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A Former Parliamentarian Comments On The Statements Of The Minister Of Finance Regarding The Dollar: He Is Sitting In An Ivory Tower

Thursday, 25 November 2021 10:37 AM  Baghdad / National News Center   Today, Thursday, the dissolved member of the House of Representatives, Nada Al-Fartousi, commented on the statements of the Minister of Finance regarding the achievement of gains as a result of raising the price of the dollar, indicating that he is sitting in an ivory tower.

Al-Fartousi said in a press statement followed by the “National News Center”, “The Minister of Finance does not know anything about the situation of the Iraqi citizen, as he is sitting in an ivory tower and talking about raising the price of the dollar, which contributed to the rise in poverty rates in society and contributed to the rise in food prices, and who paid this tax is The simple citizen.

Al-Fartousi called on the Minister of Finance to “go down to the street and tour the residential neighborhoods to know what is happening in the country and what is the situation of the citizens,” noting that “the price of flour has reached high levels of price hikes, in addition to the rest of the foodstuffs.”

And she continued, “We gave advice to the government that if it was forced to raise the price of the dollar, it should establish cooperative markets in which all basic materials are provided to the citizen at subsidized prices, but no one responded to any proposal that would ease the citizen’s difficulty of living.”

And Finance Minister Ali Allawi said, earlier today, Wednesday, that the adjustment of the dollar exchange rate prevented the layoffs of thousands of employees.

For The Fifth Day..The Stability Of The Dollar Exchange Rates In The Local Markets

Economie| 10:39 – 25/11/2021  Baghdad – Mawazine News, the dollar exchange rates maintained their stability, in the local markets, for the fifth day in a row.

And the selling prices of the dollar recorded, on Thursday, 148.250 dinars per 100 dollars, while the purchase prices of the dollar recorded 147.750 dinars per 100 dollars.

And the Central Bank of Iraq decided earlier to adjust the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, as the purchase price of the dollar from the Ministry of Finance amounted to 1450 dinars, and its sale price to banks was set at 1460 dinars per dollar, while the selling price to the citizen is 1470 dinars per dollar. /b88

Iraq Stock Exchange.. More Than 9 Billion Shares Traded In A Week

Economie| 03:32 – 25/11/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Iraqi Stock Exchange organized during the fourth week of November 2021 five trading sessions from Sunday, 11/21, 2021 to Thursday, 25/11/2021.

A statement to the Iraq Stock Exchange stated, “The number of shares traded this week amounted to more than (9) billion shares,” noting that “the value of shares traded this week amounted to more than (Cool billion dinars.”

He added, “The trading index in the market for the first closing session of the week reached (575.61) points, while the index closed at the end of the week at (576.29), achieving an increase of 0.12% from its closing in the first session,” stressing that “during the week, more than From (4,300) contracts of sale and purchase on the shares of companies listed in the market.

Iraq Submits A Proposal To Compete With The World Economy

Thursday, 25 November 2021 2:02 PM  Baghdad / National News Center  Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Commerce announced that Iraq has submitted a proposal to form an economic bloc of three countries, indicating that the goal is to compete with the economies of the world.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Muhammad Hanoun, said in a statement to the official agency, followed by the “National News Center”, that “Iraq raised during the Economic Forum for Investment and Contracting in Turkey the importance of forming an economic bloc from the regional countries (Iraq, Turkey and Iran), indicating that” the aim of forming the bloc As an economic competitor that competes with the economies of the world because of the economic effects that these countries have.”

He explained, “Iraq presented its vision of forming an economic bloc to compete with economic developments and confront other blocs,” noting that “the region needs an economic bloc that possesses wealth, money and labor to compete with the world’s economies through an economic bloc capable of confronting economic blocs that already exist.”

He added, “Iraq, through the Ministry of Trade, put forward an idea in Turkey to form an economic bloc,” noting that “it will be presented in the form of a proposal through the Council of Ministers or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our commercial attaches, and communication will be made with countries in order to exchange ideas, information and how to form the bloc. What are the qualifications for the ability to face problems?

Hannoun added that “the Ministry of Commerce seeks for the economy to lead the policy, and therefore the economy today is the engine of the world’s economies, explaining that” the first step began in Turkey and was an Iraqi message that the economy must play a key role in political engines and a protection tool. The region, through compatibility with other blocs, needs resources and wealth in the region.”

He stated that “Iraq possesses great and enormous wealth that allows it to be a major economic player,” pointing out that “there are problems that have had a dimension of economic backwardness and the lack of a clear economic vision. First, towards strengthening economic relations, and then towards the world.”

Hanoun stressed, “the need for Iraq to return to an important economic player, and all indicators allow it to be able to compete and enter into one of the important axes that run the wheel of the economy in the world,” noting that “the Iraqi delegation in Turkey stressed the need for international companies to enter Iraq to invest to build Factories, importing machines and equipment, relying on the national product, self-capacity, and rehabilitating banks, and this was discussed in Turkey to benefit from the Turkish expertise.”

He explained, “Iraq needs well-thought-out decisions that have the ability to change through an economic policy that allows it to benefit from its experiences and the competencies of its children.”

العراق يقدم مقترح لمنافسة اقتصاد العالم

Al-Rafidain Announces 4% Interest On Savings Accounts

Banks    Economy News _ Baghdad   Rafidain Bank set, on Wednesday, the interest rates for savings accounts and fixed deposits for citizens who deposit their money in the bank.

The media office of the bank said in a statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that the bank announced granting the interest of saving accounts 4 percent to citizens in return for depositing their money with the bank.

The statement indicated that the bank granted the interest rate on fixed deposits for a period of six months to be 4.5 percent, and the interest rate on fixed deposits for a period of one year to be 5 percent, in addition to determining the interest rate on deposits for a period of two years to become 5.5 percent if the amount deposited is less than 50 One million and 6 percent if the amount is more than 50 million dinars.

The statement called on citizens wishing to open savings accounts to review its branches in Baghdad and the provinces, bringing with them identification documents.

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President Of The Republic: We Look Forward To International Support To Strengthen Reform Plans

Thursday 25 November 2021  228  Baghdad: morning   The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, discussed, during his reception, yesterday, Wednesday, the President of the Iraqi-British Business Council, Baroness Emma Nicholson, “the joint Iraqi-British relations and their strengthening in various fields, especially in the economic and commercial fields and encouraging investment opportunities in Iraq, and referring to the importance of the conference ( Together We Build Iraq), which was organized by the Iraqi-British Business Council, with government participation, in addition to companies and businessmen from both sides.

And Saleh stressed, in a presidential statement, that “Iraq looks forward to the support of friends in the international community and cooperation in order to strengthen its economy, carry out the necessary reforms in the financial and economic fields, support investment and the private sector through existing national reform plans, economic interdependence in the region, and ease political tensions.”    LINK


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