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European Union: The Devaluation Of The Dinar Should Have Taken Place A Long Time Ago

European Union Ambassador to Iraq Martin Haute:  Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad   The Ambassador of the European Union in Iraq, Martin Hutt, stressed that Iraq needs a structural reform in the economy, noting that the devaluation of the dinar should have been done a long time ago because it would make Iraq’s economy more competitive.

In an interview with Al-Sabah newspaper, which was seen by Al-Iqtisad News, Hot said, “The emergence of ISIS and the demonstrations that took place in October 2019 shed light on the need for serious structural reform in the oil-dependent economy while fighting rampant corruption and the lack of job opportunities,” explaining that it launched This week, a joint initiative between the European Union and Germany to develop the private sector.

He added that the European Union, as a long-term partner of Iraq, remains committed to supporting development and cooperation priorities for the benefit of the Iraqi people, pointing out that targeting diplomatic missions inside Iraq and civil airports leads to alienation of foreign investors.

And he indicated that the white paper outlines difficult but necessary reform steps towards achieving a diversified and dynamic economy, noting that the devaluation of the dinar should have taken place a long time ago because it would make Iraq’s economy more competitive.

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A Slight Decrease In The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar In The Local Markets

Economie| 12:19 – 04/08/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The dollar exchange rates recorded, on Wednesday, a slight decline in the main stock exchange and local markets in the capital, Baghdad.

The dollar exchange rate fell on the Central Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad, today, recording 147,750 dinars, for each $100 bill.

The prices of buying and selling the dollar also decreased in exchange companies and local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price reached 148,250 dinars per $100 bill, while the purchase price was 147,250 dinars for each $100 bill. Ended 29/A 4

The Iraqi Stock Exchange Reveals The Number Of Shares Traded During The Last Month

Economie| 10:43 – 04/08/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Iraqi Stock Exchange revealed, on Wednesday, that 6 billion shares were traded, with a financial value of more than 8 billion dinars, during the month of July.

The market stated in a report seen by / Mawazine News /, that “the number of companies whose shares were traded during July amounted to 62 joint-stock companies, and the shares of 23 companies were not traded due to the difference in the prices offered from those requested by investors, while 18 companies continued to be suspended for not providing disclosure out of 103 companies.” listed on the market.

He added that “the number of traded shares amounted to 6 billion and 17 million and 761 thousand shares, with a financial value of 8 billion and 915 million dinars, through the implementation of 4377 deals,” noting that “the ISX60 traded price index closed at 575 points, recording an increase of 0.3% from its closing in previous session.

He pointed out that “the number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors for the month of July amounted to 657 million shares, with a financial value of 1.797 billion dinars, through the circulation of 13 joint-stock companies, while the number of shares sold from non-Iraqi investors reached 347 million shares, with a financial value of 1.528 billion dinars through Trading in 9 joint stock companies. Ended 29/A 4

Central Bank Sales Of Hard Currency Increased

Economie| 02:44 – 04/08/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News:   The Central Bank of Iraq’s sales of hard currency recorded, on Wednesday, a remarkable increase, reaching more than 220 million dollars.

Today, the Central Bank’s auction of buying and selling foreign currencies witnessed an increase in its sales by 6.51% to reach 229 million and 822 thousand and 485 US dollars.

The purchases amounting to 193 million and 342 thousand and 485 dollars went to enhance balances abroad in the form of remittances and credits, while the remaining amount of 36 million and 840 thousand dollars went in cash.

Thirty-five banks responded to requests to enhance balances abroad, and 13 banks to meet cash requests, in addition to the participation of 15 exchange companies.

Learn About Iraq’s Ranking In The List Of The Largest Gold Reserves In The World

Economie| 11:42 – 04/08/2021  Follow-up – Mawazine News  The World Gold Council announced, on Wednesday, that the United States of America ranked as the largest country in gold reserves for the first half of 2021, indicating that Iraq ranked 39th globally.

In a table of 100 countries with the largest gold reserves reviewed by Mawazine News, the council stated that “the United States took the lead in the largest gold reserves in the world during the first half of 2021, with reserves amounting to 8.133 thousand tons, followed by Germany second with 3,359 thousand tons. Italy came third with 2,451 thousand tons, and then France with 2,436 thousand tons.

He added, “Russia came fifth with 2,292 thousand tons, China sixth with 1,948 thousand tons, Switzerland came seventh with 1,040 thousand tons, Japan ranked eighth with 846 tons, India came ninth with 705 tons, and the Netherlands tenth with 612 tons.”

As for the Arab world, Saudi Arabia came first and ranked 18 globally with a reserve of 323 tons, followed by Lebanon in second place and 20 globally with 286 tons, Algeria third and 26 globally with a reserve of 173 tons, then Libya fourth and 34th globally with a reserve of 116 tons, while Iraq ranked fifth and 39th globally, with a reserve of 96.3 tons.” Ended 29/A4

The US Embassy Sets A Condition For Reopening Its Consulate In Basra

Political  | 03:43 – 04/08/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The US embassy in Iraq set, on Wednesday, a condition for reopening its consulate in Basra Governorate.

The US ambassador, Matthew Tueller, confirmed the possibility of reopening its consulate in Basra in the future if the facts under which it was closed and the factors and reasons changed, some of which are security and others material.

He added, that the decision to close the consulate in Basra came due to the security situation in the province, in addition to the material costs that were among the factors under which Washington made its decision to close the process, which means that reopening requires the absence of the reasons for the closure for the purpose of making another decision regarding the future of that consulate. finished 29/h