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Iraqi News Wednesday AM 1-27-21

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Parliamentary Finance continues to discuss the budget and hosts the Tax Authority and the Office of Financial Supervision

01/27/2021   The Finance Committee, headed by Deputy Dr. Haitham Al-Jubouri, Chairman of the Committee, and the presence of its members and a number of other Parliamentary Committees, held its 33rd meeting on Wednesday January 27, 2020, in which it continued its discussions on the draft Federal Budget Law for 2021, and during the meeting, hosting the Head of the Office of Supervision Finance, his accompanying delegation, and the head of the General Tax Authority.

At the beginning of the meeting, the interventions of the committee members focused on budgetary articles that had controversial points for the purpose of converging views on them, in addition to adding paragraphs and proposals in the draft law that would address the slack in higher ranks within government institutions that burden the state treasury.

Then the committee hosted the head of the General Tax Authority, Shaker Al-Zubaidi, to discuss ways to maximize the state’s non-oil resources and to follow the latest technological methods during tax collection to ensure that the imposed value of the tax is not tampered with and to eliminate corruption.

The committee also presented a number of proposals to develop the Authority’s work, as well as its request to the Authority for tax accounting data for mobile phone companies.

After that, the Parliamentary Finance hosted the head of the Board of Financial Supervision, Rafil Yassin, and the accompanying delegation for the purpose of discussing the Bureau’s remarks regarding the draft budget law. Indicating that this matter was not implemented by the government in the current year budget.

After listening to the Bureau’s summary, the committee confirmed that visions are close to the size of the exaggerated spending, the large deficit, the neglect of the agricultural and industrial sectors, and the absence of texts supporting the private sector, and the committee made clear that it worked to address these points in the draft budget.

Media   Department Parliament  January 27, 2021  LINK

Issue (4613) Was Issued From The Iraqi Newspaper Al-Waqi’a, Issued On 01/25/2021

2021-01-27 10:16:00   1- Republic Decree No. (1) of 2020.

2- The internal regulations of the General Company for the Tourist City in Habbaniyah No. (1) for the year 2021.

3- Bylaw No. (1) of 2020 (First Amendment to the Bylaw of the Board of Directors of the Authority for the Care of People with Disabilities and Special Needs No. (1) of 2016.

4- Statement No. (9) for the year 2021 issued by the Supreme Judicial Council (the formation of an investigation court and a misdemeanor court specialized in looking at domestic violence cases in addition to its work, and its headquarters shall be in the center of each appellate area).

5- Announcements for establishing cooperative societies.

Those wishing to acquire the Iraqi factsheet can refer to the Iraqi investigation department located in Salhiya / Haifa Street (Ministry of Justice building), and obtain the required number.

The Council of Ministers holds a regular session headed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi

Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held a regular session headed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during which a number of issues and developments in the country were discussed.

The session began with the Prime Minister’s condolences, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, for the martyrdom of innocent citizens in Tayaran Square and the heinous crime of terrorism that I witnessed.

As well as condolences for the martyrdom of the heroes, fighters of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Salah al-Din Governorate.

The Prime Minister affirmed that terrorism was and continues to target Iraqis without discrimination, aiming to spread confusion and fuel abhorrent sectarianism, and he returned to his head in order to obstruct the entitlements of democracy and preparations for the upcoming elections, but there is no retreat, and the terrorists will find nothing but the worst fate awaiting them.

His Excellency added: Terrorism has repeatedly tried to penetrate the security cordons of the city of Baghdad, and failed disappointed countless times before it carries out its crime in Tayaran Square, and it is unfortunate that we find a circulation of lies that contradicts reality, and seeks to spread chaos by impersonating unrealistic security assessments. About some attempts to undermine the cohesion of our fraternal society.

On the other hand, the Cabinet session witnessed a discussion of the developments of the work of the Committee to Strengthen Governmental Measures, in the fields of prevention and control of health and awareness, and developments of the Corona pandemic in the country, as the Minister of Health presented a detailed report on government measures to confront the pandemic, and the efforts of the Ministry of Health in facing any potential risks.

After the council discussed the topics on its agenda, it issued the following decisions:

First / Approval of the recommendations of the Diwaniya Order Committee (3 of 2021) regarding the emergency project loan agreement to support stability and social resilience in Iraq according to the following:

  1. Directing the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to proceed with the implementation procedures regarding the sums transferred (disbursed) to international organizations (UNOPS, IOM), and the amount of (14,000,000) dollars, only fourteen million dollars, for the (cash for work) component according to the vision of the aforementioned Ministry’s requirements In the necessity of adopting basic data (database) for the unemployed, taking into account the consideration of giving priority to the returning displaced persons from the youth group (and benefiting from the intersection of data) with the two ministries (youth and sports, immigration and the displaced), and directing work to the project with its other components.
  2. The review of the terms of the agreement and the redistribution of its sums to the components or their restructuring is considered, especially for the remaining amount (cash for work) and the unallocated sums in the principal of the loan amounting to (56,000,000) dollars + an amount (15,000,000) dollars, according to proposals submitted by the committee to the cabinet according to what It is confirmed in the original record.

