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More Iraqi News Monday PM 3-29-21

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The drop in oil prices with the announcement of the resumption of navigation traffic in the Suez Canal

Political| 05:29 – 29/03/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News  , oil prices fell today, Monday, after the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority announced that navigation traffic will resume, after the floatation of the huge container ship, which blocked the canal for nearly a week.

By 16:45 Moscow time, US West Texas Intermediate crude futures were down 1.36% to $ 60.14 a barrel.

Brent crude futures fell 1.36% also to $ 63.84 a barrel, according to Bloomberg.

Before that, the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority announced the floatation of the huge container ship, which blocked the canal for nearly a week, today, and said that navigation traffic in the waterway will resume.

Oil prices have witnessed great volatility in the past few days, as traders and investors tried to balance the impact of closing a major transit point for trade and the broader impact of closure measures aimed at containing infections with the Coronavirus.

The Minister Of Finance Reveals Shocking Information About The Outlets And Identifies “Accomplices”

Time: 03/29/2021 12:21:44 Read: 6,526 times   {Economist: Al Furat News} The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, revealed shocking information about the border crossings and the rampant corruption in them.

“There is a kind of collusion between corrupt officials, political parties, gangs and businessmen,” Allawi told AFP, noting that “this system as a whole contributes to the plunder of the state.”

He expressed his regret, saying, “The price of the smallest job in customs ranges from 50 thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars, and sometimes increases to many times that.”

Allawi stressed, “We must get seven billion dollars from customs annually, but in reality, only ten to 12 percent of customs resources reach the Ministry of Finance.”

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, said that he visited the border crossings with Iran last July that there were those who described them as “ghosts” working in the outlets and ordered “to shoot them.”

As part of the government’s efforts to control the ports, the joint operations commissioned the Basra Operations Command to fully control the Shalamjah port with Iran and the Safwan port with Kuwait, as well as assigning the Naval Force Command to fully control the sea ports at Umm Qasr port.

From Basra, which is the economic lung of Iraq, Al-Kazemi confirmed after chairing a cabinet session there last year, that the ports of Iraq will be under the authority of the state, indicating that the army will protect the ports, and any officer regardless of his rank is not working properly will be transferred to the borders.

And with the declared governmental and parliamentary approval, the ports of Iraq are one of the largest sectors in which the scourge of corruption is ravaged, which is confirmed by the language of numbers as well, as the volume of waste in this sector annually ranges from 6 to 8 billion dollars, due to the control of armed groups and parties over it.  LINK

An Invitation To The Private Sector To Enter The Oil Field

Monday 29th March 2021  50  Baghdad: Morning  The interest in developing the oil sector represents an important step to reduce the import of oil derivatives, and to provide additional resources, as it will be possible to rely on local working refineries, and to create an opportunity for the private sector to enter the oil field by withdrawing the experiences of the retired staff working in this field, and to provide job opportunities for graduates of studies. Oil, instead of wasting their energies and expertise and employing them in developing the private oil sector.

In this regard, the Secretary-General of the Federation of Businessmen, Abdul-Hassan Al-Ziyadi, called on the Iraqi private sector to participate in the oil field, adding to “Al-Sabah” that “the participation of the private oil sector in Iraq is almost non-existent and is limited to providing transport services, in addition to its participation in distribution only through “National filling stations.”

He believed that “the current stage requires the entry of the private sector in the oil field and expanding its activity through building and operating small refineries, to achieve the maximum benefit from crude oil residues and treat them to extract oils of different density, which Iraq imports millions of dollars annually.”

In the same context, Al-Zawraa State Company, a company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, continues to work on the completion of self-generation stations for external refineries in accordance with the contract concluded with the North Refineries Company.

The company’s general manager, Eng. Hadi Ali Taha, stated that “the work team that includes the company’s cadres from the technical affairs department and the supervision engineers at the sites and the German company Koons, the secondary partner, continues to implement self-generation stations for external refineries with (7) stations of different capacities in several governorates.” .

He pointed out, “The completion of the initial delivery of (3) stations, including Kirkuk 1 station with a capacity (3 MVA), Qayyarah 1 with a capacity of (6 MVA) and the Kasak station with a capacity of (4 MVA), as well as the successful implementation of the trial operation of the Chinese station with capacity (4 MVA) to move to The stage of initial receipt and guarantee ”.

Taha emphasized that “work continues to complete the remaining three stations (Haditha, Qayyarah 2, and Kirkuk 2), represented by mechanical works for fuel tanks, heavy and light fuel tubes, lubrication and compressed air pipelines, etc., in order to reach advanced stages of completion and operate the stations on time. Specified.   LINK

Economic Parity And Stabilization

Monday 29th March 2021   48  Kamal Al Basri  The state of political instability in the governorates (Dhi Qar, for example) is mainly due to unequal opportunities, the lack of necessary services, and the inability of the government administration to provide job opportunities. In order to deal with this situation that has become a threat to political stability, and here it is imperative to adopt the elements of good governance (transparency, accountability, efficiency, etc.).

We need access to unconventional solutions represented in empowering community members to undertake various activities that would improve the status of public services and provide job opportunities for the unemployed, by expediting the implementation of public services in them such as drinking water, electricity, health, paving roads, etc., which helps absorb quite a few numbers of The unemployed.

