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Iraqi News Tuesday AM 2-23-21

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Statement Of The Finance Committee Regarding The 2021 Budget

02/23/2021  Commenting on some of the demands for the need to speed up the approval of the budget, we would like to show that the Parliamentary Finance Committee sent a letter on 2-15 to the Presidency of the Council stating that it has completed the semi-final draft of the 2021 budget draft and the only pending point is the text on the obligations of the Kurdistan region, which was mentioned Its details are in Article 11 of the draft law. And we have met with the political blocs of various components to bring their views closer and come up with a consensus on the entirety of the texts contained in that draft, but until now we await a final form of agreement on this article.

From the foregoing, we call on all concerned blocs to speed up their discussions and reach an agreement on what was mentioned in the draft presented to it

Note that the Finance Committee has made great efforts to include all the rights of citizens, employees and non-employees, and for workers in all sectors and for all components in the draft budget law at the level of specific sectors, ministries, or governorates to ensure the establishment of service and strategic projects and to include the rights of workers in the public sector and The private.

Media   Department Parliament  February 23, 2021    LINK

Al-Haddad confirms that the last version of the budget law has not yet reached the Presidency from the Finance Committee, and there is a delegation from the region that will arrive soon to complete the negotiations on the region’s share.

02/23/2021  The Vice President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, confirmed today, Tuesday, 2/23/2021, that the last and amended version of the 2021 Federal Budget Law has not yet reached the Presidency of the Council from the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

Al-Haddad explained in this statement that there is a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government that will soon arrive in Baghdad to complete the round of negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil regarding the region’s share of the budget law, indicating his hope that there will be a rapprochement between the two sides and reaching appropriate joint solutions and resolving disputes soon before passing the budget law In the House of Representatives.

The Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament,Tuesday, February 23, 2021   LINK

In numbers … a government report monitors a rise in the prices of building materials due to the dollar

Time: 02/23/2021 10:59:15 Read: 3,471 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Planning announced, today, Tuesday, a rise in the prices of construction materials in the local markets due to the high dollar prices in the country.

The Ministry’s Central Bureau of Statistics said in a report that “as a result of the high exchange rate of the dollar in the local markets, this in turn led to an increase in the prices of domestic and imported construction materials in the private sector in varying proportions at the level of all governorates except the Kurdistan region,” indicating that “it was followed up and recorded. 64 building materials were registered in the local markets. ”

He added that “the most important indicators of the most used and influential materials in the market were for three materials that included bricks, cement and reinforcing shutters.”

The second, which had reached 140 thousand dinars per 1000 bricks, while the price of the Republican brick for the month of December reached 171 thousand dinars per 1000 bricks, registering a 6% increase over the average price of the month of November, which amounted to 161 thousand dinars per 1000 bricks.

He added, “The average price of regular cement for the month of last December amounted to 102 thousand dinars per ton, recording a 13% increase over the average price in November at 90 thousand dinars per ton, while the average price of resistant cement for the month of December was 124 thousand dinars per ton, recording An increase of 11% from the average price for the month of November at 112 thousand dinars per ton.

He pointed out that “the prices of iron (the armature shutters) from foreign origin for the month of December amounted to one million and 37 thousand dinars per ton, recording an increase of 33% over the average price of the month of November at 779 thousand dinars per ton, while the average price of iron (Shilman) for the month December 22 thousand dinars per meter, a 47% increase over the average price of November, which reached 15 thousand dinars per meter.   LINK

Low Dollar In Iraq

Time: 02/23/2021 11:43:03 Read: 9,815 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The exchange rate of the dollar decreased slightly in Iraq today, Tuesday.

The exchange rate in Baghdad was 1457 dinars, or 145 thousand 700 dinars per hundred dollars, compared to 1458.5 dinars yesterday.   In the province of Basra, the dollar also fell to the same price in Baghdad.

