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I’m watching the banks.  That’s my primary interest.  What is the CBI doing?  How is Warka interfacing?  I do have a contact at Warka.  I know what the interface looks like and I understand what they are doing.  They are working really really hard to get themselves SWIFT compliant.  Because once that happens the door opens for more international functionality and business and all those things that make credibility real in that country.

I know that the interface between all the different banks…hasn’t been completed yet.  That’s something I learned from Warka.  That’s something they’re working on.  We also know the infusion of additional cash flowing into Warka is scheduled to come from the CBI but they haven’t released it yet.  I think part of the reason they’re holding it up is because they still don’t have a value associated with it correctly.  Here we are.  It’s all moving forward.

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