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The Iraqi Government Receives International Recognition For The Elections

Political | 05:15 – 14/10/2021 Baghdad – Mawazine News: The spokesman for the Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture, Hassan Nazim, announced on Thursday that the Iraqi government has received international recognition for the public elections that took place last Sunday.

Nazim said in a press conference attended by / Mawazine News / that “the observations of some parties on the electoral process are legitimate and there is a law regulating objections.”

He added, “The government received praises for the integrity of the elections and international recognition for them.”

He continued: “Iraqis are moving through the electoral process to a new stage of the country’s democratic path.” Ended 29 / h

Al-Kazemi Considers That There Are No Losers In The Elections And Issues A Warning

Political | 03:25 – 14/10/2021 Baghdad – Mawazine News, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi considered that there is no loser in the parliamentary elections, while warning against trying to deviate from the legal contexts by dealing with the results.

Al-Kazemi said during today’s session of the Council of Ministers:

🔵 We have fulfilled our promise to hold the elections on time without recording any security and legal violations.

🔵 This is the first time that elections have been held without imposing a curfew, without the prime minister participating in a candidate.

🔵 We did not participate in the elections; Let’s give it integrity, credibility and confidence, and keep it away from any possible political pressure.

🔵 Elections are the core and spirit of the democratic process, and the Iraqi people, through their interaction with the electoral wedding, proved that they are keen on their future, and refuse to go back to the time of dictatorship and one opinion, and seek to build a bright future for future generations.

🔵 We, as a people, political forces and government, must join hands and cooperate, and translate the elections and their results in a practical way, away from promises and slogans, but rather by working hard; To correct mistakes by learning from our experiences and planning for a future worthy of a people that has its mark in the history of humanity.

🔵 We must adhere to our values and morals, and we must adhere to the logic of the state and its sovereignty, and cooperate in strengthening its presence, for there is no alternative to the logic of a sovereign state that secures the interests of its people.

🔵 The confidence of the international community and various countries in Iraq was reinforced by the elections that were conducted with the highest levels of integrity and transparency, away from any government interference or pressure.

🔵 I congratulate the winners and invite them to prepare to carry out their tasks with full energies, and for their work to be characterized by seriousness and good faith, and I also congratulate all participants in the electoral process.

🔵 In these elections there is no loser and everyone is a winner. Because the competition was in order to serve Iraq.

🔵 We must reconcile with ourselves, and with society, and open a new page in our political and social life.

🔵 I call on those who have an appeal to submit it, and follow the approved legal contexts and frameworks, and we call on the Commission and the judiciary to achieve the rights of all on an equal basis.

🔵 Yes, every entity or personality has the right to submit appeals, and the Commission must follow up on the appeals with all seriousness, and we warn against any attempt to deviate from the legal contexts in dealing with the election results.

🔵 We call on all the winning blocs to work together and cooperate in a high patriotic spirit to form the next government.

🔵 We will continue until then with our tasks and provide services to our honorable people, with full strength and energies.

🔵 The upcoming challenges are many, on top of which is the economic challenge, we have started work and look forward to completing these efforts by the next government, and with cooperation, solidarity and hard work, we can overcome all challenges.

US official: Those who wanted to boycott us lost the elections in Iraq

Political | 06:56 – 10/15/2021 Baghdad – Mawazine News The former US ambassador to Baghdad, Douglas Silliman, said on Friday that the political forces that bet on severing relations between the United States and Iraq lost in the recent parliamentary elections.

Silliman indicated in a television interview, which was followed by “Mawazine News”, that “the relationship of Iraq and America in the next stage depends on the orientations of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr,” adding that “Al-Sadr and those allied with him should take into account the demands of the October demonstrators to give Iraq an independent voice.” .

And Suleiman considered that “the caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, maintained his relations with America and Iran, and his foreign policy was acceptable.”

He added, “The Iraqi elections took place without violence, and the voters freely voted for the forces that want to focus on the Iraqi identity,” adding that “the elections produced new players,” referring to the forces emanating from the popular protests.

