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More Iraqi News Tuesday PM 4-6-21

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Integrity Reveals The Details Of The Financial Disclosure Of The Presidencies

Tuesday 06 April 2021   136  Baghdad: Morning   The Federal Integrity Commission revealed, on Monday, the details of the response of those charged with disclosure of financial disclosure and graft for the year 2021, as well as the results of its investigation of the files of money inflation and conflict of interest.

The Authority’s Prevention Department mentioned, in a statement, the details of the officials ’response to their financial receivables for the period from 1/4/2021 to 3/25/2021, for the three presidencies, the judiciary, ministries, bodies and entities not linked to a ministry, as well as the governors, and as contained in Article ( 16) of its amended law No. (30 of 2011).

”The department clarified that“ the three presidencies are represented by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Speaker and his two deputies, the President of the Judicial Authority and his deputy, and the President of the Federal Supreme Court who disclosed their financial receivables for the current year, with a disclosure rate of (100) percent.

”The department added that“ (239) members of Parliament for the current session disclosed their financial liabilities at a rate of (74.2) percent, while (19) ministers disclosed their liabilities by (82),6) percent, and the disclosure rate of the members of the Federal Court, the Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Court of Cassation was 100 percent, in addition to the disclosure of the Chief Public Prosecutor, while the disclosure rate of the appointed judges was 95.5 percent.

The percentage of their disclosure is (94.4) percent. ”It indicated that“ (27) heads of bodies and bodies not affiliated with a ministry disclosed their financial liabilities, while (7) conservatives disclosed their liabilities at a rate of (46.7%). ”The department indicated that“ Referring the files of (28) commissioned persons against whom evidence of an abuse of a position or an inflation of funds not commensurate with their regular resources appeared to the Commission’s investigation department for the years (2018-2021), ”indicating that“ their cases are still under investigation or trial, ”pointing to “The number of taxpayers who have violations of conflict of interest for the period from (2017-2020) reached (625) taxpayers.” LINK

Draft Agreement Between Iraq And The European Investment Bank

Tuesday 06 April 2021   58  Baghdad: Morning

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Sadiq al-Rikabi, to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union, stressed that the basic principles underlying the policy of the Republic of Iraq in its international relations come in fulfillment of its obligations and to advance the three pillars of the United Nations, which are sustainable development, peace and security, and human rights.

In this context, the Iraqi mission to the European Union has made great efforts over recent months to reach a framework agreement between Iraq and the European Investment Bank, which lays the legal foundations necessary for the latter to finance some public and private sector projects in Iraq. The efforts of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Brussels have culminated recently in reaching a draft agreement sent by the embassy, and through official channels, to the relevant Iraqi authorities, for the purpose of studying it and making observations on it in preparation for obtaining the fundamental approvals to sign it between the Iraqi and European sides.

A framework agreement

He explained in the speech of Iraq, during the hypothetical event organized by the European Investment Bank with the head of the Asia Department, Mr. Edwards Pomistinas, and the concerned officials in the draft agreement in the European Investment Bank, with the head of the negotiating delegation of the Republic of Iraq on concluding a framework agreement with the European Investment Bank.

Al-Rikabi indicated in his speech that many countries of the world need to invest more than ever before in a world torn apart by conflict, divided by hate speech, threatened by the spread of epidemics and diseases, and by the forces of evil and extremism robbed of its security and peace.

European Union

Al-Rikabi expressed his happiness with the participation of the European Investment Bank in providing support to partner countries in various fields, especially since Iraq is the most prominent partner of the European Union and is now in the reconstruction phase, and that the European Investment Bank, as one of the main tools of the European Union to support the partner countries, is fully prepared to provide all Possible assistance to Iraq. ”

Ambassador Al-Rikabi explained in an interview with Al-Sabah that “the European Investment Bank is a non-profit bank established by the member states of the Union, with the aim of providing the necessary capital to finance important investment projects inside and outside the countries of the Union in various sectors.”

