Asset Protection: A Complete & Elegant Solution:

We live in an extremely litigious society with over 50,000 lawsuits being filed every day in the United States. Today your money is not safe without some form of asset protection. It is vital that you set up an asset protection strategy before you get into legal trouble. While there are many different legal strategies that can be used for asset protection, the strategy recommended in this book provides a complete and elegant solution that is endowed with many benefits.


Safe Haven: Shelter From The Coming Financial Storm:

Contrary to popular opinion, the financial recovery we are in right now is not real. It is a sham. The truth is that our economy is in a death spiral. A terrible financial storm is coming. The 2008 financial crisis was just a taste of a much greater coming financial storm that is gathering potency over the U.S. economy presently. Safe Haven will help you prepare for the coming financial storm.