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More Iraqi News Friday PM 2-12-21

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Representative Economy: The Vote On The Budget Law In The Middle Of Next Week

Representative Mayada Al-Najjar  Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad The Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee confirmed, on Friday, that the vote on the budget law is in the middle of next week.

Committee member Mayada al-Najjar said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency and followed by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “the atmosphere so far is positive for voting on the draft general budget law,” noting that “after the meetings that lasted for more than a month on the draft budget law, the content was agreed upon and not Remaining other than the share of the Kurdistan region and some tables. ”

He pointed to “the possibility of presenting the law for a vote and passing it next week, on Monday or Tuesday.”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee had announced earlier, the most prominent aspects of its meeting with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the ministers.

In a statement received by Al-Eqtisad News, the committee stated that it “rewrote the budget strategy according to a comprehensive economic vision after what came from the government with a financial vision only, and it also handed over a copy of the amendments it had made to the government’s budget.”

She added that “the pressure of expenditures and the maximization of revenues were scientifically studied and came after a meeting with most of the government ministers and holding more than 302 hosting of various state institutions.”

The Committee pointed out that ” the meeting also included the support of the private sector and take bold steps to deal with it and support industrial and agricultural banks and real estate to achieve comprehensive development in these sectors”, as well as the exchange of views between the legislative and executive out branches unified vision of what is in the public interest. ”

The Committee noted during the statement That it “will directly supervise the implementation of the budget to ensure the implementation of its vision.”

And she continued, “Thinking outside the fund and with technical economic dimensions to transform ministries from consumers who burden the public treasury to producers,” she said.

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A Parliamentary Bloc Submits Three Comments On The New Materials Added To The 2021 Budget

Editing date: 12/2/2021 15:44 • 29 times read  [Baghdad-Where] The National Approach Parliamentary Bloc presented, on Friday, three notes on the new articles added to the federal budget for the fiscal year 2021.

“One of the items added to the 2021 budget obliges the Ministry of Finance to reschedule the payment of installments to those who have purchased real estate from the state and have not paid for the period from 2014-2019, and this period is counted for them as an emergency hiatus!”

Said Jamal Al-Muhammadawi, a deputy for the National Approach bloc. Delay fines ,, and it is correct to differentiate between the citizen and the official in the state who buys real estate from the state, since the amount of the property that the official buys is usually very high and he is not in distress until he is granted these additional privileges from reducing debt installments or prolonging the period of repayment or exempting it Of fines, “demanding” to restrict this article so that it does not include those who were in a special degree or a director general or above from these exemptions and exceptions. ”

Al-Muhammadawi added, “One of the added items also gives an exemption from all late fines and from 50% of the accumulated interest resulting from loans and advances to those who pay them before 7/31/2021. Here, too, we must distinguish between the average citizen who borrows and between companies and well-to-do merchants, which includes By exempting the average citizen without the owners of companies and the well-to-do merchants, because we have known in previous times about loans to companies of local investors amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, he asks: “Are these exempted from fines? Is this text consistent with the principle of maximizing revenues?”

He continued: “One of the added materials requires the Ministry of Education to invite the private sector in addition to the public to implement the printing of textbooks, and this text is strange, so why do you oblige the ministry to invite the private sector, and it is assumed that the public sector owns government presses and operating them maximizes revenues on the one hand and prevents manipulation that is similar to what happened in some years The precedent is when the book printing process is referred to a private sector company, and it prints books in countries outside Iraq, such as Jordan and Lebanon, and this is one of the remarks of the Office of Financial Supervision that makes us fear and guard against repeating these bitter experiences, so we alert Parliament to rejecting these materials and other materials we mentioned in our previous statements. .

The Deputy Governor Of Basra Is Discussing With The Undersecretary Of The Ministry Of Communications The Development Of The Infrastructure For The Telecommunications Sector In The Province

Friday 12, February 2021 11:08 | Economical Views: 454  Basra / NINA / The First Deputy Governor of Basra, Muhammad Taher Al-Tamimi, discussed with the Undersecretary of the Communications Ministry for Technical Affairs, Engineer Wadi Karim Al-Halfi, to develop the telecommunications sector in the governorate.

A statement of the Deputy Governor’s office stated, “Al-Tamimi discussed with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, 2021 projects, the reality of communications in the governorate, the stations project, electronic transformation, and the data center (data center), as well as the discussion of communication infrastructure in the governorate.”

Al-Tamimi stressed the importance of concerted efforts between the Ministry of Communications and the local government in Basra, in a way that contributes to establishing a solid digital structure that allows the provision of integrated digital services in the governorate, stressing the importance of supporting Basra with the services it needs related to the communications and information technology sector.

The Foreign Minister And His Greek Counterpart Discuss The Activation Of Economic And Investment Exchange

Friday 12, February 2021 14:25 | Political Views: 239  Baghdad / NINA / Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein discussed with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias, on the sidelines of the ministerial meeting of the countries of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean, held in the capital, Athens, ways to activate joint economic and investment exchange. / End 5

Dollar Exchange Rates In The Local Market

Market  Economy News _ Baghdad  “Economy News” publishes the prices of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the local market, today, Friday (February 12, 2021).

The sale price of the dollar is 146,500   The purchase price of the dollar is 145,500

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Iraq Is Ninth In The Classification Of The Air Force Of The Middle East

a wish| 11:05 – 12/02/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The site “Global Fire Power”, which specializes in the military affairs of countries, revealed the 10 largest air forces in the Middle East region in 2021.

The site assesses the air forces of countries from owning the number of aircraft, which does not necessarily mean superiority in the air, rather there are many elements Which should be taken into account in the event of determining the strength and efficiency of the Air Force, the most important of which are the level of modernity and sophistication and the quality of technology used in these aircraft.

The arrangement of the website on military affairs for countries included the number of aircraft owned by the most powerful armies in the Middle East, the number of aircraft, fighter jets, interceptors, helicopters, military transport aircraft and advanced training aircraft.

According to the site’s 2021 statistics, Turkey ranked first in the region in terms of number, with 1056 different warplanes, and the Egyptian Air Force came second with 1053 warplanes.

And in third place Saudi Arabia came with the number of aircraft that reached 889 various warplanes. While Israel came in fourth place with 595 combat aircraft.

The UAE came in fifth place with 552 different warplanes, then Algeria came in sixth place with 551 warplanes, and Iran ranked seventh with 516 various warplanes.

Syria ranked eighth with 462 aircraft, while Iraq ranked ninth with the number of aircraft reaching 350 aircraft, then finally Jordan ranked tenth with 261 various aircraft.