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More Iraqi News Friday PM 1-29-21

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Deputy: Parliament Intends To Reduce The Dollar Exchange Rate In The Budget

Baghdad Post Friday, January 29, 2021 12:22 PM   The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Zahra Al-Bajari, confirmed that the Finance Committee will present its proposals that it reached regarding the draft federal budget law for 2021 for the Presidency of Parliament next week, indicating that the Council seeks to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar in the budget.

Al-Bajari said that “the Finance Committee continues to hold its sessions to discuss the budget to amend the disputed paragraphs,” noting that “the loans that the government requested from the International Monetary Fund is questionable.”

She added that “there are observations on the government’s work and its request for the loan from the IMF, as the matter is surprising and unclear,” noting that “the Finance Committee will present its proposals that it reached on the draft federal budget bill for 2021 to the parliament presidency next week.

“Parliament is heading towards reducing the dollar exchange rate within the budget.”  LINK

Cougar to / Nina /: More Than 100 Representative Signatures Were Collected To Change The Exchange Rate Of The Dollar … And Citizens Doubt The Possibility Of Achieving This

Friday 29, January 2021 16:53 | Political Views: 224   Baghdad ( NINA ) – Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, announced the collection of more than 100 representative signatures to change the exchange rate of the dollar.

He told Nina News Agency that 113 signatures had been collected for a number of proposals, one of which was presented to the government, the exchange rate of the dollar.

Cougar added that: The Finance Committee will not adopt the proposal to reduce the exchange rate because the budget that will be voted at the beginning of next month is based on the new exchange rate.

For their part, citizens expressed their doubts about the seriousness and authority of the representatives to change the exchange rate of the dollar as long as: The Finance Committee will not adopt the proposal to reduce the exchange rate because the budget that will be voted on at the beginning of next month is based on the new exchange rate, stressing that the MPs’ statements regarding this are included in the pre-election campaign. / End 3

Parliamentary Finance: The Budget Will Be Ready For Voting Next Monday

Money  and business   Economy News _ Baghdad   The Parliamentary Finance Committee clarified, on Friday, that all the difficulties that went through auditing the country’s general budget, except for the share of Kurdistan, have been overcome, pointing out that next Monday’s session in which the budget will be ready for voting, especially after a meeting tomorrow between the leaders of the political blocs and the committee.

“The budget is currently in its recent negotiations, and most of the financial allocations have been agreed upon, with the exception of the share of the Kurdistan region,” said a member of the committee, Representative Jamal Cougar, in a journalist.

He added that “the next meetings of the committee will discuss non-oil revenues such as collection and income taxes such as taxes for mobile phones and others.”

Cougar stressed, “Next Monday’s session will be the budget ready for voting pending the completion of the meeting of the leaders of political blocs with the Finance Committee in order to agree to pass it and determine the proportion of the Kurdistan region in it.”    Number of observations 184 Date added 01/29/2021

Deputy: The Budget Is Chaotic And Rentier Par Excellence

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad   On Friday, MP Taha Al-Defense described the 2021 budget as chaotic and rentier with distinction, while he confirmed that it had neglected job opportunities that could have been provided in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

“The budget contains a lot of chaos, and it is rentier par excellence, and it is impossible to solve the economic crisis through it,” Taha Al-Defense said in a press interview.

He explained that “the Ministry of Finance violated the right of the ministries of industry and agriculture to financial allocations and relied mainly on oil in them.”

“How can job opportunities be created without supporting the industrial and agricultural sectors and leaving total dependence on government jobs that have exhausted the state budget and prevented citizens from accessing them?” Number of observations: 204, date of addition, 01/29/2021

Find Out About The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar In The Local Market

Market  Economy News _ Baghdad  “Economy News” publishes the prices of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, on Friday (January 29, 2021).  The sale price of the dollar is 146,000,  the purchase price of the dollar is 145,000

Number of observations 104 Date added 01/29/2021

The Results Of The Foreign Currency Sale Window On Thursday 01/28/2021, And Executed Today

January 28, 2021   Advertisement No. (4346)   Sale date – Thursday 1/28/2021 and executed today

the details


Total sale for the purposes of enhancing funds abroad (transfers, credits)  103,982,000

Total cash sale  100,000    Total sales   104,082,000

Note that:   The sale price of the sums transferred to bank accounts abroad is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.

The cash sale price is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.

» The Central Bank of Iraq’s foreign currency sales schedule, Thursday 01/28/2021, and executed today

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