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An Economic Expert To / NINA /: The Baghdad Conference Will Contribute To Attracting Gulf Investments To Iraq

Saturday 28 August 2021 12:03 | Economic Number of readings: 323  Baghdad / NINA / – The economic expert Safwan Qusay confirmed: “The Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership will contribute to restoring confidence in the Iraqi state and attracting Gulf investments to Iraq.”

Qusay said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “Iraq seeks through the Baghdad Conference 2021 to open a window for partnership and integration with neighboring countries and regional and international partners. It is clear that there is a great opportunity to support the project of political, security and economic stability.”

He pointed out that “the presence of this high-level representation in Iraq and the presence of an Iraqi government mentality that operates with an investment mentality, will support Iraq’s obtaining its natural position for its reconstruction in the field of energy, agriculture, infrastructure and investment of the geographical location, and most importantly restoring confidence in the Iraqi state because this will contribute to attracting Gulf investments to the lands.” Iraqi”.

He added, “Iraq has untapped resources in all sectors, which can be invested to stimulate the gross domestic product to reach 500 billion dollars annually.”

And the economic expert continued: “We believe that Iraq deserves its global economic position that places it among the 20 largest countries in the world, if it is thought to develop the economic interests of these countries in Iraq and work towards strategic integration with the new partners.”/ End 8

Security And The Economy, The Prominent Attendees At The Baghdad Conference

Saturday 28 August 2021  237   Baghdad: Omar Abdul Latif   And Muhannad Abdel Wahab

Professors in political science, analysts and experts in security and economic affairs considered the “Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership” an important event for Iraq and the region, and while they stressed that security and the economy would be the most prominent attendees at the conference,

they expressed their hope to achieve positive results that contribute to moving the issue of reconstruction and reconstruction in The country, as well as raising security coordination between the countries represented in the conference, will clearly reflect on the stability in Iraq as well as the countries of the region.

Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Baghdad, Dr. Jassem Hariri, said: “All the countries participating in the summit hope to conclude security agreements to exchange intelligence information by forming a joint data bank in which intelligence information that threatens the internal security of Iraq and neighboring countries will be raised, and to exchange experiences in investigation, forensic evidence and data. Information for all suspects and handing them over to the party whose nationality belongs to him to obtain his just punishment.

He added in an interview with “Al-Sabah”, that “one of the desired goals of the summit is to involve members of the Iraqi security services of all kinds in courses to combat terrorism and the possibility of their application in Iraq, and to benefit from technical devices in neighboring countries to monitor terrorists and detect explosives and radiation detectors for people and place them at border crossings as a kind of joint security prevention.

Security Reality

For his part, political analyst Ziad al-Arar stressed the importance of this conference, noting in an interview with “Al-Sabah” that “convening the conference comes to support Iraq, especially in the fight against ISIS, as there will be a severe impact on the general situation in Iraq, especially the security of it, because it can To benefit from this conference by enhancing its intelligence capabilities through cooperation with important countries such as France, Japan, Germany and other countries that may attend as observers.

Al-Arar added that “through this conference, Iraq can conclude important bilateral agreements with neighboring countries and benefit from their capabilities, whether Arab or neighboring,” noting that “if Iraq takes advantage of the presence of these countries in the conference in a positive way, it can cast a shadow on the security and economic fields.” “.

In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Abbas Sarout, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The Baghdad conference will be important for Iraq because it includes all neighboring countries and its repercussions will be positive,” noting that “the security file will be present for discussion as it is a common file that does not concern Not only Iraq, but all the countries of the region.”

Sarout added, “There is comprehensive cooperation that will push out in this aspect because the security challenges are common, especially since ISIS terrorist gangs do not pose a threat only to Iraq, but to all countries in the region, and therefore we believe that this file will be present at the meeting.”

Regarding the possibility of addressing the Turkish bombing of northern Iraq during the conference, Sarout confirmed by saying: “The Turkish bombing of Iraqi lands is a violation of national sovereignty and causes loss of life, which is unacceptable,” noting that “the issue could be discussed during the conference, in addition to other files, including the file Water between Iraq, Turkey, Iran and other sovereign files.

In the same context, security analyst Ahmed Al-Sharifi said: “Talking about security in Iraq is an integral part of talking about regional security, and therefore the conference is very important in achieving regional security.”

He added that “there is an agreement that there will be integration in the management of resources and energies in achieving regional security with joint cooperation among the countries of the region, as well as calming the regionally antagonistic parties, and this will contribute to regional support.”

