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Iraqi News Fri AM 2-26-21

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The Regional Government Reveals The Latest Results Of The Budget Negotiations With Baghdad

Time: 02/26/2021 15:17:17 Read: 3,029 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} A spokesman for the deputy head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the head of the Kurdish delegation, Qubad Talabani, revealed that the region’s delegation, on its recent visit to Baghdad, had discussed with the political parties and handed over all information related to expenditures, oil revenues and the number of employees to the federal government.

“The delegation is awaiting the preparation of the second draft of the general budget bill by the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, which is the demand of the political parties, and it was discussed during the meetings,” Samir Hawrami said in a press statement.

He explained, “The second proposal has not been prepared yet and the draft budget law for the year 2021 has been sent to the Presidency of Parliament without deducting the region’s share, so we are waiting for the Finance Committee to prepare a draft of paragraphs 10 and 11 of the draft law on the region’s share in the budget and then vote on the entire project. Legal in the House of Representatives. ”

Hawrami added, ”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced last Tuesday that it had sent a letter on February 15 to the Presidency of the House of Representatives stating that it had completed the semi-final draft of the 2021 budget project and that the only pending point was the text on the obligations of the Kurdistan region, which was detailed in Article 11 of project of law.

She pointed out that it “met with the political blocs of various components to bridge the gap in viewpoints and come up with a consensus on the entirety of the texts contained in that draft, but until now we await a final form of agreement on this article.”  LINK

The First Kurdish Response To The Draft Oil And Gas Bill

Time: 02/26/2021 08:57:03  Read: 7,098 times  {Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Kurdish bloc commented on the Oil Ministry’s announcement to send the final draft of the oil and gas bill to the Council of Ministers.

A member of the Kurdish Change Bloc, Amin Bakr, said in a press statement: “Despite the talk on the part of the political blocs and parties about the new oil and gas law, and that it may be the solution to all problems related to the issue of oil management between the region and the federal government, I think that such a law will be in dispute. Large, because under this law, the powers of each party in managing the oil file must be regulated. ”

He added, “There is a deep disagreement between Baghdad and Erbil over the perception of how to manage the oil and gas file, so this law will complicate problems, and it was assumed that from the beginning we would reach an agreement on organizing the powers, then on the basis of this initial agreement the oil management law would be legislated, and as long as there are differences. On the basis of the agreement, we will not reach a law that can be accepted. ”

The Minister of Oil, Ihssan Abdul-Jabbar, said that the meeting of the opinion committee in the ministry, which was held the day before yesterday, Wednesday, included discussion and review of the final version of the Federal Oil and Gas Law and referring it to the Council of Ministers for approval after completing its review by the concerned authorities in the ministry, and from then the cabinet will review this version, and forwarded in turn to the House of Representatives for the enactment of this law. ”

He noted , ” the ministry ‘s keenness to pass the law contributes to the development of the industry of oil and gas, investment optimization of national wealth in Iraq in order to support the national economy. ”

It is The Oil Ministry’s sudden announcement of the draft oil and gas law coincides with marathon negotiations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region regarding the latter’s share in the 2021 budget and the mechanism for managing its oil file.

The two parties have not yet agreed on the Kurdistan region’s share in the budget, which has hindered its approval so far.  LINK

Legal expert: The region’s contracts with oil companies are unconstitutional

Pratha News Agency75 2021-02-26  The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed that the region’s contracts with oil companies are unconstitutional, pointing out that the constitution did not allow the region to conduct such contracts, and the government could pay the oil companies’ dues from the region’s share in the budget.

Al-Tamimi told “the information”, that “the constitution did not include any text that would allow the region to conclude contracts and agreements with oil companies because Law No. 79 of 1995 indicated that any contract with foreign companies must be by law, and with the result that legislates and promulgates such a law is parliament.” .

He added that “the region does not have the right to contract with foreign oil companies, especially since the law is clear, and the federal government must act before the costs, fines and dues increase.”

And that “the government should demand the region to pay the quotas to the oil companies, or that the government act by declaring its innocence from the contracts concluded by the region, and as a result the government pays it from the Kurdistan region’s share of the budget.”                         

Pratha News Agency186 2021-02-25  On Thursday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced the diagnosis of 90% of the money smuggled outside Iraq, indicating that political leaders and officials smuggled it out.

A member of the Integrity Committee, Abdul Amir Al-Mayahi, said, “The Integrity Committee, in cooperation with the regulatory authorities, has obtained great information on corruption and money smuggling operations outside the country.”

He added, “The committee has reached the truth that 75% of Iraq’s non-oil imports go surreptitiously into the pockets of the corrupt,” noting that “most of this money is smuggled out of Iraq.”

Al-Mayahi explained that “the committee has reached nearly 90% of that money, the countries in it, and the names of the characters that smuggled it.”