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The Economic Committee: It Takes Time To Deal With The Exchange Rate Hike

Saturday 24th April 2021  150   Baghdad: Wissam Al-Mulla   The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee indicated, on Friday, that the treatment of the exchange rate increase needs time.

A member of the committee, Salem Al-Tufayli, told “Consent”: “The real treatments for the exchange rate increase need time for market stability.”

He added, “Many MPs demanded a reduction in the dollar price, not at the previous rate, but rather gradually so that the citizen would not be affected economically,” noting that “the citizen with a limited income and the poor was affected by the change of the exchange rate.”

He pointed out that “the budget supported the private sector and large projects in order to attract part of the workforce so that there would be a work movement and that his committee presented a program and recommendations to the Prime Minister that included supporting the private, agricultural and industrial sectors,” explaining that “Iraq has all the infrastructure to improve the agricultural and industrial reality, but We need honest and efficient hands. ”   LINK

The Mineral Investment Law Is Ready To Be Presented To The Presidency Of Parliament

Saturday 24th April 2021   258  Baghdad: Morning   The Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee is preparing to present the mineral investment law to the Presidency of Parliament in order to include it on the agenda for the first and second readings.

Committee member Nada Shaker Jawdat told Al-Sabah: “The law has been completed by 90%, and it is a law that deals with how to invest all minerals in the country, except for oil that is covered by a special law.” She added that “the law has been working on it continuously, and those concerned with it, geologists and others, have been hosted.”   LINK

Measures To Deter Price Manipulative Traders

Saturday 24th April 2021   199   Baghdad: Wafa Amer   Baghdad governorate formed a committee to follow up the deterrent legal measures against traders manipulating prices during the holy month of Ramadan, stressing that it will take measures to limit its rise.

Governor Muhammad Jaber Al-Atta told Al-Sabah: “The governorate has thoroughly studied the market’s situation and observed that many merchants raised the prices of foodstuffs and goods significantly, which led to the inability of those with limited incomes to cover their needs during the holy month of Ramadan.”

On the sixth of this month, the government decided to open the door to importing foodstuffs for a specific period to be agreed upon, to counter rising prices, while it directed the formation of a team to monitor prices in the markets.

Al-Atta pointed out that “the governorate and in light of this formed a committee to follow up the price hikes that some greedy and benefactor traders are doing,” warning that “manipulating citizens’ sustenance will be confronted with the force of law and the judiciary, through vigorous and continuous monitoring of economic security detachments.

He explained that “the committee will take measures to limit the rise in prices and manipulate them to avoid exploiting the crisis of the rise of the dollar,” calling on traders in the province “not to manipulate prices or raise them against the background of the high exchange rate of the dollar.”   LINK

Planning: Low Average Per Capita GDP

Saturday 24th April 2021   91   Baghdad: Morning  The Ministry of Planning announced a decrease in the per capita gross domestic product during the year 2020, compared to the year 2019, attributing the decrease to the decline in oil prices, in addition to the state of economic contraction as a result of being affected by the Corona pandemic.

It reached (198) trillion and (700) billion dinars, which is less than what it reached in the year 2019, as it reached (277) trillion in the aforementioned year, and (800) billion dinars. For the year 2019, it reached (7) million and (100) thousand dinars, but in 2020 it decreased to (4) million and (900) thousand dinars.

Al-Hindawi explained that «the process of calculating the gross domestic product is carried out in two ways, the first is the method of net production (value added), as the domestic product consists of production, minus the requirements, and the second method is the method of entry based on the premise that all gross domestic product is distributed As rewards for factors of production and allocations of extinction as a result of their contribution to the production process, and include compensation of workers, wages, salaries and benefits, ”pointing out that“ the average per capita share of national income is achieved by dividing the amount of national income by the number of population. ”

He indicated that «the Central Statistical Organization depends in the process of calculating national income and gross domestic product on data obtained from state institutions, statistical surveys of large industrial establishments, water and electricity statistics, budget laws, prices and indices, reports of crops, vegetables, dates and poultry.

In the same context, Minister of Planning Khaled Battal al-Najm said that “the average age of the population in Iraq has increased in recent years. As a result of an overall improvement in public health, nutrition and the standard of living. ”

Al-Najm added, during his presidency of the first meeting of the National Committee for Population Policies in Iraq formed under the Diwani Order 43 of 2021, that Iraq is witnessing large population increases, not commensurate with the size of resources, especially with the expansion of the youth segment among the segments of the population, which should be transformed into a lever.

And the minister pointed out that population policies are directly related to human development, and this calls for developing skills to be able to formulate population policies according to an economic vision.   LINK

The Cabinet Calls For Digital Transformation And The Creation Of Smart Cities

Saturday 24th April 2021   83  Baghdad: Morning  The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Naeem Al-Ghazi, called for an effective contribution to the process of digital transformation, development of the e-governance program and the establishment of smart cities in Iraq.

During his meeting with the President of Huawei in the Middle East, Charles Yang, he added, “The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers has reached advanced stages in the e-governance program. ».

He pointed out, “the need to expedite sending experts and specialists to Iraq to start bilateral meetings in the presence of members of the Supreme Committee for Electronic Governance, as well as Iraq’s desire to open a special academy to train and develop the skills of Iraqi employees working on the program.”

The president of the company expressed his happiness at opening horizons of cooperation in the digital field, that there is a real desire to work in Iraq to develop electronic programs and develop skills, and that the company is able to provide the required advice, praising the experiences and competencies of Iraqi youth in the digital field, by obtaining advanced positions in the Middle East and the world. In the competitions and courses organized by the company during the past years.   LINK

Al-Shammari: The Currency Auction Sales Of The Dollar At Its New Price Have Become Higher

Time: 04/24/2021 14:25:49 Read: 4,043 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} A member of the political bureau of the National Wisdom Movement, Fadi Al-Shammari, called on the parliament to be held accountable for “disastrous economic decisions.”

Al-Shammari said in an interview with the Al-Furat News Agency, “The government and the Minister of Finance say that changing the exchange rate stopped foreign currency smuggling and that the myth of the auction is gone forever !!”

He added that “sales at the currency auction have become daily averages above 200 million dollars {higher than before} and the exchange rate is above 1480 dinars.”

Al-Shammari noted that, “Yesterday, the Ministry of Planning announced an increase in inflation to 5 percent with high rates of poverty !!! Where does Parliament stand to be held accountable for these disastrous decisions for the country !!”.

He asked, “When will the Presidency of Parliament set the date for the questioning of the central bank governor, who was postponed due to the well-known political forces breaking the quorum and protecting the new governor ?!” Suspect   LINK

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