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One of the blessings that we have living in the country that we live in [USA] is that they understand the value of free-enterprise. Small businesses, less than 50 employees, make up the majority of the money that flows through our system. People think that big money and big government are the ones that have control. To a certain extent yeah that true…but why do they call it coming to America and living the dream? What is the American dream?

For me…having the opportunity to create any business I want. To be able to buy my home. To be able to have the freedom to vote and to participate in what’s going on in my world. That’s the American dream. America has that. We have the freedom to do so much more – the rest of the world cannot do…In the tax game you can win. It can be a win for you, the government, your tax preparer but to do it you have to understand how to play the game. Once you understand that you’ve got freedom. [Dinar Detectives Notice: All posts are for informational/entertainment purposes only and are the opinions of the providers. They are not legal, tax or investment advice. We strongly encourage everyone to do their own due diligence and seek professional tax, legal and investment advice.]