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We are in a very unique position with our investment in the IQD.  First of all it’s considered a very high risk situation because of the nature of that particular environment…yes this is a viable investment, it’s definitely been a long-term investment for those who have been around like forever but it is a very viable option.  A very viable one…it truly is an investment.  And it truly is a viable investment.  History has already shown that.

If you look back at WWI, WWII, Korea.  You take a look at all the money that goes back in to rebuild these particular countries because they need to be for the stability of the region…So yes…they’re trying to get out from underneath the dollar.  Well that makes total sense.  They want to have total control of the money that’s coming off of their primary economic growing factor which is oil.  Well they’re going to have to open up that market.  They’re going to have to change things from where they’re at.  All the steps are in place.

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