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More Iraqi News Friday PM 2-5-21

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For The First Time In A Year, A Barrel Of Basra Light Crude Exceeds $ 60

Economie| 12:10 – 05/02/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News, today, Friday, a barrel of Basra Light crude oil exceeded 60 dollars for the first time in nearly a year. The official newspaper stated, “The price of a barrel of oil from Basra Light crude continues to rise and exceeds $ 60.”  She added, “Brent reached $ 59.5,” asserting that “this increase is for the first time in more than 11 months.”

Parliamentary Finance Announces A Deduction Of 20% From The Budget Of The Presidencies And Talks About Employee Leave

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced, on Friday, a deduction of 20% from the budget of the three presidencies in the 2021 budget, while confirming the reduction of the budget ceiling to 130 trillion dinars instead of 164 trillion.

A member of the Finance Committee, Majida Al-Tamimi, said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency, which was followed by Al-Iqtisad News, saying that “the section on the deductions that came from the government in the draft budget was canceled and compensated for by applying the Income Tax Law No. 113 of 1982.

She added that “the spending ceiling has been reduced in the budget from 164 trillion dinars to 130 trillion, and other revenues have also been increased,” stressing that “the budget included a lot of economic reforms.”

She explained that she “chaired the special subcommittee of the three presidencies in the budget and was able to deduct 20% of the budget of each presidency from the three presidencies in the budget.”

She pointed out that “the House of Representatives took on the role of the executive and legislative authorities at the same time in the 2021 budget,” indicating that “every article in the budget has been studied 5 times and in extensive discussions.”

Al-Tamimi added, “The Financial Committee hosted 90 to 95 percent of the executive bodies, including the Office of Financial Supervision, and important observations in the oil sector and licensing rounds were discussed,” noting that “there is great waste and losses in this sector, some of which need to be Resolution and other parts into law. ”

On the five-year leave for employees, Al-Tamimi confirmed, “The five-year leave has been approved for one time, meaning that the employee is not entitled to take a second leave, indicating that the five-year employee is covered by the income tax law from his nominal salary.”

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Deputy: Flooding The Markets With Imported Crops Will Lose Half Of Iraq’s Farmers

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad MP Mudhar Al-Karawi confirmed, on Friday, that flooding the markets with imported crops will lose half of Iraq’s farmers within 3 years.

Al-Karawi said in a press interview, that “flooding Iraqi markets in all provinces with imported crops is extremely dangerous due to its negative repercussions in pushing the agricultural sector to more material losses, and it represents a major setback equivalent to the repercussions of years of security unrest.”

Al-Karawi added that Iraq will lose half of its farmers within 3 years if the series of flooding the markets with imported agricultural crops continues, especially since the first economic crisis will push large numbers to migrate the professions of parents and grandparents and search for other professions to earn a living.

He indicated that the recovery that took place in agriculture could be lost if all government agencies do not cooperate in stopping dumping of markets and support the Ministry of Agriculture in the actual implementation of the calendar of crops prohibited from import due to the presence of local production.

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Al-Aqili To Nina: The Parliamentary Integrity Committee Is Still Sending Corruption Files To The Concerned Authorities For Investigation

Friday 05, February 2021 10:44 | Political Views: 411  Baghdad / NINA / A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, a representative of the Sairoun bloc, Sabah Al-Aqili, affirmed that his committee is still sending corruption files to the concerned authorities for investigation.

Al-Aqili said (to Nina ) that his committee has sent dozens of corruption files to the Integrity and Judiciary Commission for investigation without disclosing them in order not to be exploited for political or electoral matters aimed at combating corruption in all ministries of the state.

He explained that among the most prominent investigation files currently opened are health insurance in many ministries, including labor, social affairs, interior and oil, as well as other files related to the ministries of oil, electricity and trade, in which investigations have reached advanced stages. / End 9

Al-Abadi Discusses With The Kuwaiti Ambassador The Situation In Iraq And The Region And The Outcomes Of The Kuwait Donor Conference

Friday 05, February 2021 14:20 | Political  Views: 236  Baghdad / NINA / Head of the victory coalition, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, discussed with the Kuwaiti ambassador in Baghdad, Salem Al-Zamanan, strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries in various fields, the situation in Iraq and the region, and the financial and economic challenges and their effects on all countries.

A statement by Al-Abadi’s office said that the two sides also discussed the outcomes of the Kuwait donor conference, and the countries’ obligations towards Iraq and its people, after it defeated ISIS terrorist gangs that represented a threat to the region and the world, and its cities were destroyed and vandalized, and the need to rebuild those cities and other cities that suffered It also provided the martyrs and the wounded. / End 9

Al-Rafidain: The Employee’s Mastercard Is Guaranteed To Grant Him An Advance

Friday 05, February 2021 11:53 | Economical  Views: 333  Baghdad / NINA / Al-Rafidain Bank confirmed that the Master Card owned by employees whose salaries are on our bank is considered alone as a guarantor for granting the advance.

The bank said in a statement that the MasterCard with the employees whose salaries are domiciled is on our bank, and it alone guarantees them to grant them the advance, and that what was rumored about the bank’s invitation to employees to bring a letter supporting the continuity of service from their departments is absolutely incorrect and the bank denies that.

He added: This procedure concerns only non-resident employees whose salaries are on our bank, so the employee who has a master’s card must bring his card only and go to apply for the advance through the bank’s branches in Baghdad and the governorates next week and give the advance to him on the same day of applying for it. / End 9

Estimated At 500 Billion … Al-Tamimi Explains How Iraq Can Recover Its Smuggled Money Abroad

Author: AhadNA3 On 2/5/2021 – 11:04 AM  246  Legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained the mechanism for Iraq’s recovery of its smuggled money abroad.

Al-Tamimi said, “The best international move to retrieve the money smuggled abroad, which is estimated at 500 billion US dollars, can be recovered through the 2005 money laundering agreement signed by Iraq in 2007 with the help of these countries.”

He added, “Iraq can recover its money as well according to Article 28 of the Iraqi-American Agreement of 2008, and also according to Article 50 of the United Nations Charter, which affirms the right of countries fighting organizations placed under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter to request the assistance of the United Nations Organization and Iraq was fighting ISIS terrorist. Subject to Chapter Seven under Resolution 2170 of 2014 ”.

And, “Iraq has an amount of $ 65 billion in the US Federal Reserve frozen for the former regime, and Iraq can claim it according to the above agreement for the year 2008.”

Security Council Report Warns Of Widespread ISIS Attacks In Iraq And Syria

The UN Security Council confirmed that ISIS in Iraq and Syria is still able to wage insurgency operations in the border areas between the two countries, despite the challenges it faces, including the loss of a number of its leaders in 2020.

The Council indicated in an analytical report on ISIS, al-Qaeda and the entities. The other armed forces associated with them, to ISIS’s ability to hide in secret locations, and to obtain support from local communities.

The report estimated the number of ISIS fighters in the two countries at about ten thousand people, most of them in Iraq. However, the organization’s ability to launch attacks is less, due to the pressure of Iraqi forces.

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