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More Iraqi News Friday PM 3-5-21

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The House Of Representatives Votes On Four Laws And Begins Voting On The Federal Court Law

03/04/2021    The House of Representatives voted in its forty session, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Muhammad Al-Halbousi, Speaker of the House of Representatives today, Thursday 3/4/2021, in the presence of 242 deputies, on four laws and began voting on the draft Federal Court bill As well as granting confidence to the members of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network.

The Council voted on the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Container Safety Convention of 1972 (CSC) submitted by the Foreign Relations Committee, with the aim of maintaining a high level of safety of human lives during the loading and transport of containers used in maritime transport and the provision of international safety regulations Unified and equally applicable to all forms of land and sea transport.

The Council also voted on the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Recognition and Implementation of Foreign Arbitration Decisions (New York 1958) submitted by the Foreign and Legal Committees, for the purpose of the Republic of Iraq recognizing and implementing foreign arbitration decisions issued in the region of a state. Others are a party to the agreement on recognition of foreign arbitration awards and their implementation on the basis of reciprocity.

In the same context, the Council voted on a draft law amending the law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention on Road Traffic of 1968 and the European Agreement supplementing it for the year 2006 No. (30) for the year 2015 submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, Services and Reconstruction, with the aim of canceling the accession of the Republic of Iraq to The European Agreement supplementing the International Convention on Road Traffic of 1968, being limited to the member states of the European Economic Commission.

The two representatives, Khalaf Abdul Samad and Faleh al-Khazali, read a statement in which they recalled the popular uprising in 1991 and the March 17, 1999 uprising that came out against the former regime, reviewing the bloody crimes committed by the buried Baath Party, stressing the need to respect the laws in force enacted by the House of Representatives and disagreeing Any provisions included in the 2021 Budget Law that violate the constitution and rob the rights of victims of the buried regime.

The House of Representatives proceeded to vote on the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court submitted by the Legal Committee, to keep pace with the changes in the democratic process and constitutional institutions and the results of the practical application of the provisions of the law in force.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Muhammad al-Halbousi, called on the legal committee and the leaders of the parliamentary blocs to resolve the dispute regarding the rest of the articles of the law in order to complete the vote on the draft law in the magazine next Monday, directing the committee and the leaders of the blocks to hold its meeting next Saturday in the presence of the Presidency of the Council.

On the other hand, the Council postponed the vote on the draft law amending the Public Health Law No. (89) for the year 1981 submitted by the Health and Environment Committee.

The Council completed voting on the draft law on retirement rights for deceased employees of the Ministry of Health who have medical, health and administrative professions in the Ministry of Health as a result of the response to the Corona virus, presented by the Health, Environment and Finance Committees, in honor of the deceased from the Ministry of Health’s members of the medical, health and administrative professions as a result of their response to the pandemic Coronavirus, in appreciation of their sacrifices, and appreciation for their role in preserving the citizen’s health, in ensuring a decent life for their successors, and for the purpose of delivering pension rights to their families.

The council also voted to give confidence to the members of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network.

After that, it was decided to adjourn the session to Saturday 3/6/2021

Information Department, Parliament,4 March 2021  LINK

Prime Minister Receives The Pope At Baghdad Airport

Pratha News Agency118 2021-03-05  Today, Friday, Prime Minister Mustafa Abd al-Latif Mushatt received Pope Francis at Baghdad International Airport.

A statement by the media office of the Prime Minister stated that “the Pope was dispersed, who arrived by plane to the capital, Baghdad, on the first visit of the Pope of the Vadikan to Iraq.”

The Pope’s visit included a meeting with the President of the Republic and a visit to Najaf to meet the beloved Imam, Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, and a visit to the city of Ur in Dhi Qar.


The Pope from Our Lady of Deliverance Church: I thank God for meeting us today

Ali Mohsen Radi56 2021-03-05   Pope Francis the Pope of the Vatican said in a speech at Our Lady of Deliverance Church in Baghdad that he was grateful for the opportunity to come to Iraq, the cradle of civilizations, and he added, “Thank God for our meeting today.”

