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Iraqi News Tuesday AM 2-16-21

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The Dollar Is Rising In Iraq

Time: 02/16/2021 12:25:55 Read: 11,011 times{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The exchange rate of the dollar rose slightly in Iraq today.  The exchange rate in Baghdad was 1460 dinars, or 146,000 dinars for one hundred dollars, and it is the same price in Basra Governorate.  In Erbil, the dollar also rose to 1,462 dollars, or 146 thousand and 200 dinars for one hundred dollars.  LINK

Prompt NATO Is Considering Increasing Its Forces In Iraq To 10 Times

Time: 02/16/2021 16:13:42 Read: 2,132 times   (Baghdad: Al Furat News) Today, Tuesday, NATO (NATO) is considering increasing its forces in Iraq to 10 times.  he defense ministers of NATO (NATO) intend to discuss expanding the training mission in Iraq, raising the number of troops in Iraq from 500 to four or five thousand.

And defense ministers behind the Atlantic (NATO) intend to expand the scope of the NATO training mission in Iraq once the Corona virus recedes.  Diplomatic sources also expected that NATO would increase the number of its forces in Iraq from about 500 soldiers to about 5,000.  LINK

The Ministry Of Finance Clarifies The Tasks Of The Supreme Committee For Reform Of The Requirements For The Implementation Of The Program {White Paper}

Time: 02/16/2021 09:53:13 Read: 3,432 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Council of Ministers decided to form the Supreme Committee for Reform of the requirements for implementing the “White Paper” program for the economic and financial reform project in the country.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance, of which the Al Furat News Agency received a copy, stated that “the committee is headed by the Prime Minister and includes in its membership the ministers of finance (as a deputy), planning and oil, the secretary general of the cabinet, the central bank governor, the executive director of the Supreme Committee for Reform (a rapporteur), and an advisor.

The Prime Minister for Strategic Affairs, Head of the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, in addition to two experts nominated by the Prime Minister and a representative of each of the two international support organizations (the International Contact Group and the World Bank Group) as observers without any of them having the right to vote.

Based on the decision, the Supreme Committee for Reform undertakes the following tasks:


1- Supervising the implementation of the reform program and the projects it consists of, according to the plans and timetables approved by the Supreme Committee for Reform, including adding, deleting or amending new projects.

2- Ensuring the availability of administrative and financing approvals in a timely manner during implementation and taking the necessary measures to overcome emerging obstacles.

3- Coordinate the work of the various bodies responsible for implementation and support, define the duties of each of them, and achieve integration between them.

4- Monitoring good performance and applying accountability according to the law.

5- Submit periodic reports on the progress of the reform program to the Council of Ministers.


1- The Cabinet Resolution (18 of 2020) is repealed and the Supreme Committee for Reform replaces the Emergency Cell for Financial Reform established pursuant to it.

2 – Meetings of the Supreme Committee for Reform are held at the invitation of the president or his deputy with the approval of the president and in the presence of at least half of its members, including the president or his deputy, in the absence of the president, and decisions are taken by the majority of the attendees, including the session chair.

3- The committee meetings are at least quarterly.

4- The Supreme Committee for Reform has an executive director named by the Prime Minister, who is directly related to him and authorizes the necessary powers to implement the committee’s decisions and recommendations and achieve its objectives. He is tasked with following up the implementation of its decisions and recommendations and conducting its daily affairs under the supervision of its president.

5 – The Supreme Committee for Reform to form work teams or sub-committees to carry out specific tasks and to delegate the necessary powers to achieve its goals and facilitate its work.

6- The Supreme Committee may host whom it deems appropriate to attend its meetings, in order to fulfill its duties.

7- The Prime Minister authorizes the powers of the Council of Ministers for the work of the Supreme Committee for Reform.


The formation of a cell called (Reform Management Cell) headed by the Executive Director of the Supreme Committee for Reform, to be based in the Prime Minister’s office and undertake the following tasks:

1- Executive management of the entire reform program under the supervision of the Supreme Committee for Reform.

2- Providing support to the officials of the reform program projects and the relevant executive teams, to improve performance and confirm the selection of the best operational paths to achieve the set goals.

3- Enhancing communication between project officials and work teams on matters pertaining to each project and coordinating interconnectedness between different projects within the reform program to enhance complementarity and synchronization in implementation.