Financial capabilities

With regard to Iraq and its relationship with the European Union and its institutions, Iraq has a cooperation and partnership agreement concluded with the European Union that included many provisions related to activating political and economic cooperation between the two sides and that putting these provisions into effect requires the existence of a legal framework that organizes the foundations, tools and mechanisms necessary for this, and that the agreement The discussion is one of those important tools that will contribute to activating economic and investment cooperation between the two sides and benefit from the expertise and financial and technical capabilities of the European side in the banking, financial and investment field, and that there is an urgent need to sign an agreement with the European Investment Bank, for the purpose of providing the necessary legal basis for the bank’s practice.

European direct investment, through financing or lending to public and private sector projects or indirect, through investment in the Iraqi stock market.  LINK

Consensus To Move Towards Creating An Attractive Environment For Money And Technology

Tuesday 06 April 2021   75  Baghdad: Hussein Thahab, the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the United Arab Emirates, reflected a great interaction with the openness of Iraq regionally and internationally, and serious desires to communicate with Iraq, as the UAE took the initiative to pump 3 billion dollars in investments into the Iraqi labor market.

Adviser to the Prime Minister, Dr. Hussein Allawi said in an interview with Al-Sabah that “the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the United Arab Emirates was important, and it worked to strengthen the bonds of the relationship and target the development discourse. Iraq and infrastructure development. ”

Community security

He pointed out that “the promising projects with Emirati companies in the energy, electricity, transportation and housing sector are strategic projects that the Iraqi government is working to promote, in order to provide job opportunities for young people in Iraq and improve the working environment of the Iraqi economy, especially since today we need technology and project management techniques,” Here, we must develop the concept of community security to develop the community environment incubating investment in the Iraqi governorates. ”

Sealing relationships

Member of the Businessmen Union, Haitham Naim Al-Mayali, said in an interview with Al-Sabah that “consolidating the Iraqi regional and international relations represents an important and important step that requires employing it in a manner that achieves the highest benefit for the national economy, especially with the presence of international desires to communicate with Iraq, which has a renewed job market that accommodates Local, regional and international efforts. ”

Al-Mayali added, “The initiative of the United Arab Emirates to pump $ 3 billion into the Iraqi labor market represents a first step that reflects the international desire to be in Iraq and invest the money, and here we must work towards creating an attractive work environment for investments and support for the development of the national economy.” He pointed out that “the next stage must be different, and efforts should be directed towards supporting local and international investments.”

Emirati convergence

Editor-in-chief of the Emirati website Rum News Khaled Mohammed said in a press interview: “There is an evolution in relations between the UAE and Iraq and the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the Emirates, to confirm the extent of the UAE-Gulf rapprochement with Iraq, as we can indicate that by agreement to open a direct airline.

With Abu Dhabi, starting next month, and supporting the investment sector with 3 billion dollars, and this means strengthening Iraqi cooperation with its Arab surroundings, “pointing out” the importance of finding in Iraq an investment environment that attracts various investments. ”   LINK

Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim, The Korean Ambassador: Iraq Offers Many Promising Investment Opportunities

Time: 04/06/2021 12:53:12 Read: 1,677 times   {Politics: Al-Furat News} The head of the Iraqi coalition, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, discussed with the South Korean ambassador to Iraq, Jang Keunk Aok, developments in the political scene in Iraq and the region, and a review of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Seoul.

A statement of his office, of which the Euphrates News Agency received a copy, stated that, in contrast to the meeting, “the necessity of strengthening cooperation between the two friendly countries in a way that serves their common interests.”

Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim explained “the importance of investing experiences and exchanging experiences,” praising “the Korean experience in the field of construction and services.”

He said, “Iraq offers many promising opportunities in the field of investment.”   LINK

The Dollar Continues To Rise In Iraq

Time: 04/06/2021 10:19:37 Read: 5,460 times  {Economic: Al Furat News} The exchange rate of the dollar rose in Iraq today, Tuesday.   Today, the Baghdad Stock Exchange recorded a rise and recorded 1469.5 dinars per dollar, or 146 thousand and 950 dinars for one hundred dollars.  The exchange rate in Baghdad yesterday was 1468 dinars.   In Basra, the dollar rose to 1,470 dinars, or 147,000 dinars for one hundred dollars. In Erbil, the dollar rose to 1470.5 dinars, or 147 thousand and 500 dinars.

