How can the CBI have such a steep drop in their currency in such a short time?  What did they do with it?  No body knows.  Here’s what we don’t know.  Was it one denomination?  Was it all the denominations they pulled back?  There’s not enough information to answer that question.  But here’s the point…you need to watch the currency supply.  The markets are being flooded with energy, therefore the prices are coming down.  And you see the reflection in the banking laws and the way they’re treating their currency supply.  You’ve seen the charts.  You know there’s a disruption.  You know what they need to do.  They need to reduce their note count.  Very very simple.  What if they wanted to take away value of the Iraqi dinar?  What did they do in the first place?  They flooded the market with currency!   What is the United States doing right now to our currency?

We’re trying to get the currency down so it’s more competitive.  And what do we see in the news?  The United States just put in 90 Billion more U.S. dollars…what do you think happens when they inject that amount of money into our economy?  Do you think the value goes up?  NO!  The value is divided into that much more of the currency that’s out there.  How did China devalue its currency when we put tariffs on them?   They injected their economy with a ton of Yuan.  That’s what they did.  It’s absolutely universal.  So you think it’s a coincidence that Iraq is pulling currency out of their markets? It’s not a coincidence at all…So how did the amount of currency drop so quick?  No body knows.  They just show the chart.  They don’t show exactly what they did but you and I know what they need to do and it’s not a coincidence that it’s all going down.