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More Iraqi News Tuesday PM 2-9-21

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The Cabinet Votes On The White Paper’s Governance Plan For The Reform Program

Tuesday 09, February 2021 18:40 | Political Views: 23  Baghdad / NINA / The Council of Ministers voted, in its session held this afternoon, Tuesday, to approve a plan for the governance of the reform program to implement the White Paper. /

The Dollar Is Rising In Iraq

Time: 02/09/2021 10:40:21 Read: 5,707 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The exchange rate of the dollar rose in Iraq today, Tuesday.  The exchange rate on the Baghdad Stock Exchange was 1,461 dinars, or 146 thousand and 100 dinars for one hundred dollars.  In Basra, it rose to 1,461.5 dinars, or 146 thousand and 150 dinars for one hundred dollars.  In Erbil, the dollar rose, reaching 1,462 dinars, or 146,200 dinars.   LINK

Economist: There Is No Justification For The Continued Rise Of The Dollar In Light Of The Recovery In Oil Prices

02/09/2021  Information / Special  Economic expert Wissam Al-Tamimi believes that there is no justification for keeping the dollar high in the local market in light of high oil prices and their recovery, pointing out that the siege of the people must end before the street explodes due to mishandling the citizen’s pension.

Al-Tamimi told “the information”, that “the government went to the poor class to achieve financial gains at its expense, as it resorted to raising the exchange rate of the dollar and tightened customs procedures and fees on goods and goods amid the greed of the merchant who found nothing but raising the price of his goods to the citizen.”

He added that “the government no longer has any justification for continuing to raise the dollar exchange rate in the local markets, especially with the recovery of oil prices and the Basra Light crude exceeded the threshold of $ 60 a barrel.”

And that “the price of a barrel of oil, which exceeded the 60 dollars, is equivalent today to 87 thousand dinars, while the price of oil a year ago recorded the same price in dollars, but it is less valuable in dinars, and the government achieved large revenues at that time and was able to overcome the budget deficit.”

He explained that “the government’s continuation of this approach towards the citizen will make the street explode with anger, as there is no justification for the continuation of the current economic policy.” 25 n

Parliamentary Committee: The Current Exchange Rates Of The Dollar Threaten The Lives Of The Poor And Those With Limited Income

15:38 – 02/09/2021  Information / Special …A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Nada Shaker Jawdat, warned, on Tuesday, of the consequences of the dollar exchange rate remaining as it is, considering this a threat to people with limited income in the poorest governorates.

“The committee presented plans and solutions that would enhance the ration card items and the mechanism for eliminating corruption,” Jawdat said in a statement to the agency, noting that “the government did not take into account the proposals of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee.”

She added, “The continuing high exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar raised the prices of foodstuffs, as well as the high rates of poverty in the poorest regions,” warning that “this would threaten the poor and low-income people to survive.”

Earlier today, the economist, Wissam Al-Tamimi, saw that there was no justification for keeping the dollar high in the local market, pointing out that the siege of the people must end before the street exploded due to mishandling of the citizen’s pension.

The Stock Market Index Is Down By 0.23%

Stock  market Market  Economy News – Baghdad  The stock market index fell, on Tuesday, by 0.23%, after losses incurred by 14 companies.   During the meeting, 3.6 billion shares were traded, worth 2.6 billion dinars.

The value of 14 companies decreased, while Al-Amin Real Estate Company topped the losing companies by 11.76%, followed by the United Bank Company by 11.11%.

The value of the shares of 12 companies also increased, as the Elaf Islamic Bank Company topped the winning companies by 10%, followed by the National Bank Company by 5%.

In turn, foreign investors sold 800 million shares, worth 456 million dinars, after executing 22 deals on the shares of one company.   Number of observations 30 Date added 02/09/2021

A List Of The Allocations For Article 140 In The Budget And A Proposal To Increase It

Time: 02/09/2021 12:49:35 Read: 2,795 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, today, Tuesday, the submission of a proposal to increase the allocations of Article 140 in the draft federal budget law for 2021.

Representative Shirwan Mirza, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, said in a press statement, “We have submitted a proposal to the Parliamentary Finance Committee to increase the allocations of Article 140 in the draft federal budget law for 2021.”

He added, “The funds allocated to Article 140 in the budget amount to 12 billion and 800 million dinars, and these funds are few, so we presented a proposal to increase these funds in a manner that covers the expenses of Article 140.”

