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What Is The Significance Of The Iraqi’s Tendency To Borrow In The 2022 Budget? .. A Government Advisor Answers

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 9:26 AM  Baghdad/National News Center  The financial and economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed that there is a provision for borrowing in the draft financial budget law for the year 2022.

Saleh said in a press statement: “The possibility of borrowing has been present in all of Iraq’s budgets since 2004 and until today as a hedge with a hypothetical deficit, due to the previous and current financial management law, which requires the financial authorities not to go to increase oil prices.”

He added, “Borrowing is placed in the budget as necessary, as was the case in the 2021 budget, which contained 29 trillion, but in practice there were no borrowing operations, adding that in the event that there is a financial deficit, then the allowance is allowed for the future.” He pointed out that borrowing in the budget is internal and external, but the government resorts to the internal for its ease and low risk.

The dashing adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs concerns about the new variable spread of the virus Corona {Omicron} and its impact on the economy in general, pointing out that the new pandemic would reduce oil prices, but there will be no full closures, as happened before the global economy, because the world adopted the pre-shutdown , and got great losses.

New Cabinet Decisions

Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers issued new decisions during its regular session held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, most notably authorizing the Opinion Committee in the Ministry of Education the authority to conduct the third round for the third intermediate grades or not.

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired the forty-sixth regular session of the Council of Ministers, during which the developments of events in the country were discussed, and topics on the agenda were discussed,” noting that “the Prime Minister reviewed at the beginning of the meeting. The session discussed political and security developments, and discussed a number of important issues in various fields, including the file of the economy and investment.

He added, “The Cabinet session witnessed a review of the epidemiological report, the measures taken to confront the Corona pandemic, and the developments in the work of the committee to strengthen government measures in the areas of prevention and health awareness control to limit the spread of the virus, and the efforts of the Ministry of Health to follow up on the latest developments of the pandemic, and to confront any possible epidemic wave.”

By providing the necessary supplies and treatments, in addition to continuing to secure vaccines with high flow in all governorates.  And he continued, “After discussing the topics on the agenda, the Council of Ministers issued the following decisions:

First / –  authorizing the opinion board in the Ministry of Education to conduct the third round for the third intermediate grades or not, and for this academic year only.

Second / –  Authorizing the Minister of Education to issue direct invitations to rehabilitate the central preparatory building, and to rehabilitate the Western Intermediate Building for Boys by sober specialized companies, with an exception to the contracting methods stipulated in the instructions for implementing government contracts.

Assigning the Ministry of Construction and Housing the authority to supervise the aforementioned rehabilitation.

Third / – Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Human Development (13 of 2021) to maintain and rehabilitate the Ministry of Education building.

Fourth / –  Activating Item (Second / Paragraph 1) of Cabinet Resolution (13 of 2019) regarding the unification of customs duties at border crossings, and emphasizing the exclusive authority of the Federal Government to implement the decision to protect the national product; Otherwise, the General Authority of Customs refrains from applying customs duties in the region, and goods not drawn from the General Authority of Customs are dealt with in accordance with the law.

Fifth / –  Waiver of the right of the federal government to collect the amounts of customs duties payable for government vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, based on the provisions of Article (46) of the Federal Financial Management Law (6 of 2019) as amended, and Cabinet Resolution (28 of 2020) ).

The Ministry of Youth and Sports shall submit a detailed table of the number of vehicles and their documents, with the determination of the amounts of fees imposed on them; So that the concerned authorities can take the appropriate measures in this regard.

Sixth: The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, directed the Joint Operations Command and the Ministry of Interior, with the aim of addressing the water scarcity situation that the country is going through, with the following:

– Commencement of a campaign to fill the bypassed rivers, in coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources, and through the forces deployed in all governorates.

– Removing irregular rotors, and lifting all pumps bypassing the irrigation system.

Not to allow any party outside the Ministry of Water Resources to interfere in these activities.

Planning: Establishing A Board Of Directors For Private Sector Development

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Planning announced the development of a plan to employ graduates from universities, while indicating the establishment of a board of directors for the development of the private sector.

Ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra Al-Hindawi told the Iraqi News Agency, “Iraqi universities and institutes graduate 200,000 people annually, as these enter the labor market in addition to non-graduates who reach the age of 18.”

He added, “These percentages are not small, with the governmental body swelling, the state institutions have become crowded with the number of employees to the extent that salaries and wages have taken the largest proportion of the annual budget, which amounts to 75%, which affected the expense of the development, investment and projects side.” .

He added, “The ideal solution, according to our plan that we are working on now, is to achieve a real partnership in providing jobs with the private sector, and this partnership should meet conditions, including providing an appropriate environment, reviewing previous laws and providing an environment for the private sector,” noting that ” The ministry has begun to create a strategic vision for the development of the private sector in Iraq and to achieve partnership through the establishment of a board of directors and private sector development.

He continued, “This council was recently established in a transitional phase headed by the Minister of Planning and the membership of representatives of the private sector and relevant government agencies, and which works for a year to provide the ground and work contexts, after which a permanent council is selected through elections or any other mechanism.”

He explained, “This council will have a major role in leading the private sector to reach the principle of true partnership, and for the private sector to have precedence in managing development in Iraq because all stable countries depend heavily on this sector.”

Al-Hindawi stressed, “The government’s task is to develop plans and laws and follow them up,” noting that “the implementation falls on the shoulders of the private sector, which we believe has the ability to generate job opportunities with guarantees for them.”

Al-Hindawi stated, “The search for jobs in the government sector will change with the existence of this system of work with sure guarantees.”

An American Excavation Mission Ends Its Work In The Cities Of Ur And Lagash To Determine The Flood In Ancient Times

local news   Wednesday December 1, 2021 | 08:49 am| Number of readings: 662  The Dhi Qar Antiquities Inspectorate announced that the American excavation mission to the University of Pennsylvania had completed its work in taking samples from the cities of Lagash and Ur to determine the location of the head of the Arabian Gulf and the flood in ancient times.

Director of the Inspectorate Amer Abdul Razzaq told local media that the excavation mission had completed the task of sampling to determine the “head” of the Arabian Gulf in antiquity and the flood process.

He pointed out that the sampling process was carried out using the latest investigative and research equipment, and laboratories in the United States of America will be used, and they will be announced in the coming days.

The Coordination Framework Announces Its Categorical Rejection Of The Election Results.. Preparing The Results In Advance 

political      Wednesday December 1, 2021 | 08:44 AM| Number of readings: 690  The Coordination Framework announced its categorical rejection of the results of the current elections, stating that: “It has become clear, beyond any doubt, that the Electoral Commission has prepared the election results in advance at the expense of the will of the Iraqi people.”

The forces confirmed, in a press statement, that the Electoral Commission and the judiciary did not deal seriously with the appeals file and in accordance with the applicable legal contexts, explaining: “The evidence presented by the political forces and proven by the Commission’s blunders, was sufficient to move towards the comprehensive manual counting and sorting or to make a clear change in the electoral process.

The results of the polls, at the very least, for example, the commission’s contradiction in the file of matching percentages. Once it talks about changes in percentages, then it comes back to confirm the existence of 100% matching.”

And she added: “The confusion and contradiction of the commission in the statements and voting procedures, is now confirming doubts and in many files such as invalid votes, canceling stations and identical fingerprints, as well as the observations of local and international observers.”

The coordinating framework forces indicated: “The most prominent evidence of the selectivity of the electoral judiciary is its acceptance of a specific number despite the conformity of all the rejected appeals with the criteria, which generates suspicion that there is no fair application of the conditions or subject to internal and external political pressures, as well as its taking decisive and binding decisions. The victory of one of the candidates and then their withdrawal confirms and reinforces our suspicions.”

She concluded her statement by saying: “We renew our firm position based on evidence and documents that there is a major tampering in the polling results, which calls us to reject the current results and to continue the lawsuit filed before the Federal Court to cancel the elections, while we hope the court will stay away from political influences and deal objectively, impartially and fair to the Iraqi masses and preserve their voices.” from being lost.


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