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Iraqi News Saturday AM 3-6-21

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Economic Expert: The Pope’s Visit Will Reflect Positively On The Iraqi Economic Situation

Saturday 06, March 2021 09:43 | Economical Views: 366   Baghdad / NINA / The expert on economic affairs, Raad Twaij, affirmed that the Pope’s visit to Iraq and his meeting with the authority, Mr. Sistani, will have a great economic impact, given that the Pope represents 60% of people, and the Sistani reference expresses 200 million Muslims, and therefore the volume of communication will double through the increase in religious tourism.

Twig said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ): “The Pope’s visit will be a gateway to a new era in deepening the joint of religions and moving humanity to broader horizons in defending the oppressed and vulnerable in the world, which will increase human and spiritual communication and its implications for the diversity of tourism and religious tourism.” Globalization, more economic fruits and deepening social values. ”

He added, “The visit will contribute to attracting most investment companies that were afraid to come to Iraq. “/ End 8

The Office Of Imam Al-Mufdi Al-Sistani Issues A Statement About His Meeting With The Grand Pope Of The Vatican

Pratha News Agency137 2021-03-06  Today, Saturday, the office of the Grand Imam, Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, issued a statement about his meeting with the Grand Priest, the Pope of the Vatican, at the home of the Supreme Authority in the old city of Najaf.

The text of the statement stated, “His Eminence Al-Sistani (may his shadow) met this morning with the Grand Pontiff Pope Francis, Pope of the Catholic Church and Head of State of the Vatican, and during the meeting, the discussion revolved around the great challenges that humanity faces in this age and the role of faith in God Almighty and his messages and commitment to the high moral values. To overcome it.

The statement added, “His Eminence Al-Sistani spoke about the injustice, oppression, poverty, religious and intellectual persecution, suppression of basic freedoms and the absence of social justice, especially the wars, acts of violence, economic blockade, displacement and other things that many people in our region suffer from in terms of wars, acts of violence, economic blockade, displacement operations and others, especially the people.” Palestinian in the Occupied Territories. ”

Al-Sistani pointed out during the statement to “the role that the great religious and spiritual leaders should play in curbing these tragedies, and what is hoped for in urging the concerned parties – especially in the great powers – to give priority to reason and wisdom and to reject the language of war, and not to expand Caring for their self-interests at the expense of peoples’ rights to live in freedom and dignity.

He also stressed “the importance of concerted efforts to consolidate the values of harmony, peaceful coexistence and human solidarity in all societies, based on the protection of rights and mutual respect among followers of different religions and ideological trends.”

According to the statement, Sayyed Sistani praised “the status of Iraq and its glorious history and the honorable Muhammad of its various affiliations, and expressed his hope that he would surpass his current ordeal not long ago, stressing his concern for Christian citizens to live like all Iraqis in security and peace and in full their constitutional rights.

He pointed to “a part of the role that the religious authority played in protecting them and all those who have suffered injustice and harm in the incidents of the past years, especially during the period in which the terrorists seized vast areas in several Iraqi governorates, and they practiced criminal acts in them.”

In conclusion, “His Eminence Al-Sistani wished the Supreme Pontiff, the followers of the Catholic Church, and the common people of humanity good and happiness,” expressing his “thanks to the Pope for taking the trouble to travel to Najaf to make this visit.”

Iran: We Will Get Our Frozen Assets In Iraq

Political| 05:11 – 06/03/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News    The Iranian Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs, “Farhad Djebsand”, said that his country “will obtain its right regarding its frozen assets inside Iraq.”

He added, “The unreasonable pressures will recede, in the hope that the aforementioned funds will be used to facilitate economic activities in the country.”

Djebsand explained to reporters, according to the Iranian news agency “IRNA”, today, Saturday, that “it has been decided in this regard that the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran will issue accurate and documented information regarding the release of frozen Iranian financial assets inside Iraq.”

The volume of funds frozen abroad amounts to 40 billion dollars; 20 billion of them in China, 7 billion in India, 6 billion in South Korea, two billion in Iraq, and a billion and a half in Japan.

The Outlets Announce The Statistics Of The Revenues Achieved During The Month Of February

Political| 05:50 – 06/03/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Border Ports Authority announced, on Saturday, the statistics of the revenues achieved in the month of February.

In a statement, Mawazine News received a copy, the authority stated that “the customs and tax revenues and the securities accrued amounted to (96,784,370,000) billion Iraqi dinars.”

She added, “The total of the violations that have been seized are (105) violations under different headings (tampering with fees, description of goods, smuggling of wheels, wanted by the judiciary, drugs, etc.), despite the exceptional circumstances of the outbreak and spread of the Corona pandemic and coincided with the month (February) in what is called The Chinese holiday, in which the flow of goods to all parts of the world stopped, and this was reflected in the volume of trade exchange and the proportion of revenues. ”

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