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Iraqi News Sunday AM 1-17-21

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A Diplomatic Movement To Remove Iraq From The List Of High Risk Countries

Sunday 17th January 2021   116   Baghdad: Morning   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues its continuous movements and contacts with European countries

To remove Iraq from the list of high-risk countries in the areas of money laundering and terrorist financing.

The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said in a statement: “The ministry has worked with great diligence, through our embassies scattered throughout the world, to explain Iraq’s efforts in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and to demonstrate the extent of its commitment to the applicable international standards that resulted in the removal of Iraq from the list. International Financial Task Force (FATF) “.

He added, “Our embassy in Brussels has contacted the Department of External Action at the European Commission, and inquired about the criteria that the European Union will follow in the inclusion of countries in the new list. It also sent two official notes to the European Union requesting it to provide it with the European standards that Iraq should apply.”

He pointed out that “the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Brussels conducted a number of meetings, and also held a number of meetings. Among these meetings he was with the Director General of the Department (Stability, Services and Financial Markets) in the European Commission for the purpose of inquiring about the issue of including Iraq in the European Union list of countries. High risks in money laundering and terrorist financing. ”

He added, “We also explained Iraq’s efforts in this field, and its commitment to the standards of the international agency to combat money laundering, whether at the level of legislation or implementation,” noting that “the competent Iraqi authorities had referred many perpetrators of financial crimes related to this context to the competent courts.” “.

He explained, “Among the steps that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to take in this direction was that Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein sent a letter to his counterparts, the Foreign Ministers of European Union countries, in which he called to object to the proposed delegated list in the Council of the European Union.”

Al-Sahhaf emphasized, “Conducting meetings and meetings via (video conference) technology and phone calls with European ministers and parliamentarians to support Iraq’s objection and remove it from this list.”   LINK

Parliament Ends Discussion Of The Federal Budget Law For 2021

01/16/2021   The House of Representatives ended the thirty – fifth minutes which resumed under the chairmanship of Mr. Hassan Al Kaabi , First Vice-President of the Council on Saturday , 2021/1/16, to discuss the draft budget law for 2021.

At the outset of the meeting, Mr. Hassan Al – Kaabi I recall the day of the martyr Turkmen, He called on the Council to read Surat Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

Regarding the discussion of the budget law, the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen demanded the distribution of revenues fairly between the governorates, taking into account the disbursement of petrodollar dues and the benefits of the border crossings, the allocation and disbursement of financial dues to mobilize the Ministry of Defense, doubling the amounts allocated to the Reconstruction Fund for liberated areas, and imposing taxes on imported materials that have an equivalent of the local product in support of it As well as supporting the Ministry of Education by increasing financial allocations and paying attention to scientific research centers, wondering about the reasons for the decrease in support for the ration card items.

The remarks of the ladies and gentlemen of the representatives promised the government’s direction through the draft budget law, in contradiction to what it proposed in the white paper aimed at reform, calling for the government to adopt a deliberate vision to reduce the level of unemployment among the youth segments and to demand support for the sporting reality in Iraq by increasing the financial allocation for it, in addition to Activating the Federal Service Council to take on its role in professionally creating and deleting job grades and proposing to install night guards on the Ministry of Interior or Oil Ministry’s 6000 employees who are concerned with the protection of oil wells, and to ask the government, for reasons of its neglect, to set up a mechanism to pay the debts accumulated on the Kurdistan Regional Government from selling oil.

The opinions of the ladies and gentlemen of the deputies during the session chaired by Mr. Bashir Al-Haddad, Deputy Chairman of the Council focused on giving importance to investment projects and lagging, calling for re-operating the stalled factories in the governorates and providing support to the development ministries in the country in relation to the financial inflation presented to the security ministries and demanding the cancellation of Resolution No. 94 of the year 2010 related to the launch of promotion for employees holding diplomas and graduates of institutes.

In its response to the interventions, the Finance Committee indicated that it had received 162 requests from women and gentlemen deputies related to the draft general budget law 2021, pointing out that a schedule was set to respond to the observations received, noting that determining the price of a barrel of oil and currency exchange in the budget law are the government’s prerogatives, indicating that The implementation of the budget law requires reducing the volume of total spending and activating the private sector, both industrial and agricultural, stressing that it takes into consideration the proposals put forward regarding the budget law.

For his part, Mr. Bashir Al-Haddad called for efforts by the parliamentary blocs and committees in cooperation with the Finance Committee to pass the general federal budget law in the service of citizens in general and in the interest of all governorates without exception, noting the need for the government to follow a policy of reducing expenditures and consolidating revenues to reduce the financial deficit in the budget Especially with the instability of the economic situation in Iraq, as well as coordination and cooperation to solve the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

In another context, the discussions of the ladies and gentlemen of representatives in public affairs focused on demanding the payment of farmers ’dues, looking at the dues of contracts for good deeds, and investigating the reasons for transferring the sum of one billion dinars from the budget of Nineveh Governorate to Salah al-Din Governorate, in addition to investigating the security breaches that occurred in some areas of the governorate. Diyala.

