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More Iraqi News Monday PM 1-18-21

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Legal clarifying the power of Parliament to change the dollar exchange rate in the budget

08:59 – 01/18/2021   Information / private  The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained the extent of Parliament’s authority to change the dollar exchange rate in the budget, pointing out that Parliament is facing a historical position to prevent the increasing difficulty of living for the people.

Al-Tamimi said to “the information”, that “Article 62 of the constitution permits parliament, upon the arrival of the draft budget, to transfer between chapters and chapters as well as reduce the total amounts, and he may, when necessary, return them to the Council of Ministers and suggest an increase in total expenditures, and Article 57 of the Constitution requires Legislating the budget law even if the legislative term ends, and this means that Parliament cannot reduce the exchange rate of the dollar that was set in the budget. Rather, it can propose and return the budget to the Council of Ministers because of the extreme necessity for that, as it violates Article 30 of the Constitution that requires the government to provide Decent living for people ”.

He added, “Parliament is facing a historic position … that it represents the people in … standing by the people and preventing the increase in the difficulty of living.”

And that “Parliament and if the budget law is legislated, it is subject to appeal before the Federal Supreme Court according to Article 93, as this contravenes Article 30 of the Constitution and Articles 23 and 26 of the Charter of the International Covenant.”

Parliamentary Finance: The Amendments Will Include Most Of The Items In The 2021 Budget

Author: Ahad8 On 1/18/2021 – 12:09 AM 122 The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the 2021 budget will make amendments to most of its items, while the imposition of taxes on the salaries of employees and retirees is considered a legal violation.

The committee’s reporter, MP Ahmed Al-Saffar, said that his committee is continuing with the first discussion of the budget, pointing out that “the amendments will include most of the items of the 2021 budget.”

He added, “Administrative and legal violations in the 2021 budget due to the delay in sending it and the deficit rate, stressing that the citizens’ income decreased by 23% due to the increase in the exchange rate for the dollar. ”

He pointed out that “the budget is expansive and does not reflect the orientations of the economic reforms paper, and it contradicts reality, indicating that imposing taxes on the salaries of employees and retirees is a legal violation.”


The Ouster Of A Gang That Stole More Than A Billion Dinars From An Investment Bank

Time: 01/18/2021 15:02:09 Read: 2,015 times   (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) On Monday, Baghdad crime-fighting detachments overthrew a gang that stole more than a billion dinars from an investment bank.

The directorate stated in a statement that Al-Furat News received a copy of it, that “a gang consisting of men and women had been arrested and stole an amount of one billion three hundred and fifty million dinars from inside an investment bank in a private college.”

And she added, “Immediately, a working group was formed, and through gathering information and taking fundamental measures at the scene of the accident, the accused (MZA) was identified, and through him the rest of the gang members were inferred and arrested all of them.”

He pointed out that “the entire stolen amount was found, and their investigative papers were referred to the judiciary to obtain their fair penalty.”   LINK

Economist: Many Countries Are Racing To Obtain Iraqi Agricultural Products .. Bureaucracy In The Agricultural Sector Must Be Reduced

Monday 18, January 2021 10:18 | Economical Views: 259  Baghdad / NINA / The expert on economic affairs, Raad Twaij, stressed the need to reduce bureaucracy in the agricultural sector, especially the restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Water Resources on the shares of some agricultural governorates, stressing: “Encouraging the agricultural sector, supporting farmers and putting manpower in it will support the country economically.”

Twig said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ): “Many countries are competing to obtain Iraqi agricultural products, such as Iran, which bought barley in exchange for part of its debt to Iraq and Saudi Arabia’s purchase of 4,500 tons of tomatoes and other products, and the export of 150 thousand tons of dates. ,

As well as more demand from the Arab private sector for Iraqi agricultural products, and therefore work must be done to reduce bureaucracy in agriculture, especially the restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Water Resources on the southern governorates and to allow an increase in water use.

And he stressed the importance of working to increase credit by the Agricultural Bank and for the Ministry of Trade to build more silos to store wheat.

The economic expert continued: “Encouraging the private sector, especially the agricultural sector, supporting the Iraqi farmer and throwing unemployed hands in this sector, will make Iraq a country that suffices from some agricultural crops that prevent importation and the exit of hard currency that we most need this year / Ended 8

Al-Kazemi Confirms That The Government Is Going To Develop Industrial Zones In Iraq

Monday 18, January 2021 16:37 | Economical Views: 84  Baghdad / NINA / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed that the government is continuing to develop industrial zones in Mosul, Basra, Nasiriyah, Anbar and all regions of Iraq. / End 5

The Prime Minister: We Count On The Private Sector To Supplement The Iraqi Industry

Monday 18, January 2021 16:37 | Economical Views: 83  Baghdad / NINA / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said that the government is counting on the private sector to play a major role in supplying the Iraqi industry and restoring its identity, and we will provide all support and attribution so that Iraq is among the countries that compete with its industry. ”

Parliamentary Oil: There Are Efforts To Restore Iraq’s Share In OPEC +

Energy   Economy News _ Baghdad  The Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives revealed, on Monday, that there are efforts to restore Iraq’s share in “OPEC +”.

Committee member Bahaa Al-Din Al-Nouri said in an interview with Al-Sabah newspaper, which was seen by Al-Iqtisad News, that Iraq is seeking to restore its share in (OPEC) after reducing it. It can revive Iraq economically.

He added that “Iraqi diplomacy will be based on the fact that the share of Iraq was being met by the Gulf states since the imposition of the embargo on Iraq in 1991 until 2003,” indicating that “the talk will be about increasing Iraq’s share of exports, not reducing it.”

Al-Nouri added, “The member states of (OPEC Plus) have agreed to reduce the reduction by up to 500 thousand barrels per day starting from this January,” noting that “this could contribute to reviving the economy or providing financial liquidity,” noting that “the delegation “The government negotiating with the return of Iraq’s share was not successful in previous attempts due to lack of knowledge or lack of understanding. Therefore, the country is the one who paid a dear price for this from a financial crisis.”

Alaa al-Yasiri, Director General of the National Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), confirmed that the “OPEC +” agreement had a positive effect on Iraq.

Al-Yasiri said in a press statement, that “the quantities of oil exported from the Kurdistan region through the Turkish port of Ceyhan amount to 430 thousand barrels per day,” indicating that “the company has the ability to absorb quantities of the region’s oil for the purpose of export,” and explained that “after the (OPEC) agreement. Specifically, this month, the quantities of exported oil reached 2.9 million barrels per day, with revenues of 4.2 billion dollars. Number of observations 127 Date of addition 01/18/2021

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