Higher Councils

Tuesday 06 April 2021   52 Thamer Al-Himas calls are repeated from time to time to establish a higher council for the private sector and a supreme council for electronic governance. These are legitimate calls, in light of the decline in performance and the delay of thousands of projects, for several reasons.

The question is if all economic and administrative performance is linked to the prime minister’s office, as is related to the current administration, then will we see under it, which councils performance is limited and directly related to projects and their direct administrations, passing through all relevant institutions, or whether these parties have their representatives in the councils or through the Ministry of Planning Or the concerned ministry?

It is a process in this case becoming an escape for the imam, and the higher councils will not be Moses’s stick to carry out the activities for which they are formed. Rather, they will join other special ranks or they will be isolated, and thus the expansion of agencies and advisors, and according to experience, was not encouraging.

Which means a return to the principles of management, which are guided by the principle of management by achieving goals, and the principle of the right man in the right place, as the one who establishes these principles as an infrastructure for work and good performance is the Federal Service Council, with its members and presidency linked to their mission and goals first and foremost like the Federal Court, independently in implementation and decision.

From here, governance has a solid base, and this is how the private sector proceeds, shortening the way, armed with the law and the administrative pathways defined by one window, which is the Ministry of Planning, but we also have to prepare the private sector, by asking whether the right man is in his place, in unions, councils, unions and associations, and is there transparency in The elections that took place, and are they any private sector leaders who have their strategy that unifies the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors in a unified rhythm, even though as it is known that they do not have a pressure parliamentary lobby as holders of constitutional and legal interests?

The proposed councils for the private sector and governance, we do not expect them to succeed as they compete with parliamentary committees, the Ministry of Planning and advisory bodies, as they do not constitute a substitute for them and do not integrate with them, especially since they have become official, and the references of each of them are different.

Openness And Investment

Tuesday 06 April 2021   115  Ali Hassan Al-Fawaz   Political openness means in its most effective aspects the effectiveness of economic openness and consolidation of the pillars of state building in which the political affairs do not separate from the economic affairs from interdependence, interaction and communication. The real thing, which will be the great support for the national political project.

The complexity in the nature of the Iraqi political problems, and the absence of the collective will of the political parties is reflected in one way or another on any treatment related to the economy, society, services, culture and health, as these problems often amplify and turn into obstacles to the issuance of laws and decisions, and about the failure to address the manifestations of failure and corruption and the weakness of managing other files

And perhaps the delay that occurred before the approval of the federal budget for the current year reveals the nature of these crises and their pressures, and their impact in the face of political challenges, especially as we are facing urgent national and developmental entitlements, and at the gates of early elections that require an effective and safe political environment, just as they require a horizon that anticipates the importance of The change in the pattern of political administration, and in dealing with the economic crisis that has manifested itself for seventeen years.

Searching for an investment environment at home or abroad represents a correct procedure, and a courageous step that reflects the awareness of responsibility, just as it reflects the importance of this research being at the level of ambition, and within the strategic vision that requires political awareness and support,

as well as the presence of the will that owns the decision, which is what happened during visits Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, which carried political and economic messages at the same time, to open horizons and more effective relations, and to create a regional environment far from axes and conflicts, which has guarantees of success, and its ability to achieve regional security in which everyone participates,

In a way that meets their successful ambitions, at the level of alleviating the hype of crises, and at the level of transforming the region into an attractive environment for investments, and for strengthening the orders of political, economic and security relations in a way that serves the collective interests,

and strengthens societal and sovereign security paths, as well as finding rational solutions to conflicts in the region away from external interference And the exaggeration of the militarization tendencies that our region has become one of the most obsessed with buying weapons, and aggravating ethnic problems, and the most bloody and violent regional wars.

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