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Iraqi News Tuesday AM  2-2-21

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The Dollar Is Dropping In Iraq

Time: 02/02/2021 11:03:51 Read: 10,543 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The dollar exchange rate decreased slightly in Iraq today, Tuesday.  The exchange rate on the Baghdad Stock Exchange was 1452 dinars to one dollar, or 145 thousand and 200 dinars.     Yesterday’s price was at 1453.5 dinars.

In Basra, the dollar exchange rate decreased to 1450 dinars, and in Erbil, 1454 dinars.  LINK

The President Of The Republic Meets With Members Of Parliament On The 2021 Budget

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  On Tuesday, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, discussed with the Chairman of the Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri and members of the Committee the importance of approving the budget in a manner that guarantees the interests of Iraqis.

The media office of the President of the Republic said in a statement that Al-Iqtisad News received a copy of, that “the President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih, received the Chairman of the Finance Committee, MP Haitham Al-Jubouri and the members of the committee, where they discussed the economic challenges facing the country, in addition to the issue of the financial budget and the importance of passing it. In a way that guarantees the rights of citizens. ”

According to the statement, “During the meeting, it was stressed the importance of overcoming issues facing the approval of the budget, and taking into account ensuring that the interests of citizens are not disrupted, in addition to ensuring the rights of all governorates according to their needs and circumstances, the allocations of the petro-dollar fund, redress for victims of terrorism, displaced persons and low-income classes, and providing The necessary financial support for the security services from the army, the popular crowd, the police and the peshmerga, for the great role they play in confronting terrorism and protecting the security of citizens.

He added, “Likewise, the efforts made by the Parliamentary Finance Committee and members of the House of Representatives in discussions on the budget in order to pass it in a manner that guarantees the rights of all citizens and all governorates were praised.”

The President of the Republic stressed that “these considerations must be present in the budget and a path in the debate about it, and the need to exclude political issues in it, and to focus on the need to reach just and legal solutions that preserve the rights of the Iraqi people, employees and retirees throughout the country, including the Kurdistan region.”

Regarding the outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, Saleh pointed out “the importance of reaching radical and serious solutions within the framework of the constitution, which is accompanied by a real reform process on the ground as it is a fundamental pillar for finding a final solution to the suffering and problems of all citizens in the country and the Kurdistan region.”

The President of the Republic pointed out that “achieving economic and security stability and providing decent living conditions for citizens is closely linked with continuing work to combat corruption, closing its outlets, recovering smuggled funds, and holding the corrupt accountable.”

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The Fifth Generation And The Iraqi Economy

Tuesday 02nd February 2021   59   Dr.. Saad Al-Taie   Modern communication technologies have become one of the important means in developing contemporary economic reality in all its fields.

Among the modern communication technologies that will have a major role in the modern digital economies in terms of development, development and expansion in various new areas is the 5G technology.

This technology greatly helps in developing the reality of e-commerce and moving it to very advanced stages by providing tremendous communication speeds that will help accelerate the process of buying and selling by digital means very quickly and reduce the costs of communication operations, in addition to that the fifth generation technology will help develop the automotive industry Autonomous driving and high-speed trains by developing and expanding the communication network between them and improving its efficiency, clarity and accuracy to very high degrees, which greatly contributes to improving the reality of these means of private and public transport, making them more practical and increasing their applications in a very wide range.

It is imperative that the competent authorities in our country pay attention to this technology, the benefits of which are not limited to the field of communications only, but also to the economic fields of various kinds, which will positively affect our national economy, which is in dire need of all development and modernization efforts and in order to work on Take him to future horizons.  LINK

The Central And The Association Conclude The International Professional Diploma Course

Tuesday 02nd February 2021 54  Baghdad: Morning  The Banking Studies Department at the Central Bank and the Training Center in the Iraqi Private Banks Association concluded the joint course entitled Professional Diploma for Human Resources Management and Development, which was held in cooperation with the Joint Efforts Group and with the participation of 26 trainees working in the banking sector.

.The trainees received an accredited certificate from the American Human Resources Development Institute after passing the scheduled exam To testify.

