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Kufa Preacher: The Sadrists Are Around The Corner From Forming A National Government That Will Save Iraq

Friday 22 October 2021 14:26 | political  Number of readings: 161  Najaf / NINA / – The Friday preacher of the Kufa Mosque of the Sadrist movement, Kazem al-Husseini, criticized the attack against al-Sadr and the followers of the Sadrist movement, which he described as “unjust led by various pens and mouths in order to demonize the Sadrists and harm the reputation of their leader, stressing that the Sadrists are close to forming a national government.” Save Iraq.

Al-Husseini said in the Friday sermon he delivered in the Kufa Mosque that this attack is only because Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr is not in line with their systems that they have adapted to, but rather is against them, such as the coordination of foreign agendas, exposing Iraq’s wealth to theft, dividing its resources among several individuals, and weakening State institutions and their domestication, to protect the corrupt from the prosecution of the law.

Al-Husseini added, “Those who target Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr and the Sadrist movement with distortion and abuse, whether they are from the privileged owners and fiefdoms that they fear, or from their followers who adapted to this devastation and chaos.

in the dust, and he knew it and the world knew that the truly faithful Iraqi does not submit to humiliation and does not accept insulting the occupier, and in his thirties he broke the back of al-Qaeda and thwarted the project of pruning Shiites and their displacement from Baghdad to the south, and in his forties he broke the thorn of ISIS, and liberated from their desecration Jurf al-Sakhar, Amerli, and Samarra Tharthar Island, and others.

He continued: They also watched his charitable humanitarian projects, such as the free, discreet private schools project from primary to middle school in Najaf, Baghdad, and Qom city in Iran for the Iraqi community, the project to restore schools, and the project of the committee to save the property of the People of the Book from rapists, and activating the civil peace project among the clans of Iraq for the right to blood,

And the Compassion Project, which he launched at the time of the outbreak of the pandemic, and the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous project, the latest of which is the campaign to clean schools in preparation for receiving students in their new year, and they witnessed the discipline, courage and regularity of the Sadrist mass bases.

He explained: All these feats are admitted by the oppressors in secret, but they publicly turn a blind eye to them, out of envy from themselves, and the cauldrons of their chests are boiling with grudges, because the Sadrists are just around the corner from forming a national government that has nothing more important than saving Iraq from the clutches of ruin and corruption, and many of them know That, and he knows in general that a change for the better is possible if the Sadrist bloc forms the next government./End

For The Fourth Day, Thousands Of Protesters Continue Their Sit-In In Baghdad And The Provinces, In Rejection Of The Election Results

political| 11:18 – 22/10/2021  BAGHDAD – Mawazine News  correspondents, “Mawazine News” network, reported today, Friday, that a large number of protesters who reject the election results have flocked to the sit-in sites in Baghdad and a number of provinces, for the fourth consecutive day.

Our correspondents in Baghdad and the provinces said, “Thousands of protesters who reject the election results flocked in front of the Green Zone in the center of the capital, as well as in front of the offices of the Commission in the provinces, to demand the re-counting and manual counting of the electoral stations and the accountability of those responsible for fraud,” as they described.

The capital, Baghdad, and some provinces have witnessed demonstrations and sit-ins for about a week, in protest against the results announced by the Commission for the elections to the House of Representatives in its fifth session. Ended 29/A 4

Learn About The Dollar Exchange Rates In The Local Markets For Today

Economie| 10:59 – 22/10/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News  publishes / Mawazine News /, the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the Iraqi local markets for today, Friday.

The selling price of the dollar is 148,500 dinars for each $100 bill.

The purchase price of the dollar is 147,500 dinars for each $100 bill. Ended 29/A 4

Oil Prices Fell, And Brent Settled At $ 84.11 A Barrel

Economie| 10:31 – 22/10/2021   Follow-up – Mawazine News:  Oil prices fell, on Friday, with Brent crude preparing for its first weekly decline in seven weeks, as demand for oil products in power generation slowed amid the decline in coal and gas prices.

Brent crude futures fell 50 cents, or 0.6 percent, to $84.11 a barrel, to continue falling $1.21 in the previous session.

Brent touched a three-year high of $86.10 on Thursday, but was on track to fall 0.9% for the week, its first weekly decline since September 3.

US West Texas Intermediate crude futures fell 49 cents, or 0.6%, to $82.01 a barrel, after losing 92 cents Thursday.

And data from the US Energy Information Administration showed last Wednesday, that crude stocks in Cushing fell to 31.2 million barrels, the lowest level since October of 2018. Ended 29/A4

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