And stimulate and encourage the private sector by identifying the projects that the city, district, or district needs, which can be divided into two parts: The first is small or individual projects or a partnership between two or three people, such as opening commercial public service shops such as home markets, shaving, sewing, selling vegetables and selling meat … And other services Technical.

The second part is specialized service projects to establish service and contracting companies by a number of not less than five persons of specialization, such as agricultural and veterinary services companies that contribute to developing farmers’ businesses and introducing new production equipment and tools to serve production and reduce costs while they also open an “Allawi” to market agricultural products to All parts of Iraq to ensure that agricultural crops are not spoiled due to poor marketing, and the same is true for poultry, meat and fish.

At the level of the district or district, the basic needs of each of them are determined with the identification of individuals with specialization and the ability to implement relevant projects by conducting interviews with individuals and applicants and enabling them to establish companies in the governorates contributing or limited with governmental and quasi-governmental support represented by trade unions and federations and so on.

By facilitating the procedures for forming such companies by the Ministry of Trade, the Companies Registration Department, as there is a representative of this department in the governorate to carry out all the procedures for registering companies within a period of no more than three days.

To finance these projects, the government provides the necessary financial requirements in the form of loans to individuals and companies that have been established, with or without interest, and the notables of the sub-districts and districts guarantee the good performance of the aforementioned companies.

In order to provide the technical requirements from the relevant ministries, the governorate, trade unions and federations, it provides technical and logistical support to these companies from renting construction equipment, transportation means, or rigs available to them to implement the projects that they will contract for.

As for the implementation of the program, after determining the basic needs of the district or district, a feasibility study is prepared to clarify the beneficiaries, the type of interest, its size and the costs of various projects, as the technical authorities help in writing the feasibility, each according to its competence.

In order to obtain the necessary funding, requests are submitted to the relevant banks to obtain the necessary loans in the form of specific financial payments during specific periods of time, and then work on projects is carried out under the supervision and support of the relevant institutions, and the notables of the district or judiciary, along with the unions and federations, follow up on the progress of the implementation of projects. According to the set plan (working as incubators for projects until management expertise is available and taking responsibility for business alone).

What is new about this issue is that the responsibility for providing services and creating job opportunities has been transferred from the central government to members of the community who in their turn implement projects that meet their direct needs and with the support and follow-up of notables in the district, the judiciary or the governorate, as their role is important to their status and their respect by the members of their clan and they will take care of the clan members Those who will benefit from loans by repaying them and following up on borrowers to develop their businesses and solve their daily problems at work.

And that the Ministry of Finance undertakes the ownership of lands for owners of small projects and companies after receiving their applications supported by the Engineers Syndicate and according to the basic planning of cities approved by the Ministry of Planning.   LINK

3 Trillion Dinars Of Electricity Debt Owed By Government Institutions

Monday 29th March 2021  218  Baghdad: Hoda Al-Azzawi   The Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee called on governmental institutions and departments to pay off the debts owed by the Ministry of Electricity, indicating that the Municipality of Baghdad is among those departments that refrain from paying the debts.

Member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee, Amjad Al-Uqabi, said in an interview with Al-Sabah: “The Municipality of Baghdad owes the Ministry of Electricity wages for electric energy that are effectively equipped to sewage, water and sewage stations in Rustumiya with more than 88 billion Iraqi dinars, and since years the trust has not been paid These sums under the pretext that there are no financial allocations.

He explained, “The deterioration of the stations leads to the withdrawal of a high current of electricity, and the resulting problems and weakness in the electric current, especially since all stations are excluded from the programmed fire, and the Baghdad Municipality does not pay wages or levies for electricity, as most state institutions do that disavow For paying their wages to the Ministry of Electricity, in addition to that the Baghdad Municipality owes electricity in the amount of 4 to 5 billion dinars, for the wages of lighting the streets of Baghdad, as it is the beneficiary.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Ahmad Musa Al-Abadi, told Al-Sabah that “the ministry issued a decision excluding all sewage and heavy water drainage stations and water projects from programmed cuts, and even in emergency situations, these stations will operate according to the decision.”

He added, “There are some stations operating on feeders that provide a joint service between them and the citizens, which creates a problem of social differentiation, as those residential neighborhoods close to the stations are also excluded from programmed cuts and enjoy 24-hour electricity, so we called the Municipality of Baghdad, according to Official books separate these stations from the electrical network in residential areas, and separate the station’s supply of electricity from residential neighborhoods, especially since this separation requires a high cost, ”indicating that“ despite all the books sent, the Baghdad Municipality did not respond or answer it with a question. the classroom”.

Al-Abadi concluded his speech by saying: “Governmental institutions, between central and autonomous, owe the Ministry of Electricity a payable collection of 3 trillion dinars, which these institutions have not paid so far.”  LINK

Issue (4622) Of The Iraqi Newspaper Al-Waqi’a Issued On 3/22/2021

2021-03-29 01:09:00  1- Regulation No. (1) for the year 2021, the first amendment to the Regulation of the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terrorist Operations No. (3) for the year 2017 issued by Cabinet Resolution No. (89) for the year 2021.

2- Bylaw No. (3) for the year 2021, the first amendment to the internal system of the Presidency of the Republic No. (2) for the year 2019.

3- Announcements for establishing cooperative societies.

Those wishing to acquire the Iraqi factsheet can refer to the Iraqi investigation department, located in Salhiya / Haifa Street (Ministry of Justice building), and obtain the required number.

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