Positive results

The Director General of the Accounting Department, Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank, Ihsan Shamran Al-Yasiri, said: “This effort made by the Center for Banking Studies in the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi Private Banks in cooperation with an international institution to train workers in human resources departments is a joy for two reasons; The first is the enthusiasm and motivation that will be generated by the financial and banking institutions to put their employees in such courses, and the other reason is to adopt advanced training methods and hold online courses and come up with results Positive ”.

He pointed out that “the Central Bank, represented by the Department of Banking Studies, supports the Iraqi Private Banks Association in achieving its goals that would develop and develop the human cadres in the Iraqi banking sector.”

The banking sector

In turn, the Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ahmed Al-Hashemi, confirmed that “the Association of Banks is interested and concerned with the development of human resources in the sector. Banker.

He added, “The Association of Banks is geared towards granting international certificates to workers in the banking sector by placing them in future courses and in cooperation with institutions.

International ”. He explained, “This session was concerned with the human resources department in banks because it is a vital department and represents the lifeblood of any.” Establishment”.

“Obtaining a diploma in human resources is a start for participants to obtain higher and higher professional certificates,” he added Future ”.

Human resources

As for the trainee, Sinan Muhammad, he described the course as “very useful,” noting that “it included all the joints of the resources department.

Humanity”. Muhammad warned that “the professional diploma course for the management and development of human resources for bank workers is one of the most important courses that I participated in.” He attributed this to that “it included all the basics of human resources in accordance with global requirements,” noting that “the course curriculum was very rich, as it discussed all aspects of human resources management in accordance with global requirements and applied by major institutions. International ”.  LINK

Al-Ghazi, Ambassador Of The Kingdom Of Norway To Iraq: We Welcome Norway’s Desire To Establish Projects And Open Prospects For Economic Cooperation

Time: 02/02/2021 15:07:10 Read: 1,014 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Naim Al-Ghazi, confirmed today, Tuesday, that Iraq welcomes the Norwegian government’s desire to establish projects and open prospects for economic cooperation in a number of Iraqi provinces.

This came during his meeting with the non-resident ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Iraq, Tun Elizabeth Beckyvolled Alers.

A statement by the Cabinet General Secretariat, a copy of which was received by the Euphrates News, stated that “the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Naim Al-Ghazi, received the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, who is not residing in Iraq, Tun Elizabeth Beckyvolled Yers.”

The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers praised the “positive and supportive positions that the Norwegian government provides towards the government and people of Iraq, as well as the fruitful cooperation in the field of supporting stabilization efforts in the liberated areas, through the United Nations Development Program.”

He stressed that “the Iraqi government and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers have made positive and remarkable progress in the file of support for stabilization efforts in the liberated areas, and the tendency to permanently close the file of the displaced according to the drawn plans, by rehabilitating the infrastructure and implementing health and educational projects, in coordination with the relevant official authorities and donor countries.” “.

He pointed out, “Iraq welcomes the desire of the Norwegian government to establish projects and open horizons for economic cooperation in a number of Iraqi provinces, expressing the Iraqi government’s desire to open a permanent headquarters for the Norwegian embassy in Baghdad.”

For its part, Years praised “the support provided by the Iraqi government to the Liberated Areas Support Fund, the positive results it has reached, and its continued support to donor countries, in order to achieve full stability in the liberated areas and return all the displaced.”

She also expressed “the desire of the Norwegian government and companies to contribute to the establishment of investment projects in the fields of solar energy and the establishment of factories in a number of Iraqi provinces.”  LINK 

Al-Rafidain: Opening More Than 24,000 Accounts To Deposit Citizens’ Money During 2020

Economie| 10:39 – 02/02/2021  BAGHDAD – Mawazine News  , Al-Rafidain Bank announced, on Tuesday, that the number of accounts opened for citizens and other groups in its branches in Baghdad and the provinces during the year 2020 amounted to 24,427 savings and current accounts.

The media office of the bank said in a statement, of which Mawazine News received a copy, that “the number of current accounts that were opened for citizens and other groups in the past year reached 3005 accounts, while the number of savings accounts for citizens reached 21,422 accounts.”

He added that “the bank continues to open accounts for citizens who wish to deposit their money in the bank and obtain benefits according to conditions and controls set in place. The bank’s customers can visit its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to see them.” Ended 29 / p4

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