He added, “I extend my gratitude to the invitation of President Saleh and this dear people, stressing that he came to Iraq as a pilgrim,” he said.

He also touched on the Corona pandemic and said that the Corona crisis requires joint efforts, noting that during the past decades, Iraq has suffered from the scourge of wars and terrorism.

The Pope called on Iraqi politicians to confront all corruption and abuse of power, adding that we have prayed for years for the safety of Iraq, calling for an end to violence, extremism and intolerance.

Issue (4618) Was Issued From The Iraqi Newspaper Al-Waqi’a Issued On 22/2/2021

2021-03-04 01:00:00  1- Law No. (31) of 2020 (Law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Paris Agreement annexed to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992).

2- Instructions for preserving documents in the Supreme Judicial Council No. (1) for the year 2021.

Those wishing to acquire the Iraqi factsheet can refer to the Iraqi investigation department, located in Salhiya / Haifa Street (Ministry of Justice building), and obtain the required number.

Oil Prices Reach A New Record Level After The OPEC Plus Agreement

Pratha News Agency79 2021-03-05  Today, Friday, oil prices continued to rise after the countries of the “OPEC +” group agreed to keep production unchanged until the end of next April, saying that the recovery in demand from the Corona virus pandemic is still fragile.

Brent crude futures rose 1.3% to $ 67.61 a barrel, after closing at $ 66.74 a barrel yesterday, hitting a record level since January 2020, while US crude futures, West Texas Intermediate, rose 1.07% to $ 64.51. Per barrel, and the contracts closed yesterday at 63.83 dollars a barrel.

The countries of the “OPEC +” group had agreed on Thursday to keep production unchanged until the end of next April, in a move aimed at supporting oil markets.

A statement published after the ministerial-level talks said that the participants “agreed to maintain production levels in March for the month of April, with the exception of Russia and Kazakhstan. The two countries will be able to increase their supplies by 130 thousand and 20 thousand barrels per day respectively due to the continued pace of seasonal consumption.” While “Saudi Arabia raised the surprise by reducing its production by an additional million barrels per day.”

The OPEC Plus countries agreed to reduce their production by 7,125 million barrels per day in February, then 7.05 million barrels per day in March, which are classified within the big cuts.

Security Alert: Iraq – U.S. Embassy Baghdad

Home | News & Events | Security Alert: Iraq – U.S. Embassy Baghdad

Location: Throughout Iraq

Event: The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad reminds U.S. citizens extremist groups and regional actors have conducted destructive and sometimes lethal attacks against a variety of targets. Attacks may occur with little or no warning, impacting airports, tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, and local government facilities. Iraqi and Western facilities and places frequented by U.S. citizens and other Westerners may also be targeted.

There is a threat of drone and missile attacks impacting on civilian and other targets in Iraq. Violence associated with Iran-supported groups represents a significant threat. U.S. citizens living and working near military bases and critical civilian infrastructure are at heightened risk of impacts from missile and drone attacks. U.S. citizens should remain alert in case of additional attacks.

Iraqi militants have also launched a series of attacks at air bases in Iraq, including in close proximity to commercial airports and civil aviation.

Due to risks to civil aviation operating within or in the vicinity of Iraq, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) and/or a Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR). For more information, U.S. citizens should consult the Federal Aviation Administration’s Prohibitions, Restrictions and Notices.

Please review the full Travel Advisory for Iraq.

Actions to Take:

If you hear a loud explosion or if sirens are activated, immediately seek cover.

If in a home or a building, go to the lowest level of the structure with the fewest exterior walls, windows, and openings; close any doors and sit near an interior wall, away from any windows or openings.

If you are outdoors, immediately seek cover in a hardened structure; if that is not possible, lie down and cover your head with your hands.

Be aware that even if the incoming missile or drone is intercepted, falling debris represents a significant risk.

After the attack, stay away from any debris, and monitor major news outlets for official guidance.

Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts.


American Citizen Services Unit, U.S. Embassy Baghdad (public access suspended) or U.S.

Consulate Erbil – 413 Ishtar, Ankawa, Erbil, Iraq

[email protected]

[email protected]

State Department – Consular Affairs

+1-888-407-4747 or +1-202-501-4444

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