In Erbil, the dollar decreased to 1456.5 dinars, or 145 thousand and 650 dinars for one hundred dollars. LINK

Today, Tuesday, A New Increase In The Central Bank’s Hard Currency Sales

Economie| 12:38 – 23/02/2021   BAGHDAD – Mawazine News   The Central Bank of Iraq sales of hard currency recorded, on Tuesday, a significant increase from the sales recorded yesterday, to reach 111 million dollars.

The daily bulletin of the Iraqi Central Bank’s auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies stated that “the bank’s sales of dollars today rose by 36.77 percent, to reach 111 million and 735 thousand dollars.”

She added that “the bank covered the sales at a base exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar.”

She drew the bank’s daily bulletin, that “the purchases amounting to 111 million and 735 thousand dollars, went to strengthen the assets abroad in the form of transfers and credits, while the banks did not make any purchase of dollars in cash.”   She pointed out that, “19 banks have fulfilled requests to enhance assets abroad.”

This was the central bank sales of hard currency yesterday, Monday, amounted to 81 million and 698 thousand dollars. Ended 29 / p4

Al-Kazemi: The Foreign Exchange Reserves Of Iraq Are Rising

Tuesday 23, February 2021 16:26 | EconomicalViews: 125  Baghdad / NINA / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi asserted: “The foreign exchange reserves of Iraq are rising.”

Al-Kazemi said in the Cabinet session today: “The foreign exchange reserves were threatened with collapse, and now it is escalating, and it is expected that it will increase by nearly 4 billion dollars by the end of this month, after the start of the reform measures and changing the exchange rate.” / End 3

The Parliamentary Economic And Investment Committee Holds An Expanded Meeting To Discuss The Reality Of Investment In Iraq

02/22/2021  The Economic and Investment Committee was held under the chairmanship of Representative Ahmed Salim Al-Kinani, with the presence of its members, on Monday 2/22/2021

A meeting to discuss correcting paths and advancing the reality of investment, in cooperation with the executive government agencies.

The meeting, which was attended by the President of the Economic Council / Minister of Finance, the President of the National Commission for Investment and Mr. The Federal Office of Financial Supervision and the State Council that the allowance be complete and real for land and real estate for residential investment purposes within the limits of the basic design of cities and not a symbolic allowance, as went to Regulation No. (6) of 2017 (Regulation No. (4 and 5) amended by System No. (5) of 2018 in order to preserve public funds, ensure the correct application of the law, and maximize the state’s financial resources.

The meeting agreed that the housing investment land allowance should be within the boundaries of the basic design instead of a real one, and the need to correct the path by amending the system that contravenes the provisions of the law and the necessity to address the investment licenses that were granted within the lands around Baghdad International Airport in violation of the Investment Law and in violation of the Basic Design Law for the City of Baghdad No. 156) for the year 1971 as all these licenses did not grant them planning approvals and did not approve their designs.

The National Investment Commission will put forward proposals to amend the system in a way that guarantees the application of the investment law and takes into account at the same time the public money and the sustainability of the investment work, and that it is presented to the Investment Sub-Committee for study in a way that meets the requirements of the Investment Law, and then sent to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of issuing an amendment to the system.

House of Representatives  Information Department   2021/2/22  LINK

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi chairs the e-Governance Committee meeting

The e-Governance Committee held its meeting, today, Monday, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

At the beginning of the meeting, His Excellency listened to a comprehensive presentation of the electronic services that the committee is working on, and the importance of its contribution to keeping pace with global development by modernizing government mechanisms at work, as well as facilitating citizens’ transactions and the contribution of these measures to combating corruption.

Mr. Al-Kazemi praised the efforts of the workers on the project, and stressed the importance of expediting the adoption of all state departments and institutions for automation and electronic governance procedures.

His Excellency added: It is no longer acceptable for citizens’ transactions to proceed in the same form that was adopted a century ago, and today we are in the year 2021.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister was briefed on the electronic mechanisms that the Border Ports Authority had developed and entered into implementation, which contributed Effectively in curbing smuggling and corruption, in addition to its contribution to maximizing government imports, protecting local producers and preserving consumer rights.

The Media Office of the Prime Minister  February 22 – 2021