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More Iraqi News Sunday PM 2-7-21

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Al-Kaabi: Parliament Has Succeeded In Preventing The Economic Collapse And Saving 40 Trillion Dinars

11:53 – 07/02/2021  The information / Baghdad ..Head of the Badr Parliamentary Bloc, Hassan Shaker Al-Kaabi, revealed, on Sunday, that the House of Representatives had provided about 40 trillion dinars within the budget and prevented collapse, indicating that no solution to the Kurdistan crisis could be found without receiving all the exported oil.

Al-Kaabi said in a statement to “the information” that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee contributed to providing about 40 trillion dinars after reducing the budget from 164 trillion to less than 120 trillion and reducing its historical deficit.”  He added, “Passing the budget as it came from the government, the fate of the Iraqi economy will be the imminent collapse, especially after raising the price of the dollar and its impact on the local market with rising inflation.”

Al-Kaabi explained that “there is no solution to the crisis in Kurdistan except for the full delivery of oil and the proceeds of the border outlets and refineries in exchange for granting the government all extraction expenses and employee salaries, and in case of insistence, the political blocs will proceed to pass the budget according to the parliamentary majority and the people’s interests.”

Countries’ Possession Of Gold Is Rising And Iraq Maintains Its Ranking In The World

Market  Economy News _ Baghdad  The World Gold Council announced, on Sunday, that the central banks’ possession of gold increased, while Iraq maintained its world ranking at 38th.

In its latest schedule for the month of February of 2021, which was seen by “Al-Iktissad News”, the council said, “The possession of gold by central banks of countries increased by 6 tons to reach 35.197 thousand tons compared to the previous month.”

He added that the main buyers of gold during this month are Turkey, India, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, while the main sellers of gold are Mongolia and Malta.

The council noted that “Iraq still maintains the 38th position in the world and the fifth in the Arab world with the largest gold reserves at 96.3 tons, which represents 10.1% of the rest of the other reserves.”

It is noteworthy that the World Gold Council, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom, has extensive experience and deep knowledge of the factors causing market change, and its members consist of the largest and most advanced gold mining companies in the world.

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Al-Kazemi: The Need To Adopt The Principle Of Justice In The Distribution Of Wealth Among All Regions Of Iraq

Money  and businesss Economy News _ Baghdad  Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed, on Sunday, the need to adopt the principle of justice in the distribution of wealth among all regions of Iraq.

A statement by the Cabinet Media Office received by Al-Eqtisad News stated, “The Prime Minister emphasized that the financial budget that the government had previously sent its draft is aimed at financial and economic reform and supporting vital sectors, which would address a large part of the problems of the Iraqi economy. That has been plagued by decades.

According to the statement, Al-Kazemi pointed to “the importance of investing in the recent rise in oil prices in a way that contributes to easing the burden on the citizen in the budget copy that is submitted to the vote in Parliament.”

He stressed the need to activate the mechanisms of automation and digital dealing, and also to activate the role of the Federal Service Council, in the course of economic reform, according to the statement.

The statement continued, “Al-Kazemi warned,” the necessity of adopting the principle of justice in distributing wealth among all regions of Iraq, in accordance with the principles of the constitution, and not involving political disputes in the citizen’s food file and the level of services provided to him.

Al-Kazemi indicated that the country is currently facing many challenges, and we are working hard to reform the current situation and put the Iraqi economy on the right track, and it comes as an implementation of the government program that was voted by the House of Representatives and also included in the government white paper, according to the statement.

The statement indicated that, “It was agreed to intensify the holding of sessions between the executive and legislative authorities, to ensure the approval of a reform budget that preserves the rights of the citizen, and as soon as possible, and that the work of the legislative and executive authorities be complementary, and in the spirit of one team, seeking to advance the historical responsibility, to get the country out of the current situation “.    Number of observations 133 Date added 02/07/2021

The Central Bank Launches The First Financial Service Of Its Kind In Iraq And The Region

Time: 02/07/2021 09:17:18 Read: 5,980 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq announced the launch of the digital enrollment service, which is the first of its kind in Iraq and the region.

A bank statement said that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it, “Digital enrollment is an integrated digital financial system that enhances financial independence and freedom from traditional financial systems, as it works to transform Iraq into a country less dependent on cash, which enables the state to fight corruption, evasion and bureaucracy in Financial transactions within banks operating in Iraq.

He explained, “This service is considered a modern and different trend due to its many advantages, including conducting financial operations in a modern digital electronic form, which reduces time and geographical distances and raises traditional barriers in the Iraqi banking sector.”   LINK

The First Of Its Kind In Iraq .. The Central Bank Announces The Launch Of The Digital Enrollment Service

Economie| 09:18 – 07/02/2021   BAGHDAD – Mawazine News  The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Sunday, the launch of the digital enrollment service, which is the first of its kind in Iraq and the region.

A bank statement, of which Mawazine News received a copy, said, “Today, the digital enrollment service, which is the first of its kind in Iraq and the region, was launched.”

He stated, “Digital enrollment is an integrated digital financial system that enhances financial independence and liberation from traditional financial systems, as it works to transform Iraq into a country less dependent on cash, which enables the state to fight corruption, evasion and bureaucracy in financial transactions within banks operating in Iraq.”

The statement explained, “This service is a modern and different trend due to its many advantages, including conducting financial operations in a modern digital electronic form, which shortens time and geographical distances and raises traditional barriers in the Iraqi banking sector.”