Second / Approval of allocating an amount (100,000,000) dollars, only one hundred million dollars from the World Bank’s portfolio, to purchase Coronavirus vaccines according to the determination of the type of vaccine by the Ministry of Health, provided that the loan (portfolio) be restructured from the Ministries of Finance and Planning in coordination with the World Bank.

Third / Approval of the Ministry of Finance allocating the plot of land numbered (1/13 District 14) Al-Watifiyah to the Technical Technical Institute in Babylon, and the Ministry of Agriculture lifting the hand of agrarian reform on it.

Fourth / Approval of the legal aid bill, which was examined by the State Council, and referring it to the Council of Representatives, based on the provisions of Articles 61 / First and Article 80 / Second of the Constitution, taking into consideration the observations of the legal department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers confirmed With its memorandum of the same number (MD / Q / 2/2/46/1775 Q / 366 LQ), dated November 5, 2020, with the possibility of linking the legal aid center that will be established according to it to the High Commission for Human Rights according to its request, taking into account Attention, remarks Mr. Director of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Fifth / Adoption of the recommendation of the Ministerial Energy Council (78 of 2020) to expand the production of the Nasiriyah oil field.

Sixth / The referral of Mr. (Ali Massad Al-Ibrahimi), Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Technical Affairs, to retirement according to his request, based on the provisions of Articles (12 / First Item and 14 / First) of the amended Unified Retirement Law (9 of 2014).

Seventh / Withdrawing the recommendation from the House of Representatives regarding the nomination of Mr. (Muhammad Sahib Mahdi Al-Ta’i), president of Al-Nahrain University, issued pursuant to Cabinet Resolution (378 of 2019), sequence 56, accompanying the linking of the Cabinet General Secretariat’s letter No. 1/3/10/34446), dated November 24, 2019.

The Media Office of the Prime Minister,26 – January – 2021

Shocking Parliamentary Warning: The Dollar May Rise To 500 Thousand Dinars

Pratha News Agency71 2021-01-27   A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Abdullah Kharbit, predicted, on Wednesday, that the price of one dollar will reach 5,000 dinars during the next stage, indicating that if the governments continue their borrowing policy, Iraq will declare its bankruptcy.

Kharbit said in a televised statement that “if the Iraqi employee receives one million dinars, his salary in dollars was 833 dollars before changing the exchange rate,” indicating that “he currently earns 689 dollars, meaning that the employee loses 134 dollars a month.”

Kharbit warned that “the price of the dollar may rise to 500 thousand dinars per sheet of 100 dollars if the situation continues on the same path.”

Kharbit explained that “Iraq has about 400 factories that are out of order and it needs billions of dollars for rehabilitation, and it does not have those sums.”

Newspaper: Washington Will Review The Decision To Withdraw Its Forces From Iraq And Afghanistan

Pratha News Agency122 2021-01-27  The American Wall Street Journal revealed today, Wednesday, that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will review the decision to withdraw his country’s forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The newspaper quoted sources in the Pentagon as saying, “The new defense minister, Lloyd Austin, intends to review the decision to withdraw US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan to assess Washington’s military strategy in the two countries.”

The newspaper added, “Trump’s decision to quickly withdraw more than 3,000 soldiers from two key regions last month, prompted the new US administration to think about its strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

She indicated, “In the hearing before the Senate to confirm his candidacy for the post, Austin said that he would review the strategies and resources entrusted to both countries, but he did not express his opinion regarding the threats in Iraq and Afghanistan and the size of the forces and military capabilities compatible with them.”

Austin spokesman John Kirby said, “Officials have not issued a formal decision yet to review the numbers of soldiers in the two countries.”

Noting that “it is logical for the incoming administration to try to understand the nature of operations in both sites and the resources that are allocated to these tasks.”

The spokesman pointed out, “Any decision on the number of forces will be subject to discussion with the Afghan and Iraqi government, and the person who will be responsible for the review has not been determined or when it will be completed.”

Zain Iraq Launches 4G Services Experimentally In All Governorates

Time: 01/27/2021 17:09:27 Read: 2,210 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} On Wednesday, Zain Iraq launched the fourth generation services on a trial basis in all governorates of Iraq after fulfilling all licensing conditions, announcing the fulfillment of its promise to its subscribers to provide the best experience for fourth generation services at the regional level.

The CEO of the company, Ali Al-Zahid, commented in a statement that Al-Furat News received the fourth-generation trial launch, saying that “despite the circumstances we are going through in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to all the challenges that accompanied the announcement of the service launch.”

He added, “We provide the Iraqis with 4G-LTE technology, which will enable us to provide the most innovative products and services to the Iraqi user in the consumer, entrepreneurship, Internet of things and in many economic, health and educational sectors. The fourth generation technologies will support Zain Iraq’s efforts in its journey to digital transformation, and we We are pleased that we are the first telecommunications company in Iraq to launch 4G services, which are now accessible to our subscribers through a network that has the largest coverage in all parts of Iraq.

