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More Iraqi News Saturday PM 1-23-21

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Secretary Of State: We Will Negotiate With The Biden Administration About The Strategic Dialogue And The American Presence

Pratha News Agency63 2021-01-23  On Saturday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed that Iraq will negotiate with the administration of US President Joe Biden on the strategic dialogue and the American presence.

“We will ask the new American administration to continue the strategic dialogue meetings and to define the new negotiating team from their side,” a Foreign Ministry statement quoted Hussein as saying during a lecture at the Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies.  He added, “security and military issues related to the presence of US forces in Iraq will also be discussed.”

The US Embassy Allocates $ 20 Million To Support The Iraqi Government In Securing The International Zone

Time: 01/2021/23 11:27:00 Read: 1,963 times    (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The US embassy in Iraq announced today, Saturday, the allocation of nearly $ 20 million to support the Iraqi government in securing the international zone.

“The United States has allocated nearly $ 20 million to support the Iraqi government in securing the international zone,” the embassy said in a statement.

The statement added, “This support includes financing a team of civil engineers to conduct a comprehensive survey of the current entry points into the international zone, and develop plans for new gates.”

According to the embassy, “Brigadier General John Tycert, Chief Defense Officer at the United States Embassy, presented the final report from the survey team to Major General Hamid Mahdi Al-Zuhairi, Commander of the Special Division responsible for the security of the International Zone. The international zone of Baghdad and securing the seat of the Iraqi government.  LINK

Agriculture Launches A Development Project In Dhi Qar In Cooperation With The United Nations

10:46 – 23/01/2021  The information / Baghdad ..The Ministry of Agriculture announced, on Saturday, the launch of a development project for the agricultural sector and livestock in the governorate in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to develop the agricultural sector in the province, including buffalo breeding.

The ministry said in a statement that the information received, a copy of it, that “a delegation from the organization discussed launching the project with the Directorate of Agriculture and after coordination and cooperation with the Ministry earlier, as the project aims to enable small farmers to improve agricultural productivity of tomato and dates crops as well as support buffalo breeding. Strengthening resources in land, water and biodiversity ”.

The Ministry set “the 27th of this month as the date for launching the project in support of buffalo breeders in the Chibayish district, tomato producers and palm groves owners as a chain of agricultural products. The project also includes providing support, training and modern technologies, as well as supporting farmers with advanced mechanisms, especially palm farmers and tomato crop producers, This will contribute to increasing milk production, tomato yield and dates. The project includes the governorates of Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar.

She explained that “cooperation with the international organization includes technical and material aspects, coordination, cooperation and supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture cadres to promote the agricultural sector and develop livestock in the province, after this organization has shown its willingness and desire to develop these important sectors.”

“Made In Iraq” Is Attracting The Attention Of Japan And Saudi Arabia

Saturday 23rd January 2021   63   Baghdad: Morning   The Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Suzuki Kotaro, and the Saudi commercial attaché, Faisal bin Abdulaziz, briefed the wings of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies participating in the “Made in Iraq” exhibition currently held on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair, on two separate visits.

Kotaro toured the exhibition halls, identifying the capabilities and capabilities of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies and their local products, which serve and support all sectors of the state and the local market, expressing his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iraq and encourage Japanese companies to work with Iraqi companies in a way that contributes to the development of industrial reality. the National.

The General Director of the General Company for Iraqi Fairs and Commercial Services announced that the government of Japan had invited the Iraqi government to participate in the World Expo 2025 to be held in the city of Osaka / Japan. In the same context, the Saudi Commercial Attaché, Mr. Faisal bin Abdulaziz and his accompanying delegation visited the “Made in Iraq” exhibition, within the activities of its third day, and was briefed on the capabilities and products of the Ministry’s companies participating in the exhibition and specialized in various fields. Industrial.

Abdulaziz listened to a presentation on the quality, quality and importance of these products in meeting the local market’s need and its ability to compete with the product The foreigner.

The Saudi Commercial Attaché expressed his country’s readiness to provide all forms of support and support for the development of the Iraqi industry, through the exchange of experiences, the transfer of modern technology and cooperation in the field of training, expressing his hope that the Iraqi industry and products will match their foreign counterparts and be able to achieve self-sufficiency and export to countries Neighboring.

Last Monday, the activities of the qualitative “Made in Iraq” exhibition were launched on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair, under the patronage and in the presence of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and a number of ministers, deputies and concerned personalities.Industrial.   LINK

The Public Sector And The Private Crisis

Saturday 23rd January 2021  59  Baghdad: Shukran Al-Fatlawi   The specialist in economic affairs attributed d. Zuhair al-Hasani, the lack of clarity of the national economy’s identity, the reason for the dominance of the public sector and the failure to support the private sector in achieving economic development, as well as the absence of coordination between fiscal and monetary policies, in addition to uncontrolled import that generated unequal competition with the national product, which is clearly absent in Our local markets.

Al-Hasani pointed to the possibility of achieving financial and monetary coordination between the financial and economic policies through the establishment of the national rentier economy, by selling crude proceeds in oil dollars to the Central Bank with a commission to the bank, to finance government spending, foremost among which are employee salaries, social care and the operational budget.

Economical Development

Al-Hasani called for «working to activate the investment budget, which suffers from an almost complete absence, for the purpose of rebuilding Iraq and achieving economic development, in addition to working on the central’s participation in economic development under Article 3 of Order 56 and not to recede its functions to fix the exchange rate and sell the dollar in Currency Sell Window ».

Al-Hassani stressed, “the importance of coordination with the Ministry of Finance in increasing the total national income by supporting the national product, by restarting 20 thousand of the suspended public and private sector factories through the implementation of the four laws of 2010, which are customs tariffs, consumer protection, protection of national products and competition.”

“To activate this purpose, both the Consumer Protection Council and the Competition Council should be established to implement these laws, develop and implement the import approach to combat dumping, limit random imports, enable the national product to compete and support it by providing incentive prices in electricity and fuel to achieve industrial development,” he said.

Random imports

Al-Hasani pointed out that “limiting random imports by implementing a developmental approach facilitates the import of productive materials such as factories and establishing modern production lines, through the state’s firm control over border outlets to prevent smuggling and corruption and to achieve customs revenues to support the general budget by maximizing resources.”

“These factors combined will reduce the delay resulting from the lack of coordination between the administrative and financial systems in managing public resources, resulting from bureaucracy, poor discipline and job slackness, and that the employee’s lack of productivity is a waste of public money in burdensome expenditures for the public budget.”   LINK

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