Minister Of Planning To A UN Official: The Work To Conduct The Census Did Not Stop And We Are Going To Implement It

Time: 02/07/2021 12:33:51 Read: 1,443 times   (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, discussed today, Sunday, with Rita Colombia, representative of the United Nations Population Fund, in Iraq, and her accompanying delegation, the ministry’s procedures and preparations for conducting a general population census, and the Fund’s role in supporting the efforts of the Central Agency For statistics in the implementation of the census.

During the meeting, which was attended by the National Counselor for the Census, Mahdi Al-Alaq, and the Director General of International Cooperation, Saher Abdul-Kazem, the Minister of Planning confirmed that “the Ministry of Planning is making great efforts to provide appropriate conditions for the implementation of the census,” noting that “the reasons for delaying its implementation last year were related Iraq faced health and financial conditions. ”

He added, “The work has not stopped, and that the various work sectors continue to implement their plans for the implementation of the census, stressing the continuation of completing the infrastructure and developing the capabilities of workers to implement the census project, and that there is good cooperation between the ministry and local governments in the provinces and the Kurdistan region, which contributed to overcoming A lot of obstacles, and addressing technical and administrative problems. ”

For its part, Colombia expressed the support of the United Nations Population Fund for the efforts and work of the Ministry of Planning, with regard to conducting the census, noting the Fund’s keenness to provide technical and expertise support to the Central Statistical Organization within the framework of joint cooperation to conduct the census.   LINK

The Arrest Of The Director General Of Investment In The Ministry Of Electricity

Pratha News Agency63 2021-02-07   Today, Sunday, an informed source said that the General Director of Investment in the Ministry of Electricity has been arrested on charges of corruption.

The source said, “The Anti-Corruption Committee executed an arrest warrant against the accused Raad Qasim Muhammad, General Director of Investment in the Ministry of Electricity, in accordance with Article 310 of the Iraqi Penal Code.”

Specialist In Economic Affairs: The Ministry Of Finance Has Succeeded In Increasing The Poverty Rate In Iraq

Pratha News Agency44 2021-02-07   On Sunday, the specialist in economic affairs, Muhammad Attiyah, described the reform policy adopted by the government in its reform paper and in the draft fiscal budget as “flawed and does not have any roadmap for reform.”

Al-Saadi said in a statement to Al-Maalouma Agency, that “the government’s project to maximize state revenues has not departed from relying on oil as a main source.”

Indicating that “the Ministry of Finance has taken successful plans to increase the rate of poverty and fill the financial deficit through measures to raise the price of the dollar.”

He added, “This measure has effectively led to the loss of citizens by about twenty-five percent of their monthly income,” noting that “the rest of the state’s revenues are not allocated and not estimated to be included in the budget within financial programs.”

Attiyah ruled out that the government has moved towards any effective economic step aimed at revitalizing the private sector, rationing spending, combating corruption, and controlling customs and taxes.

He pointed out that “the government’s plans will remain confined to a fund of thinking and reliance on the rise in the global price of oil to distribute it to salaries, miscellaneous and allocations.”

The Tax Authority Plans To Increase Revenues To 6 Trillion In 2021

Economie| 02:23 – 07/02/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News , Chairman of the General Tax Authority, Shaker Al-Zubaidi, revealed, on Sunday, the revenues achieved for the year 2020, while indicating that a new plan would be implemented that would raise revenues.

Al-Zubaidi said, according to the official agency, that “the revenues generated for the year 2020 amounted to three trillion and 800 billion dinars, compared to 2019, which amounted to only 3 trillion dinars.”

He added, “The Tax Authority has developed a plan to increase revenues for six trillion, which included simplifying procedures and self-assessment in paying taxes,” stressing that “the plan would reduce fraud.”

He pointed out that “the commission has opened new centers that facilitate the process of reviewing the citizen in paying the taxes owed by him, stressing that” the plan also included the abolition of technical committees and detection and assessment committees to reduce corruption, apply self-assessment and encourage the private sector through the facilities provided and end the file of extortion to which they are exposed. “.

He pointed out, “The increase achieved in 2020 compared to 2019 came after implementing an integrated financial plan.”

For his part, Al-Zubaidi explained that “the application of automation would eliminate costly human endeavor, expecting revenues to exceed 8 trillion after implementing the electronic system,” noting that “the estimated cost of referring the contract to investment companies amounted to 120 billion dinars, after an in-depth re-examination of the terms of the contract before signing.” It was found that the operational cost of the project will not exceed 40 billion dinars. ”

He announced, “saving 80 billion dinars in referring the project to investment companies, as well as providing company profits for years of operation, estimated annually at more than 20 billion dinars.” Ended 29 /

Talabani: We Are Ready To Deliver The Region’s Oil To The Center
Author: Ahad6 On 2/7/2021 – 12:50 PM 263  The deputy head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, hinted at the difficulty in the ongoing dialogues between Baghdad and the region regarding the budget.

He said in a press statement, “There are two halves of the dialogues regarding obligations and entitlements, and in many cases there is a reduction in the problem of the region and limiting it to the issue of employee salaries, which is contrary to the truth, as it is not the only entitlement for the region.”

He added, “There are other entitlements that are considered constitutional rights and in return for them there are obligations on the region, and according to the text of the government budget draft, it was stated that the region must deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the SOMO company, and we agree and are ready to implement this agreement.”

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