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More Iraqi News Wednesday PM 3-9-21

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The House Of Representatives Intends To Pass The 2021 Budget By Majority In Monday’s Session

Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad  Representative Mansour Al-Ba’ji confirmed that the budget will be passed by a majority in a session on Monday, stressing that there is unanimity on that.

Al-Baiji said in a statement seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “the general budget of the country has been settled and amended with the exception of the share of the Kurdistan region, which has not yet been decided, stressing that it will pass by the majority inside the parliament and there is unanimous approval among the deputies to pass it.”

Al-Baiji considered that “the Kurdistan Regional Government does not want to reach a solution to settle its share of the budget, and it has stalled throughout the previous period and the approval of the budget has been delayed to this day because of the Kurdistan region. Therefore, more than 150 parliamentary signatures were collected in order to present the budget for passing it.”

The MP explained that “after the consensus that occurred among the representatives on the incompatibility on the account of our governorates with the general budget of the country, as it used to happen previously with the Kurdistan Regional Government, the signatures were collected to present the Budget Law at the nearest session in order for it to be passed because it was too late and this delay could not continue because the affected person The only one of them is all of the Iraqi people. ”

He added, “The Kurdistan Regional Government must obey the law and the constitution as is the case in other provinces, and hand over all its revenues to the central government, and do not procrastinate on that, because our Kurdish people are the ones affected, and they must realize well that the Kurdistan Regional Government is the reason.”

Al-Baiji stipulated that if he wants “his share of the budget, he must hand over his revenues in full, otherwise we will not vote on his share in the current year’s budget, as happened with the borrowing law.” A share to the Kurdistan Regional Government, and he does not hand over anything to the federal government. ” Number of observations 126 Date of addendum 10/03/2021

An Economist To NINA: Borrowing Without Deliberate Plans Will Not Build An Economy And Will Lead To An Increase In Indebtedness

Wednesday 10, March 2021 19:35 | Economical Views: 87  Baghdad / NINA / Economic expert, Saleh Al-Hamashi said: Borrowing without deliberate plans will not build an economy and will lead to an increase in debt.

He told the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) that: The current government believes that the solution to the economic and financial crisis will be by borrowing, ignoring what may be attributed to the increase in the country’s indebtedness and a decline in the credit rating.


Al-Hamashi added that: The government may be unable to find lenders, and if any, conditions will be harsh, with interest rising to levels that the government may be unable to fulfill its obligations in light of the continuing growing demand for services and the government’s inability to maintain the existing, in addition to the increase in the gap between the state and the citizen. /

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