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[Question: “Would the revaluation be held up knowing that Iran has Iraqi dinar with sanctions against Iran the US might influence or convince Iraq to hold up until the Iranians come to terms.  Why allow dinars to be worth more? Iran would just continue to fund its war machine?] Iran has a foreign currency reserve just like every other country. In other words, they have US dollars in that reserve. They have Russian rubles…all sorts of currencies…nobody knows the combination.  How does that money get transferred?  That’s the key you need to understand what it is that if Iran has dinar why it doesn’t matter…One of the part of the sanctions was we are going to stop Iran from using the Swift accounts…it’s an electronic blockade…so they can’t use any of their currencies…so if they have dinar and there is value added, they can’t use it to trade efficiently…don’t worry about the Iraqi dinar in Iran’s hands and it revalues.