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Iraqi News Thursday AM 2-25-21

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Finance Takes Measures To Mitigate The Effects Of “Changing The Exchange Rate”

Thursday February 25, 2021   180   Baghdad: Morning  The Ministry of Finance has taken a number of measures to support the effects of changing the currency exchange rate, confirming that it will continue to work on translating it effectively to protect the poor classes, in conjunction with the approaching vote of the House of Representatives on the draft of the general budget bill.

The ministry stated, in a statement, that the Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, chaired an expanded meeting to discuss the objectives achieved by changing the currency exchange rate, indicating that “during the meeting, a review and discussion of the positive effects of changing the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar and the impact of that step in re-establishing Balance in the Iraqi economic reality burdened with challenges and obstacles and protect it from the dangers of collapse, in addition to discussing mechanisms to change the investment environment, support the private sector and support industry and agriculture in line with corrective measures for the path of the national economy ».

The meeting discussed, according to the statement, “the encouraging measures related to the work of the banking sector and its contribution to providing support to the various productive sectors. As well as the procedures for automating the tax and customs system and simplifying all administrative processes in line with the adoption of the White Paper. The minister listened to most of the problems that were raised by representatives of the private sector and industrialists.  LINK

Al-Haddad Confirms That The House Of Representatives Has Not Enjoyed Its Legislative Recess, And Is Still Continuing In Its Current Legislative Chapter To Approve The Federal Budget

02/25/2021  In a press statement, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad confirmed that the parliament did not enjoy its legislative recess, and is still continuing in its current legislative term to approve the draft federal budget law for 2021, according to Article 57 of the Iraqi constitution which states ((The session does not end In which the general budget is presented only after approval)), and he explained that the second legislative term of the third legislative year begins on the third of March and the legislative holiday cannot be compensated.

On the other hand, Al-Haddad indicated that the sessions will be held in light of the high incidence of the Corona pandemic, especially the mutated type, that it will be according to the measures taken by the Parliament and the government crisis cell, and with full commitment to health protection.

The Information Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Thur, Feb 25, 2021 LINK

The Last Pages Of Subjugating The State Of Iraq .. Subjugating The Iraqi Dinar

Pratha News Agency111 2021-02-25  The appearance of Al-Ghaithi |The West deals with strategy, and it is a mistake not to try to understand what they are trying to do with us by gathering information, analyzing it, and deducing future goals and plans for them so that we can confront them through tight, easy and reluctant planning that depends on loyalty to God and trust in Him and relying on His success, glory be to Him.

Here we will discuss one of the challenges that are the focus of the hour’s talk, which is changing the exchange rate, and summarize it accordingly:

  1. Many observers are confused about the real reasons and motives behind the Al-Kazemi government’s feet to sell dollars at a high price to the people for reasons. Let us think out loud and say is it:

A- To withdraw cash or cash from the people, which exceeds the financial potential of the state, as it is known that the monetary properties in circulation in the market or in the possession of people are higher than what the state owns, and this in itself poses a threat to the state’s financial sovereignty and loss of its balance and threatens the failure of the financial system

B – Did the instructions come from America in this regard in order to control the people and the Shiites in particular like this and simply to facilitate their fight and implement all kinds of plans that they want to implement on them?

  1. Is it that the families controlling the global economy want internal control over the Iraqi economy through the window of the World Bank as it is arbitrary and now in implementing a loan to Iraq worth 5 billion and perhaps the intention is to exhaust Iraq economically and this in itself is a harbinger of affairs and has serious repercussions as:

A- Iraq owes the World Bank large sums and benefits will be imposed on it in the next stage. Iraq cannot get out of this crisis and it will be bargained for to implement their plans in Iraq. Suspect

B – Is it that the goal of these families is to control Iraqi money and that will not be done for them except after distorting the reputation of Iraq abroad and reducing its economic power to the bottom through its relationship with the World Bank and keeping Iraq indebted to them for longevity, and this will affect the choices of future generations as they do not They allow Iraq to deal with other countries in financial matters, in order to develop and boost its economy.

