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Iraqi News Monday Afternoon 5-23-22


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The Dollar Is Declining In The Iraqi Market


Economie| 10:28 – 23/05/2022  Baghdad – Mawazine News   The dollar exchange rates are witnessing a slight decrease in the Iraqi Stock Exchange.   And the selling prices of the dollar recorded today, Monday, 148,100 dinars per 100 dollars, while the purchase prices of the dollar were 148,000 dinars per 100 dollars.



Rising Oil Prices In World Markets


Economie| 09:27 – 23/05/2022   Follow-up – Mawazine News:  Oil prices rose in early trading on Monday, as demand for fuel in the United States, tight supplies and a slight decline in the dollar supported the market, while Shanghai was preparing to reopen after a two-month closure, raising fears of a sharp slowdown. in growth.


Brent crude futures rose 82 cents to $113.37 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 69 cents, or 0.6 percent, to $110.97 a barrel, adding to last week’s small gains for both contracts, according to “Reuters”.


“Oil prices are being supported as gasoline markets remain tight amid strong demand heading into the US peak driving season,” said Stephen Innes, managing partner at SBI Asset Management.


“Refineries are usually in a ramp-up mode to meet the huge needs of American drivers at gas stations,” he added. Ended 29/N33  LINK


Planning Delivers Good News For Contractors


Economie| 03:18 – 05/23/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Ministry of Planning announced, on Monday, new facilities for contractors and the inclusion of their dues in the 2022 budget, while indicating the completion of the contractor classification system project.


Ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra Al-Hindawi told the official news agency: “The Hawally Ring Road project is one of the most important projects in Baghdad. The designs, maps and studies of the project were included in last year’s budget for the Directorate of Roads and Bridges in the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and we hope to include the project in the 2022 budget. “.


He added, “The Hawally Road project is 96 km long, and it surrounds Baghdad from all its sides and adds a very important development value in terms of relieving traffic jams within the capital, and achieving development within the cities it passes through, which are areas in need of these projects.”


He pointed out that “the investment budget for the past year and for the first time recorded a completion rate of 95%, and this was not achieved in all previous years, and this is the result of great government efforts led by the Ministry of Planning, by providing facilities and support to ministries and governorates to complete projects, so the implementation rate has clearly increased “.


He stressed that “the Ministry of Planning has recently completed the completion of the contractor classification system project, as under this system, the contractor does not need to review the ministry to obtain identity or complete his transaction, but will enter the data related to the transaction, and obtain the results via the electronic platform.”


He explained, “After 2014, Cabinet Resolution No. 347 was issued, which decided to stop the projects due to the lack of financial allocations, due to the decline in revenues and the war against terrorism, as many projects were suspended, and this resulted in dues to contractors.”


He pointed out that “last year, 600 billion of the contractors’ dues were disbursed out of the amount of 789 trillion trillion, and the remaining trillion 191 billion were included in the 2022 budget.” Ended 29/R77


The World Bank Agrees To Fund A New Project For Education In Iraq


Political | 03:03 – 23/05/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News   , today, Monday, the World Bank approved the financing of a new project related to education in Iraq, while indicating that the implementation of the project will be over a period of two years.


The World Bank said in a statement that it “approved a new project worth 10 million US dollars to support innovations for learning in three Iraqi governorates,” noting that “the project aims to enhance teaching practices for Arabic language and mathematics teachers, and improve reading, writing and arithmetic skills for primary school students.” Primary school is one of the most needy groups in the Iraqi governorates, where development lags behind other governorates.


Human capital development is at the heart of achieving sustainable economic growth.


Iraq’s human capital represents only 15% of total wealth, one of the lowest rates in the Middle East and North Africa region, largely due to poor educational outcomes.


Years of conflict and structural deficiencies have led to an education system that fails to deliver basic skills to students – which form the basis of learning and skills development.


The most recent Grade 1 Reading Skills Assessment and Grade 1 Math Skills Assessment show that by Grade 3 the vast majority of Iraqi students assessed had not acquired some sufficient basic skills – with more than 90% of students not understanding what they were reading.


The new project is directed towards students belonging to the poorest groups to prevent further learning losses among them and to ensure learning for all Iraqi children.


“Enhancing the learning and productivity of this and future generations in Iraq, and thus securing the economic and social benefits that result from it, requires investments in basic skills for students from the most needy groups,” said Saroj Kumar Jha, Regional Director of the Mashreq Department at the World Bank.


