If there’s lack of information for a couple of weeks I’m not shaken and neither should you.  Regardless of what everyone else has said or what they thought about the dinar, their opinions.  We still stand on Iraq’s parliament specifically went and said to the Minister of Finance, The Ministry of Planning, the CBI and the IMF, ‘We want to get the value of our currency to $3.25. First, we want to get it to a buck then we want to get it to $3.25.’  hat language has not once changed.

So you can get all the people with the Ph.D.’s or whatever background and whatever bull$%&* they wrote and everything else, they will never ever be able to get around that. They just simply can’t do it. Their opinion does not count. My opinion actually does not count…that’s [what parliament said] never been taken off the table and it never will.  It just keeps advancing. Sometimes it might not be as fast as people want and I understand that.  If you thought this was a ‘get rich quick scheme’ then obviously you were wrong. So here we are. It’s a great great opportunity.