Then it was decided to adjourn the session   Media Department   House of Representatives   1/16/2021    LINK

Industry: A Joint Cooperation Between Iraq And Jordan To Establish The Economic City

Sunday 17th January 2021   129  Baghdad: Shatha Al-Janabi   The Ministry of Industry reported that there is joint cooperation with the Jordanian side to establish the largest industrial city (the Economic City) that will contribute to providing 100,000 job opportunities, while it has reached advanced stages in establishing the Basra Industrial City.

The director of the Ministry of Industrial Estates Authority, Eng. Hamed Awwad Muhammad, told Al-Sabah: The industrial cities are among the vital projects to boost the country’s economy and achieve great feasibility by reducing the unemployment rate in the governorates, in addition to providing local products and limiting random import.

He indicated that there is joint cooperation between Iraq and Jordan to establish the largest and most important industrial project, which is the (Economic City), which has an area of 4,800 dunums, and contains two free and development zones as well as an industrial city, which contributes to providing more than 100,000 job opportunities for both sides, as approvals were obtained and a decision was issued.

From the Council of Ministers No. 75 of 2019 to allocate a parcel of land on the border equally between the two countries, and cooperation took place with the Jordanian company to study the technical and economic feasibility of the project after determining its requirements and appraisal costs, and it will be implemented with a joint administration, and facilities are provided to the private industries of the two countries.

Muhammad added that the staff of the General Company for Designs implemented the industrial city in Basra, and it is considered one of the most important and successful cities because it is distinguished by an important location in Khor Al-Zubayr and the road leading to the port of Umm Qasr and near the General Company for Petrochemical Industries.

A dunum and contains 69 industrial divisions, and each section represents an industrial project served by the infrastructure, and work is underway to obtain the original approvals to add an area of 95 dunums to the project’s land through deferred payment through offering to invest to foreign, Arab and local companies, so that the total area of the project becomes 268 dunums.

He explained that the authority has reached the final stage by acquiring the industrial city in Basra, and its area will add additional divisions (industrial projects) in excellent numbers, with the readiness of its services in the first area of it, and it will provide nearly 20,000 job opportunities for the people of the province through industrial projects (food, engineering) (Chemical, constructional, textile), and it will raise the economic level of the people of the governorate, as well as its location near the sea port, and it is also a factor that attracts all industrial investments.

He added that the city includes the administration building, the main gate, and infrastructure services. From the electrical station with a capacity of (24) megawatts, all the stores, the water station, the power lines and the rainwater and sewage treatment plant, the cost of which reached 50 billion dinars, confirming the interest of the Prime Minister and Minister of Industry in industrial cities as one of the very successful experiences in neighboring countries and the possibility of transporting them on land Indeed.

Muhammad pointed to the mobilization of all the engineering staff in the authority and sending them to the governorates to obtain the fundamental approvals for the allocation of lands for the establishment of industrial cities in all governorates except the Kurdistan region, and fundamentalist measures were taken by approaching the local governments in the governorates and sectoral departments to obtain preliminary approvals to determine the areas and sites that are being conducted Selection according to determinants and success factors.  LINK

Planning Announces The Start Of Practical Procedures For The Formation Of The Private Sector Development Council

Time: 01/17/2021 16:16:59 Read: 910 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, announced, on Sunday, the start of practical measures to form the Iraqi Private Sector Development Council.

According to the ministerial statement, Al-Furat News received a copy of it, that “Al-Najm stated when he received the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq, Irina Solorano and her accompanying delegation, that the formation of this council comes in the context of the expected developmental role for it, which it included Iraq’s vision for sustainable development 2030, prepared by the ministry, in cooperation and partnership with various government sectors, the private sector, civil society organizations, and the media.

Al-Najm explained, “The work of the council at the beginning of its work will be through a joint committee headed and supervised personally, and its membership includes representatives of the activities under the banner of the private sector, as well as representatives of the relevant government agencies,” adding that “the work of this committee will continue for one year.” Then the private sector will take over the management of its council’s affairs.

“The meeting witnessed the discussion of a number of humanitarian, health and development issues and files, as well as discussions in the field of achieving human development in Iraq, within the five-year development plan tracks,” the statement added.   LINK

Source: Demonstrations Are Expected In Front Of Al-Rafidain Branches To Demand The Release Of The Predecessors

Time: 01/17/2021 15:53:10 Read: 1,820 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} An informed source revealed preparations being made by employees to go out in demonstrations in front of the Rafidain Bank branches in Baghdad and the provinces to demand the release of the advances.

The source indicated to {Euphrates News} that “Al-Rafidain Bank refuses to grant advances to employees after it was suspended for nearly five months for unknown reasons.”   LINK

The President Of The Republic Discloses His Financial Assets For The Year 2021

Time: 01/17/2021 14:34:16 Read: 1,651 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Prevention Department in the Integrity Commission announced today, Sunday, that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, disclosed his financial liability for the year 2021.

In a statement, the Euphrates News received a copy of it, the department stated that it had “received a disclosure form for the current year of the President of the Republic (Barham Ahmed Salih Qassem).”

At the end of the previous year, the Commission disclosed the details of the first amendment to its enforceable Law No. 30 of 2011, after the Parliament approved the amendment, in accordance with the provisions of Clause I of Article 61 and Clause Three of Article 73 of the Constitution, as Article 16 indicated. First / A), to oblige each of (the President and his deputies), as well as others who occupy one of the official positions and positions as contained in the article in its other paragraphs, to submit a declaration of their financial assets, according to the statement.  LINK

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