He explained that “the proposal is under study in the Parliamentary Finance Committee, and we hope that it will be approved soon and that the funds allocated to Article 140 will be increased.”

This constitutional article 140 includes several paragraphs, including compensation for those affected by the Arabization policies that the disputed areas have been subjected to, and after that the normalization of conditions and the return of deported citizens to their places.   LINK

Transport And The Central Bank Are Discussing The Activation Of The Electronic Collection Project

Author: AhadNA4 On 9/2/2021 – 5:54 PM 106  On Tuesday, the Ministry of Transport discussed with the Central Bank of Iraq the electronic collection project and linking it to the RTGS National Division.

“A joint meeting was held between the Director General of Payments of the Central Bank of Iraq, Duha Abdul-Karim, and the assistants of the Ministry’s formations managers, in the presence of the Director General of the Technical Department and the Director General of the Administrative and Financial Department in the Ministry,” the ministry stated in a statement received by Al-Ahed News.

The ministry indicated, “The aim of this project is to impart transparency in the collection processes of all the ministry’s formations and to switch to the electronic payment platform that will provide user interfaces that allow the ministry to follow up and monitor bill movements and display all billing details in a technical way, online and offline, and according to the available capabilities of the ministry’s billing systems. In addition to electronic automation. ”

The Results Of The Foreign Currency Sale Window For Tuesday 9/2/2021, And Executed Today

February 09, 2021   Advertisement No. (4354)  Sale date – Tuesday 2/9/2021, and executed today  the details

Amount  Total sale for the purposes of enhancing funds abroad (transfers, credits)  22,153,606

Total cash sale  0   Total sales  22,153,606

Note that:  The sale price of the sums transferred to bank accounts abroad is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar. The cash sale price is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.  » The Central Bank of Iraq’s foreign currency sales schedule, Tuesday, 2/9/2021, and executed today

The World Bank And World Food Launch A Joint Program To Aid Iraq

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  On Tuesday, the World Food Program and the World Bank announced their cooperation in a joint program in Iraq to conduct social and economic research and monitor the causes of food insecurity and the effects of the Corona pandemic.

The two organizations said in a joint statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News” that they launched a joint program in Iraq to conduct social and economic research and monitor the causes of food insecurity and the effects of the Corona pandemic, stressing that this cooperation will provide better information for social protection programs and improve response to urgent relief operations.

They explained that in light of the Corona pandemic, the joint cooperation program aims to monitor the effects on Iraqi families, including the families of the displaced who live in the camps and return to their homes, as well as the host communities.

According to the joint statement of the two organizations, surveys and analyzes are conducted using the World Food Program (WFP) system to analyze vulnerabilities and map its features via mVAM mobile phone to find out what is behind food insecurity and regularly collect vital information on the labor market, access health services and education for children, and provide updated profiles The socio-economic situation of individuals on the ground during the pandemic.

The representative of the World Bank in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, says: “The multi-faceted Iraq crisis has severely affected the livelihoods of the Iraqi people,” indicating that “the continuation of this study will provide a better understanding of the social and economic impacts of the crisis on the living conditions of families, and thus provide better information for social protection programs. Which aims to provide urgent relief to the most vulnerable and needy groups.

The joint statement stated that “with the continuing economic pressures and the resulting devaluation of the Iraqi currency, the prices of some basic foodstuffs increased, and families were greatly affected.”

“The research is being used for multiple purposes, providing the government and the humanitarian and development communities with information to allow evidence-based decisions to be made about their response to the pandemic and to support the most vulnerable and needy families,” he noted.

He indicated that, once the analysis is completed, the data and results will also form the basis for writing major bulletins and reports, such as the ongoing series issued by the World Food Program and the World Bank in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

For his part, the representative of the World Food Program in Iraq, Abdul Rahman Megaj, said, “This important research partnership supports the provision of basic information to help the main actors in Iraq plan and make decisions on an informed basis.

“Knowing more means being able to do more and get it right. Our work with needy and vulnerable families can help in the most effective way,” he added.

The World Food Program and the World Bank continue to work with the government on social protection efforts, as well as designing major reforms in this sector, to best meet the needs of families now and in the long term.   Number of observations 123 Date of addendum 02/09/2021

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