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Question: [I’ve been a Warka [Bank] account holder since 2010…there’s been complete silence in respect to getting passwords reset. Do you have anything on that?]. I have a contact over there a Warka  that we’ve been working with for well over a year who’s the manager at one of the branches. He’s actually a representative between Warka and the CBI. Originally they were supposed to be popping out the links and connections with their international clients after the first of the year but because of oil prices and covid and the mess that they’ve still been dealing with it got postponed…I heard from him just a couple of days ago. They’re still waiting on the final word from the CBI that all the connections are ready to go. They didn’t have an estimated time for it yet but I know it’s on the plate coming up. I’m pretty sure this thing in April is going to open up a lot of space. We’ll have a lot more clarity at that time.