him step forward and make some pretty drastic changes…one of the things I want you to be aware of you always have to have a plan. Plan A. Plan B. Under Plan A if Trump had continued to be where he was at we as IQD holders were in a phenomenal position. I mean holy cow you couldn’t of dreamed and asked for anything better than what that tax situation was providing us as investors. Now it’s changed.

Even though you may have put a plan together earlier it would still serve for you to reconsider that because the estate taxes have changes.  The income taxes have changes. There are so many things that have happened you have to relook at what you’re doing…we are coming to what I…feel is the conclusion of this particular investment opportunity.  If you’re not prepared there’s no recovering. There are certain things that have got to be done before the RV. No ifs, ands, maybes or buts…we don’t know the rate.  We don’t know the date…be prepared no matter what happens. [Dinar Detectives Notice: All posts are for informational/entertainment purposes only and are the opinions of the providers. They are not legal, tax or investment advice. We strongly encourage everyone to do their own due diligence and seek professional tax, legal and investment advice.]