In Breitling

I don’t see anything to worry about. In the worst case scenario, they could still add value to their currency because it’s so manipulated. It’s almost a crime because…the people at the top are making money with the U.S. dollar. The people at the bottom are using the Iraqi dinar.  Who has the power there?  So you understand the power structure in Iraq. It’s that simple. A lot of you would say, ‘Why would someone change that? Why do we have their currency? Because they have no intention to keep it like that. They’ve said it over and over again. In fact, the Financial Management Bill is proof of all that…what they need to do is build a permanent structure so they can have full blown trade. The reason why the US is wealthy is that we’ve opened up all the trade routes on the planet…for Iraq to do that they need to add value to their currency. That is their ultimate goal.  But it’s tough doing. You just don’t get into it…I have complete confidence.