4- Dealing with developments directly, first level, for reporting and solving problems.

5- Following up the implementation of basic activities and evaluating performance with an independent professional evaluation and submitting periodic reports to the Supreme Committee for Reform, including reporting on the level of work progress, obstacles, anticipated risks and suggested solutions.

6- Observing in determining the procedures required of the project official in the event of delay in implementation or deviation from the correct path.

7- Following up on the officials of the reform program projects and holding them accountable in case of delay in achieving the goals approved within the approved timetable.

8- Any additional tasks assigned to the cell by the Supreme Committee for Reform.


The executive director of the Supreme Committee for Reform has the authority to contract with experts and executives without pay and has the authority to duly contract for a fee with the approval of the Supreme Committee for Reform.


All government agencies are obligated to give the reform program priority, cooperate and coordinate between them and the reform management cell and submit the required reports and data within the specified time period, including naming an official whose rank is not less than a general director for each project and allocating the work teams and human and material resources required to ensure the progress of the reform program according to the approved plans .   LINK

Planning Announces An Increase In Poverty In Iraq, And It Is Likely That Many Details Will Be Changed In The Budget

Time: 02/16/2021 12:06:44 Read: 2,873 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, confirmed today, Tuesday, setting priorities for stalled projects and projects under implementation within the general budget for 2021 to ensure that they are not stopped.

“The economic downturn today is less effective than it is in other countries, such as Turkey, Iran and others, as a result of the collapse of their currency,” Al-Hindawi told Al-Furat News.

He continued: “It is no secret to us that the recession caused the suspension of many economic activities and caused the loss of many job opportunities that were a source of livelihood for many families, and this in turn led to an increase in poverty rates in the country to 25%.”

In another context, Al-Hindawi said that “the budget is still a draft and many details and data may change according to the vision of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning added, “There are about 6 thousand projects or more in progress,” indicating that “these projects have different rates of completion, some are at advanced levels, some are in the middle, and some are at the beginning or have not been started.”

He explained: “We have set priorities for these projects within the general budget. The need for this is to ensure that projects do not stop, because stopping them causes the loss of many job opportunities for young people.”

“The projects are distributed in several governorates, and we also have a project to complete the stalled hospitals, and we have about 52 hospitals with completion rates, some of them advanced by advanced Turkish, German and local companies.”

“We have strategic projects, including the large Faw project, the Baghdad suspension train project, the building of 1,000 schools, in addition to the airports of Mosul and Dhi Qar,” he added.

Al-Hindawi concluded that “all these projects are included in the budget law and do not necessarily complete them in this year.”   LINK

10 Investment Projects Await The Green Light From Agriculture

Tuesday 16th February 2021 40  Architecture: Saad Hassan  The Maysan Investment Commission confirmed that 10 investment opportunities will be available in the agricultural sector, waiting for the green light from the Ministry of Agriculture, and aiming to advance this sector, which addresses major economic problems and provides huge financial allocations to be used to import various crops.

Director of the Planning and Follow-up Department at the Maysan Investment Authority, Atef Muhammad Jassim, said, “The Maysan Investment Commission has worked to provide many investment opportunities through which the economic reality can be promoted, in coordination with the local administration in the governorate office and sectoral departments, whether the lands are inside or outside the borders Governorate municipalities of agricultural or non-agricultural sex.

He pointed out that “the authority is in the process of granting investment licenses and following up on agricultural projects, despite the presence of many challenges, the most important of which is not to contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and the owner, such as state real estate or the Ministry of Finance, quickly, which delays the completion of work in the implementation of these projects  Agricultural ”.

He pointed out that the authority is now presenting 10 agricultural projects, 4 projects beside the road leading to the canceled Al Tayyib district east of the city of Amara in Maysan Governorate, awaiting final approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, and there is also a project for the production of table eggs and poultry farming and the site is with the Ministry of Agriculture, but the investor wanted to expand For the project and work to provide it with plots of land from the Investment Authority, similar to its investment project for the purpose of expanding its production, and currently the completion rate has reached 35 percent.

He pointed out, “The presence of four projects in the Al-Tayeb area that are not contracted with the Ministry, including the cultivation of strategic grain crops and livestock, as well as the establishment of fish ponds on the Al-Kahla road and projects for laboratories. Agricultural.   LINK