Zain announced the launch of the service through a world-class advertising campaign that brought together the two stars Saif Nabil and Muhammad Ramadan, which embodies the importance of fourth generation services for Iraqis in all aspects of their lives. This work constitutes the first cooperation between the two stars that presents the Iraqi and Arab viewers in a new innovative way in a message that is a clear indication of Zain Iraq’s pioneering position and its great efforts and investments aimed at achieving a better tomorrow for Iraq.

Zain cooperates with its partners who are global technology providers approved for the latest technologies and solutions such as Sweden’s Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia. The speed Zain Iraq has achieved through its fourth generation services in the experimental stages has reached record rates. This speed allows users to surf the Internet and enjoy high-definition video calls, as well as live broadcast services and play electronic games over the Internet faster.

Zain Iraq recently launched a campaign to replace SIM cards that do not support 4G service with a new one for free and with the same current number with a free internet gift of 4 GB for each subscriber who replaces the SIM card, where the subscriber can send 4G to the number 21777 to see if the SIM supports 4G services or not.

You can subscribe to 4G-LTE internet packages by calling the toll-free number * 321 # or by sending 100 messages to 21777 or through the Zain Iraq app on smartphones.    LINK

Al-Darraji: The Financial Balance With The Central Bank Is Sufficient To Pay Salaries, So Why The Delay?

Time: 01/27/2021 11:16:05 Read: 3,198 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muhammad Sahib Al-Darraji, confirmed that the balance of the Ministry of Finance at the Central Bank of Iraq “is very sufficient to pay salaries.”

Al-Darraji added in a tweet on Twitter: “There are dollars and dinars available, why is there a delay in receiving a large part of the salaries so far ?!”

And that “salaries are paid according to the rule of 1/12 of the salaries of the past year, and there is no relation to the approval of the budget with the subject.”   “Why is our rational government why (why) the delay?”   LINK

Source: Staff Demonstrations Next Week To Remove The Director Of Al-Rafidain Bank

Time: 01/27/2021 11:14:54 Read: 6,604 times   {Baghdad: Al-Furat News} An informed source revealed the intention to organize demonstrations for employees next week in front of the Rafidain Bank branches in Baghdad and the provinces to demand the dismissal of the bank manager because of his refusal to release advances to them.

He called on staff to broad participation in the demonstration to demand that the Minister of Finance and members of the House of Representatives to intervene personally to put an end to the actions of the Rafidain Bank , who refuses and evade firing advances arguments and methods of flimsy director. ”

They pointed out that many of the staff went on to bring these advances several months ago , they were not given advances.

The An informed source revealed {for the Euphrates News} yesterday that the General Director of Al-Rafidain Bank {Hussein Ali} refuses to release advances to employees despite his promises to release advances this month, but he evades their launch with flimsy arguments and methods.

He added that “the employees call on the Minister of Finance and members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee to intervene to put an end to the delay in granting advances and to stop them by the Director General of Al-Rafidain Bank.”

On the sixth of last month, Rafidain Bank announced the launch of personal advances to employees in early 2021 “after the completion of the bank’s regulatory application procedures.”   In spite of this prior announcement of the bank, but until now, these advances have not been released.   LINK

In Pictures, The Central Bank’s Confusion Paralyzed Shorja And His Governor, In Front Of Al-Sari’s Questioning Today

Time: 01/27/2021 11:36:00 Read: 6,123 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Today, Wednesday, the Shorja market in the center of the capital, Baghdad, witnessed a stagnation in its commercial movement due to the continuous repercussions of the increase in the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and the reluctance of citizens to shop.

The policy of the Central Bank of Iraq to raise the dollar exchange to large losses among the owners of shops and its reflection on the purchasing power of citizens.

On the 19 of last month, the Central Bank of Iraq announced the raising of the price of selling and buying the dollar, as part of the austerity measures adopted by the government, despite warnings of high prices of foodstuffs and commodities offered in the markets.

The Central Bank decided that the amount of 1450 dinars per dollar would be the price of buying foreign currency from the Ministry of Finance, 1460 dinars per dollar, the price of selling foreign currency to banks, and 1470 dinars per dollar the price of selling foreign currency to the public.

Since the bank’s announcement of raising the dollar, confusion continues on the trade scene and economic movement in the country, and has a negative and direct impact on the citizens ’livelihood, especially with the exploitation of the situation by the weak souls of traders and the greed of prices.

And calls have escalated to dismiss the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Refinery Ghalib, due to his lack of “eligibility” in managing the bank and monetary policy.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to question the Governor of the Central Bank by the head of the Parliamentary Wisdom Bloc, Faleh Al-Sari, after parliament was not convinced of the first’s answers during its hosting of one of the parliamentary sessions last November.

Al-Sari said to the Euphrates on the 20th of last month, that “the standards set by the central bank governor set the country with financial crises, and we have objections and criticisms of his choice and performance,” indicating that “the answers of the central bank governor were not feasible with regard to raising the exchange rate.”  LINK

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