He added, “The new project helps Iraq improve reading and mathematics learning outcomes for more than 300,000 students and improve teaching practices for more than 4,000 math and Arabic teachers in the three poorest governorates of Iraq.”


He stated that “the implementation of the new project will be carried out by the Iraqi Ministry of Education in close cooperation with the Ministries of Planning and Finance over a period of two years.


It should be noted that funding for innovations for learning will take place within the framework of the Iraq Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund established in partnership with the Government of Iraq in 2018 and co-financed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden.


It provides a platform for financing and strategic dialogue for development and reconstruction, with a focus on targeted reforms and public and private investment in social and economic recovery activities.


Al-Kazemi Calls For Expanding The Work Of The European Union Mission In Iraq


political | 04:05 – 23/05/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News   Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi received, on Monday, a delegation from the European Parliament headed by the Chairperson of the Security and Defense Committee, Natalie Loiseau.


According to a statement by his office, Mawazine News received a copy of it, Al-Kazemi welcomed the delegation, stressing that Iraq attaches great importance to the relationship with the countries of the European Union, and its relentless endeavor to develop ways of joint cooperation with the Union in the fight against terrorism, the war on ISIS, and the development of the military capabilities of the Iraqi forces in Training and uptime.


The Prime Minister stressed the importance of expanding the scope of the work of the European Union advisory mission in Iraq in building the institutional capacities of the Iraqi security services, and cooperating in the file of combating illegal immigration, organized crime, and combating drug trafficking, and building on the progress achieved by Iraq in these areas.


For her part, Loizou indicated that the European Union views Iraq as a key partner and an important country in the Middle East and an important factor in the stability of the region, and indicated Europe’s readiness to continue providing assistance to Iraq in fighting the remnants of terrorist cells.


The Chairperson of the Security and Defense Committee of the European Parliament expressed Europe’s aspiration to enhance stability in Iraq, especially after the recent legislative elections, which were witnessed by representatives of the European Parliament in the good and sound organization.


The statement continued, that they discussed regional and international developments, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and its effects on Europe’s security and future, and on the energy market and global food prices. Ended 29/R77


Legal Expert: The Security Council’s Intervention Between Baghdad And Arbil Is An Implicit Recognition Of The Region As A “State”


Politician     Last update 05/23/2022 | 7:57 AM   Information / Baghdad…The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained that the intervention of the UN Security Council in the internal affairs of Iraq between the center and the region is considered a violation of sovereignty and an implicit recognition that the region has become a state.


Al-Tamimi told Al-Maalouma, “The intervention of the Security Council between the region and the central government violates the general principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations, because the Council does not interfere in inter-state problems.”


He added that “Iraq is a federal country, not a confederation, and therefore the region is part of Iraq, and the Security Council cannot intervene between Baghdad and Erbil except with the consent of the two parties in accordance with Article 33 of the United Nations Charter when a conflict occurs between states, and therefore the Security Council’s intervention is considered an implicit recognition that the Kurdistan region has become Country”.


And he indicated that “the Security Council cannot interfere between Baghdad and Erbil, especially since UNAMI is located inside Iraq, and  therefore this intervention opens the door to other international interventions,


in addition to the fact that the government is a caretaker and does not have the right to grant approval for the intervention, and Parliament should intervene to solve problems with the region.” through the constitution.


He explained that “the intervention of the Security Council is a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, which necessitates the President of the Republic to move towards the United Nations to prevent interference in internal affairs.” finished 25   LINK

The Minister Of Oil Discusses Increasing Export Capabilities Through Ceyhan With The Turkish Ambassador


Political     Yesterday, 18:52   BAGHDAD – The Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, discussed, today, Sunday, with the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad, Ali Reza Konay, increasing export capabilities through the Turkish port of Ceyhan, after addressing legal challenges.


And the media office of the Ministry of Oil stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “Ismail received Konai, and during the meeting, they discussed strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, and the role of Turkish companies in supporting and participating in the development of production operations and new projects for the ministry and the National Oil Company.”


Ismail stressed, according to the statement, “the importance of developing bilateral relations with Turkey and working to increase export capabilities through the Turkish port of Ceyhan, after duly addressing the current legal challenges, and in a manner that achieves Iraq’s interests, through new projects and agreements.”


And the media office indicated that “the most important developments in the application of the Federal Court’s decision (59) for the year 2012 and the importance of integration in the oil industry were also discussed.”


For his part, the Turkish ambassador expressed, according to the statement, his country’s desire to strengthen bilateral relations and joint cooperation between the two countries in a manner that serves common interests.–.html

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