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Iran: Iraq Must Pay Gas Money To Resume Its Exports


On Tuesday, the semi-official Iranian news agency “Fars” reported that Iraq “must” pay its debts to Iran, which amount to billions of dollars for importing gas that feeds power stations .

And the agency said in a report, that the electricity and gas crisis returned to ravage Iraq again, at a time when temperatures in most of the Iraqi governorates reached below zero .

In its report, the agency quoted a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, asking the Ministry of Finance to pay the debts owed to Iran for importing gas, noting that the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity attributed the reason for the return of the crisis to the interruption of the transmission lines of electric power, which caused the loss of one thousand and one hundred megawatts of energy. electrical .

The agency noted that Iraq relies solely on Iran to import 1,200 megawatts of electricity, as well as import gas to operate power stations, during the past years .

Fares quoted a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Energy, Ahmed al-Abadi, as saying that the reason for stopping Iranian electricity supplies is Iraq’s delay in repaying Iran’s debts .

For his part, “Diaa Al-Mohsen”, a member of the Iraqi Council of Experts, held the previous Iraqi governments responsible for not finding an alternative to Iranian gas, saying: There is no good Iraqi negotiator to negotiate with Iran, not only in the field of electricity, but in all files, according to “Fares .”


The Iranian Agency concluded its report by saying that Iraq must pay its debts to Iran, which amount to billions of dollars, and despite Iranian officials’ follow-up to the issue and their repeated visits to Baghdad, the bulk of these debts have not been paid so far .


And earlier today, the spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Al-Abadi, revealed to Shafaq News Agency, that there are negotiations with the Iranian side in order to resume the release of gas supplied to Iraqi electrical stations .


Iraq has been suffering from a chronic electricity shortage crisis for decades as a result of the siege and successive wars. The population has been protesting for many years against the frequent power cuts, especially in the summer, when temperatures sometimes reach 50 degrees Celsius, in addition to the winter season, when temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius .   Views 183 Date Added 01/26/2022


Al-Kazemi: Services Must Be Provided To The Residents Of The Border Areas And Their Protection


Today, Wednesday, the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed that security is firmly in control, while stressing the necessity of expediting the formation of the government.


The Media Office of the Prime Minister conveyed the most prominent of what was stated in Al-Kazemi’s speech, during his visit to the border villages with Syria and his meeting with the citizens there, in a statement as saying:


“We are here today to confirm that the government does not differentiate between one region and another, that the rights of the Iraqi citizen are sacred, and his security is sacred and there is no dispute.” In it,” noting that “the border areas are unfortunately among the forgotten areas, which we reject. Those inhabited by Iraqis must provide services to them and protect them.”


Al-Kazemi called on “the brothers in Nineveh Governorate and its district districts to act urgently and quickly to address the citizens’ problems, which are always exacerbated with every climate change in the cold of winter or summer heat. These have paid a heavy price in the war on terrorism over the past years.”


He added, “We must return the favor by achieving their requirements and aspirations in a state that secures their service rights.” In all parts of the homeland and its lands, from the north to the south and from the east to the west.


He concluded by saying: “Rest assured, we are with you, we have never forgotten you, and we will never forget you. You are the wall of the homeland as well as your heroic brothers in the security services. Your cooperation and integration with them enhances security and stability, imposes the prestige of the state, and blocks the way in front of all attempts to destabilize security and stability, with you and your adherence to your regions and villages. We derive the determination and strength to build a country and a stable state that we have always dreamed of.”


1 gigawatt, the size of the first phase of the electrical interconnection between Iraq and Saudi Arabia




Today, Wednesday, Saudi Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud announced that the electrical connection will produce, as a first stage, one kilowatt of energy, while noting that there are joint industrial projects with Iraq under study .


Al Saud said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) , which was reviewed by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “Iraqi-Saudi cooperation is an enhancement of what exists, and is not limited to the electrical connection only, but rather it is the beginning of a joint collective action .”


Al Saud added, “We need to develop bilateral models and strengthen them regionally and Arab,” noting that “in the past decades there was a patriotic and national feeling, but it is emotional, but now we have gone beyond the passion to concrete action .”


He continued, “After working for 43 years as a representative of the Saudi government, no Iraqi government has dealt with any Saudi government with this serious and active sense that is reinforced by the concept of true existing brotherhood, and that it is the basis for cooperation, so the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Crown Prince intervened in addressing everything that hinders the promotion of The relationship between the two countries, which is tangible, otherwise we would not be celebrating this step today .”


He pointed out that “there are projects related to solar energy and other projects to petrochemicals, in addition to the existence of projects under study that are not limited to the field of energy only, but there are projects related to the industrial sector .”


He added, “We do not believe that there is anything restricting the process of cooperation between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and all we want is to rush government action between the two countries, and to address all obstacles at the political level, so that citizens feel in a tangible and tangible way the benefit of bilateral cooperation between the two countries .”


He explained that “the electrical connection will produce, as a first stage, one kilowatt, but our ambition is greater, and if we look at the three aspects of the bilateral agreement and solar energy projects inside Iraq and the Gulf link, I think it is the beginning of larger and more projects,” noting that “the Gulf link had two models, and we are trying comparison between them .


Regarding the establishment of OPEC Plus, Al Saud stressed, “There are large and influential countries such as Russia that are not a party to OPEC, but the establishment of OPEC Plus in Saudi Arabia is to adapt between countries that want to cooperate but do not want to be a member of OPEC at the same time .”


He continued, “We have favored the practical side over the emotional side of belonging to the organization, so we made OPEC Plus as a possible incubator for many countries to cooperate, without being a member of OPEC,” noting that “OPEC Plus complements and complements the capabilities of OPEC .”


It is noteworthy that Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi side in the field of electrical interconnection .


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With A Difference Of 250 Dinars .. The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar In The Local Markets


Economie| 10:33 – 26/01/2022  Baghdad – Mawazine News publishes / Mawazine News /, the exchange rates of the dollar, today, Wednesday, in the local markets.


And the selling prices of the dollar were 148,000 dinars per 100 dollars, while the purchase prices of the dollar were 147.750 dinars per 100 dollars.


Yesterday, Tuesday, the selling price of the dollar in the local markets amounted to 148,500 dinars for 100 dollars, while the purchase price was 147,500 dinars for 100 dollars. Ended 29/N33


Oil Prices Are Rising Again


Economie| 12:53 – 26/01/2022   Follow-up – Mawazine News:  Oil prices rose again, during today’s trading, Wednesday, and the rise came after crude prices had started today’s trading with a decline in light of a selling wave.   Oil prices fell at the beginning of trading as investors sold in order to take profits.


By 11:03 Baghdad time, US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 0.22% to $85.79 a barrel, while Brent crude futures rose 0.43% to $88.58 a barrel, according to Bloomberg website data.


Before that, at the beginning of trading, US crude contracts recorded a decline of 0.4% to $85.26 a barrel, and Brent crude contracts fell by 0.23% to $88 a barrel. Ended 29/N33


A Government Bank Sends A Warning To Citizens


Economie| 01:09 – 26/01/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News, Al-Rasheed Bank warned, on Wednesday, against dealing with private offices in granting advances and loans, stressing that advances and loans have stopped at the present time.


In a statement received by Mawazine News, Al-Rasheed Bank announced, “The continuation of the suspension of advances and loans at the present time until the launch of the privatization.”


The bank warned, “all citizens not to deal with those who claim to be approved by the bank to promote transactions.”


He added that “the authorized body is the bank’s branches only for loans, while the personal advances of the citizenship, their salaries were promoted electronically.” Ended 29/N33


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