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Iraqi News Monday AM 3-29-21

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Member In Parliamentary Finance: Every Day, A New Node In The Budget Is Expected … And The Date Of Its Approval Is Expected

Time: 03/29/2021 13:10:41 Read: 6,890 times  {Economist: Al Furat News} A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee expected a new date for voting on the fiscal budget bill for 2021.

“Unfortunately, every day, a new node appears in the budget,” Sherwan Mirza told Al-Furat News, stressing the continuing disagreements over the draft law between the political blocs.

“The budget will be approved this week,” he added.

Yesterday, Sunday, the House of Representatives failed again to vote on the 2021 budget despite reports of an agreement on the Kurdistan region’s share.

A representative source told {Euphrates News} that “despite the agreement on the share of the Kurdistan region, which was the budget knot, but the differences moved to other materials such as contracts, job grades, the dollar exchange rate, the displaced, and the reconstruction of devastated areas.”

The budget estimates at 128 trillion dinars (about $ 89 billion) against a deficit of 29 trillion dinars. LINK

Today, Monday, A Slight Increase In The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar In The Local Markets

Economie| 11:04 – 29/03/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The exchange rates of the dollar, on Monday, on the main stock exchange and local markets in the capital, Baghdad, witnessed a slight increase.

The exchange rate of the dollar on the Al-Kifah Central Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 144750 dinars, for each $ 100 denomination paper.

The prices of buying and selling dollars in exchange offices and local markets in Baghdad increased, as the selling price reached 145,250 dinars, for each $ 100 bill, while the purchase prices reached 144,250 dinars, for each $ 100 bill.

The exchange rates were recorded on the Al-Kifah Central Stock Exchange yesterday, Sunday, 144600 dinars, for each $ 100 bill. Ended 29

Today … The Central Bank’s Hard Currency Sales Are On The Rise

Economie| 12:00 – 29/03/2021  BAGHDAD – Mawazine News  The central bank’s hard currency sales, on Monday, rose again, to record $ 35 million.

The auction of selling and buying foreign currencies, according to the Central Bank’s daily bulletin, witnessed a rise in sales by 169.33 percent, to reach 35 million and 234 thousand dollars, covered by the bank at a basic exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar.

The purchases amounting to 35 million and 234 thousand dollars went to strengthen the assets abroad in the form of transfers and credits, while the banks did not purchase the dollar in cash, while 7 banks met the requests to enhance the assets abroad.

It is noteworthy that the central bank’s sales of hard currency, yesterday, Sunday, recorded a significant decline, reaching 13 million and 82 thousand dollars only.

The Stock Market Index Fell By 0.41%

The Iraqi Stock Exchange «Economy News»  Market  Economy News – Baghdad  The Iraq Stock Exchange index fell, on Monday, by 0.41% after the decline in the value of shares of 12 companies.

Al-Khair Financial Investment Company topped the losing companies, while the Al-Ataa Islamic Bank Company topped the winning companies.  During the shares, 1.2 billion shares were traded, at a value of 742.5 million dinars.   In turn, foreign investors bought 86 million shares, worth 105 million dinars, after executing 34 deals on the shares of 3 companies.     Number of observations 92 Date of addendum 3/29/2021

Iraq Signs An Agreement With The French Company Total Energy .. These Are Its Details

Economie| 02:50 – 29/03/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Ministry of Oil announced, on Monday, the signing of an agreement of principles with the French company Total to implement four projects, the most prominent of which is the treatment of associated gas, while Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar confirmed that this agreement will be presented to the Council of Ministers for approval.

Oil Minister and Chairman of the Ministerial Council for Energy Ihssan Abdul Jabbar Ismail said in a statement, “An agreement has been made with the French company Total to implement four mega projects that represent the need for development in the country, the first project and the most important, the project for collecting and refining gas in all fields outside the Basra Gas Agreement, which are fields (( Artawi, West Qurna / 2, Majnun, Tuba, and Lahis) in which large quantities of gas are burned, “noting that” it was agreed with Total to establish a group of facilities in these fields with the establishment of the Central Gas Complex in Artawi with the aim of fully investing quantities. ” Associated gas, and the project is considered one of the most important development projects that the country will witness during this year and subsequent years. ”

He added, “The other giant project is the integrated seawater project, which the ministry has been trying to implement for more than ten years, and Total has expressed its readiness to implement the project, and the third project is the Artawi field development project with the aim of maximizing the potential of gas supplies and investing the entire quantity of fields that contain high proportions.” “From natural gas production, and the fourth project is to establish facilities to produce 1,000 megawatts of electric energy, depending on solar energy.”

He continued, “These four projects have their final memoranda signed and the scope of technical and commercial work has almost been agreed upon, and the issue will be presented to the Council of Ministers for approval,” noting that “it is one of the largest development projects that Total implements outside France, and represents the most important features of the national economy.” It focuses on gas production, refining and investment, and solar energy production. ”

He stressed that “discussions in these projects began since October 2020, when technical, commercial, economic and financial matters were discussed for the four projects,” adding that “Total will pump billions of dollars in order to invest and realize these projects.”

The Minister of Electricity, Majid Mahdi Hantoush, signed the principles agreement with the French company, Total, to implement a project to produce 1,000 megawatts of solar energy. Ended 29 / h

The Cabinet Secretariat Directs The E-Governance Committee To Coordinate Between The Entities To Develop The Country’s Performance

Time: 03/29/2021 17:15:55 Read: 1,053 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Naim Al-Ghazi chaired the meeting on the affairs of the e-Governance Committee, where the directive was to coordinate with state institutions.

The consultative team called for more coordination efforts between the relevant authorities of the project. To overcome financial, technical and legal challenges; In order to achieve the goal of the Iraqi government in the matter of simplifying procedures and running the services provided to citizens inside and outside Iraq, recalling the importance of following up on the directives and recommendations of previous meetings.

The meeting discussed the topics on the agenda, namely: the visa management system for diplomatic missions in line with the ICAS system, the electronic reservation system for consulates, and the digital transformation file using the unified job number, with a pause on the reality of the Al-Farabi Information Technology Center, as well as following up Corona vaccine passport procedures, and finally the presentation of the electronic patient record project.

The Secretary-General expressed the Secretariat’s complete readiness for the governance project, by removing conflicts between institutions to serve the process of progressing work, indicating the importance of educating the Iraqi citizen on the one hand, and service employees on the other hand, on the mechanisms of dealing with advanced procedures and benefiting from the achievements of the modern world movement in this field.   LINK

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