  1. This stage represents the preparation for the next stage, which is the new global economic system. If the Iraqi financial system and economy are restricted and shackled, it will be soft at the hands of governments and governments, which are controlled by the royal families and they are already infiltrated.
  2. If Iraq were to regain its strength and there was a possibility to strengthen the Iraqi dinar, it would be the first in the region and it would be a good supporter of the economy and vice versa, and it would overcome the region’s currencies and economies and would be a global power, and for this there would be no interest for the region’s countries to support the Iraqi dinar and save it from the system’s hegemony. Globalism.
  3. America and most of the controlling forces in Iraq deliberately keep Iraq under the terms of pressure to be safe in their future in the event of revolutions, especially as they are frequently repeated.

Finally, if you collect everything that has been said and put with it what will happen in terms of a shift in the digital currency, especially in the dollar and digital dealings in buying and selling, in addition to some of what we have previously mentioned about some manipulating the financial balance between Baghdad and the region, it is certain that the clues and features of the next phase will be revealed to you.

My brothers who have the word and fair people in Iraq and the region, the solution is simple. We know our patriotic men who defend our rights. Our salvation is by pushing them to power, and any negligence in this matter will lead to the completion of the Tamer rings that will lead not only to the families of our word, but to the shackling and families of our children and grandchildren as well.

The Dollar Continues To Decline In Iraq

Time: 02/25/2021 10:42:05 Read: 7,293 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The dollar exchange rate in Iraq continues to decline for the fourth consecutive day.

The exchange rate in Baghdad was 1453 dinars, or 145 thousand and 300 dinars per hundred dollars, after it was yesterday at 1454.5 dinars.

In Basra Governorate, the dollar also decreased to 1453.5 dinars.

In Erbil, the dollar fell to 1454.5 dinars, or 145 thousand and 450 dinars for one hundred dollars.

At the international level, the US dollar rose near its lowest level in 3 years against the high risk currencies on Thursday.

The US currency tumbled to new lows against the Australian and Canadian dollars, and stood near lows recorded overnight against the British and New Zealand currencies.  LINK

For The Third Day In A Row .. Central Bank Sales Of Dollars Are Witnessing A Remarkable Increase

Economie| 01:02 – 02/25/2021  The Central Bank of Iraq’s hard currency sales, on Thursday, witnessed a remarkable increase, by 21 percent.

The daily bulletin of the Iraqi Central Bank’s auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies today stated that the bank’s sales increased by 21.88 percent to reach 155 million 984 thousand dollars.

The bulletin added, “The Central Bank covered those sales at a base exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar.”

She indicated that “the purchases amounting to 155 million 984 thousand dollars, went to strengthen the assets abroad in the form of transfers and credits, while the banks did not buy any dollar in cash.”

The bulletin pointed out that “22 banks have fulfilled requests to enhance assets abroad.”

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank’s sales of hard currency, on Wednesday, amounted to 127 million and 948 thousand 527 dollars. Ended 29 / p4

Iraq Stock Exchange Holds 5 Training Programs In Cooperation With Its Egyptian Counterpart

Stock  market. “Economy News”  Market  Economy News – Baghdad  The Iraq Stock Exchange announced, on Thursday, that it has organized 5 joint training programs with the Egyptian Stock Exchange through the Zoom application during the month of February.

In a statement received by Al-Iqtisad News, the market said that the Iraq Stock Exchange (the stock exchange) organized “in cooperation with the Egyptian Stock Exchange (5) training programs for employees of the two exchanges through the Zoom application during February 2021.”

The statement added that the training programs dealt with “rules and procedures for listing and delisting securities,” “disclosure and corporate governance,” in addition to “custodians”.

The training program also dealt with, according to the statement, “information technology” as well as “Egyptian stock market indicators.”

The statement pointed out that “it is hoped that cooperation efforts will continue and the establishment of workshops through the application of Zoom between the two stock exchanges, since they are members of the Federation of Arab Exchanges ( AFE) in a way that serves the development of employees’ performance and raising operational expertise.   Number of observations 125 Date added 02/25/2021