And he continued, “The Al-Fateh coalition, which wanted to sever the relationship between America and the Iraqi armed forces, lost the elections,” noting that “there are no legal challenges facing the elections so far.”

He added that “Al-Fateh and the state forces want to reject the elections as a whole without real justifications,” describing this situation as dangerous.

And Suleiman concluded, “I advise those negotiating with al-Sadr to make sure that the government he will lead or control will deal with America.”

A Big Jump In Oil Prices, And Brent Recorded $ 84.28 A Barrel

Economie| 08:29 – 10/15/2021 Follow-up – Mawazine News: Oil prices recorded, on Friday, a big jump, heading towards achieving weekly gains of more than two percent, amid increasing signs of a tight supply during the next few months. Brent crude futures rose 28 cents, or 0.3 percent, to $84.28 a barrel.

US West Texas crude contracts also rose 30 cents, or 0.4 percent, to $81.61 a barrel.

Analysts pointed to a sharp decline in oil stocks in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, to reach their lowest level since 2015.

Oil Prices Stabilized For The Second Day In A Row, To $84 A Barrel

Thursday 14 October 2021 15:24 | Economic Number of readings: 145 Baghdad / NINA / – Oil prices recorded stability for the second day in a row. In the latest update today, the price of Brent crude reached $83.33, while the price of the OPEC basket reached $82.37.

The price of a barrel (Arabian ultra-light) recorded $ 82.37, while the price of Basra Light crude was $ 81.93, and the heavy of it was $ 76.71./

World Food: Iraq Is Experiencing The Worst Drought In 40 Years

Money and business Economy News _ Baghdad The World Food Program ruled out, on Thursday, the existence of a crisis of acute malnutrition in Iraq, stressing that the lack of rain and drought that Iraq suffered during the last season is the first of its kind in the past 40 years.

The representative of the World Food Program in Iraq, Ali Reda Qureshi, said that “the country’s strategic plan for the World Food Program 2020-2024 outlined the support for Iraq, in close line with its vision for 2030,” noting that “the program added 39,000 displaced persons and refugees. from vulnerable cases and launched new “livelihood” programs in urban areas to those affected by the Corona epidemic.

Qureshi added, “The Iraqi economy was subjected to shocks, the first of which was the negative oil drop, affected by the repercussions of the Corona virus, as well as the depreciation of the Iraqi dinar last December, which further affected the food security of families in poor local communities.”

He continued, “The drought phenomenon due to lack of rainfall affected agricultural production, as the total grain production in Iraq decreased by 38%,” noting that “Nineveh Governorate suffered from failure in crop production and lost nearly 70% of its production for the wheat crop and all its production for the barley crop.” The grain production in the Kurdistan region has also been halved.

Qureshi revealed that “the World Food Program established in April of last year the Hunger Monitoring System in order to monitor the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on food security in Iraq, through the main food security indicators, individual prices of basic commodities and monitoring market functions,” stressing “more than 30 joint reports with the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Bank, after analyzing the data of this system.

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Electricity Reveals The Reason For The Decline In Energy Supply In Iraq

Energy Economy News _ Baghdad The Ministry of Electricity revealed, on Thursday, the main reason for the decline in the supply of electric power in Iraq, during the past few days.

The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Abadi, said in a press interview, “The quantities of gas arriving from the Iranian side to the electrical stations so far is 20 million standard cubic feet, which affected the production of electric power.”

Al-Abadi indicated that “the agreement signed with Iran provides for the supply of 70 million standard cubic feet in the summer and 50 million in the winter, but what reaches Iraq now is 20 million cubic meters, and these supplied quantities affected energy production, but the improvement in temperatures and the completion of maintenance of some obstetric units helped.” Maintaining the level of equipment for electrical clocks.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity added, “Negotiations and dialogues are continuing with the Iranian side to obtain higher quantities of gas.”

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