In addition, analyst and security expert, Fadel Abu Ragheef, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “There is security coordination, and it is expected that the Baghdad conference will come out with important security recommendations that support regional security.”

He stressed that “Iraq represents an inexhaustible reservoir of security information in the framework of counter-terrorism efforts, and it can provide these countries with more addresses and names of those wanted on charges of terrorism,” noting that “Iraq’s security and technical support in return in the field of communications will be reflected on the security of Iraq and the region.”

Regarding the prospects for signing agreements during the conference, Abu Ragheef stressed that “certainly there will be bilateral security agreements between Iraq and other countries separately, since Iraq is linked to land and water borders with multiple and riparian countries.”

As for the security and military expert, Sarmad Al-Bayati, he pointed out that “the issue of security has become a preoccupation for Iraq and the countries of the region, most of which suffer from security problems as a result of terrorist threats.”

He added, “Coordination in controlling the borders between Iraq and neighboring countries must be present and agreed upon within the conference. The smuggling of weapons and ISIS must be stopped, and it must be given priority in the Iraqi government’s conversation with neighboring countries.” neighborhood and to find real cooperation.”

Economy and Reconstruction

On the other hand, parliamentarians and specialists confirmed that the results of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership will be positively reflected in Iraq’s economic future.

The representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Diyar Barwari, said in an interview with Al-Sabah: “Through the diplomatic campaign with all countries of the world, and neighboring countries in particular, Iraq is trying to restore some of its political capabilities at the level of foreign and diplomatic policy, which is the approach of a prime minister’s government. Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in aspiration to create balanced relations with neighboring countries and countries with influence in the international decision.

He added, “Iraq can be present in the arena of conflicts in the region instead of being far from the equation, so it is trying to be present in a positive way in addressing the issues of the region.”

He continued, “If the government provides the appropriate ground for Iraq to be a bridge or an arena for political consensus for the countries of the region, it will facilitate work on building joint economic, social, security and political projects,” noting that “it is possible with a clear strategy for action that the conference invests in the interest of the Iraqi people,

In addition to providing the requirements of economic partnership and facing the threat of Corona and the global economic recession due to it and the drop in oil prices, there will also be opportunities for cooperation and creating an atmosphere and economic partnership between the countries of the region to overcome crises.

Berwari pointed out that “it is possible for Iraq to create successful economic partnerships, but it depends on the orientation and goals. The Iraqi economy in general, therefore, Iraq must have an active role in the region, and among its main priorities is the public interest.”

For his part, the economic expert Osama Al-Tamimi said in an interview with “Al-Sabah”, that “the effects of Corona during 2019 and 2020 hit the global economy and were a major reason for the drop in oil prices, and the “OPEC Plus” agreement had a positive role in restoring oil prices, and after the effects of the effects eased. Corona began to spin the wheel of the global economy to recover, and oil prices returned, although they are now volatile, but they will rise in the last quarter of this year for $75.”

He added that “Iraq needs regional and international support, and the conference, which will be held today, Saturday, with the participation of France and other countries, is of great importance to activate the regional and international partnership, and in order to do these partnerships we need to send messages of reassurance to the Arab, regional and international world.”

He pointed out that “Iraq will reap a political gain by playing a major pivotal role in converging the views between the various international powers, whether it is Iran on one side or the United States of America on the other, according to economic interests, and since Iraq needs to establish many economic projects that can be We reach consensus on investing money and establishing strategic projects, and through this gate, Iraq enters the gateway to reconstruction through solid companies and capitals.

Al-Tamimi pointed out that “economic openness to the regional and international worlds needs conditions, including addressing administrative corruption, overcoming economic routine, reconsidering the investment law in a way that guarantees the rights of companies and transferring their profits abroad, in addition to providing a security, legal and economic environment that will transfer Iraq.” To the forefront of countries in which global capital invests.

And he indicated that “the conference is an investment opportunity for Iraq and it must invest it to strengthen the economy and enter the gateway to the economic world away from the politics of regional and international axes, and the evidence for this is that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi wants to bring the Iranian, Saudi and American views closer to solve the problems that affect Iraq’s economic future, which is What affects Iraq in two directions (the political) is that it will be the main player in the region politically, and (the economic) by opening the investment gate, entering companies and reconstruction.”

A member of the Parliamentary Economy Committee Falah Al-Khafaji told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “the Baghdad Summit for Cooperation and Partnership will mark a new turning point in Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries and the whole world,” noting that “this summit will be very important for the aspirations of the Iraqi people and the current government, which will come after it.”

He added, “We count a lot on this summit in terms of economy, security, consensus and harmony between the converging and neighboring countries with Iraq, as well as the countries of the world, and we hope for all the best in this summit.”

Al-Khafaji added, “It is possible to open prospects for relations, and this will lead to trade agreements and trade expansion with all countries and open horizons with countries and with heads of state, and thus it will be a good and safe passage for trade relations with all countries of the world, especially these countries that will participate in this summit.” “The countries that will participate in the summit are countries that are close to Iraq, friendly and supportive.”

Al-Khafaji indicated that “this summit will have positive, economic and investment results for Iraq in terms of neighboring countries and the major countries of the world.”

While the economic expert Bassem Antoine stressed that “there are wide commercial relations with neighboring countries, and the private sector will play its role in these relations,” noting that “the greatest ambition of all neighboring countries is for Iraq to remain a market for the disposal of goods and products of other countries.”

He explained that “the expansion of trade exchange will be in coordination with neighboring countries, especially Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Egypt, with the electrical connection in order for Iraq to reduce its dependence on other countries,” noting that “this represents an incentive to obtain continuous electrical energy.”

He pointed out that “the most important thing that emerges from the summit is coordination and economic cooperation and the creation of another new entanglement for the purpose of marketing goods and merchandise and trade exchange,” stressing “the need to achieve justice through distribution and mutual benefits, and that Iraq should not be a market for these products.”

While the economic analyst Mufid Al-Saidi noted that “the neighboring countries summit is also a new turning point in the Iraqi foreign policy, and it is a positive point that must be invested in the right direction in order to bring the views of the neighboring countries closer and transfer the Iraqi reality and part of the Iraqi experience.” To those countries so that Iraq will be a point of convergence, not a point of intersection.”

He stressed that “if this summit is properly invested, it will go towards other policies of intersections and be a turning point, and this will positively reflect on the economic and commercial reality in addition to the political reality that exists today in the Iraqi arena,” explaining that “according to the information, more than one agreement will be signed at the summit, including the linkage.” electric”.

For his part, political analyst Hamza Mustafa stated, “The Baghdad Conference on Partnership and Cooperation will focus on several matters, including important files, including the economic, commercial and investment aspects between the participating countries, as they are linked to relations, common interests, and varying resources among them, which could lead to their integration.” at different levels.”

He added, “The most important thing is to provide the political ground for these countries, especially those that have political and diplomatic tensions,” noting that ”

He explained that “Iraq seeks to diversify its commercial sources, and this is what the conference will provide after achieving the appropriate ground for that,” noting that “Iraq needs economic partnerships such as industrial cities and agricultural and oil investments that will have significant returns after completing all the procedures for this through the conference, which It will establish a platform for moving forward on the economic, political and security levels.”    LINK

Jordan’s King: Strong Iraq Is A Pillar Of Economic Integration

Politica  l| 02:00 – 28/08/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News, Jordan’s King Abdullah II affirmed, today, Saturday, that the meeting at the Baghdad summit is evidence of Iraq’s central role, stressing that it represents a pillar of economic integration.

In his speech during the launch of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, which was followed by Mawazine News, Abdullah said, “The security and stability of Iraq is one of our security and stability for all of us,” noting that “Iraq has been working hard for years to consolidate the state of the constitution and the law.”

He pointed out that “supporting Iraq is a priority, and that the Baghdad meeting reflects our keenness on the rule of law and support for Iraq in its path,” stressing that “Iraq is working hard to consolidate the rule of law and the supremacy of the constitution and stimulate the hopes and aspirations of its people.”

He added, “We announce our support for Iraq’s efforts to combat extremism and terrorism and to promote territorial integrity and stability, and that Iraq’s security and stability is security for us, and Iraq’s prosperity is our goal.”  He stressed that “Iraq represents a pillar of economic integration.” Ended 29/A 43

Dollar Exchange Rates In Local Markets

Market Economy News _ Baghdad  The exchange rates of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar decreased slightly, today, Saturday, in the local markets.

Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya Central Stock Exchanges in Baghdad recorded this morning 147,400 Iraqi dinars for 100 US dollars.   The price of the dollar last Thursday was 147,450 dinars per $100.

It is noteworthy that buying and selling prices have stabilized in banking shops in the local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price amounted to 148000 Iraqi dinars, while the purchase prices amounted to 147000 dinars per 100 US dollars.  Views 107 Date Added 08/28/2021

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